• Togetheralone

    So one mana to save a creature and activate revolt. Got it.

  • Fael

    That flavour text is aligned with Red. I don’t understand why White took sides for the renegades in this battle when the consulate represents the order of law against the chaos of change.

    • Shagoth

      To keep the dumb, two dimensional stereotype of “White is good.” Of all the sets we should have had White as the bad guy, this was the set. Communism is white in this game, ironically.

      • Robert Bellamy Eriksen

        I don’t think the way of exploring the white color by betraying it’s most important feature is the right way of doing it though, in fact, it’s the exact opposite direction they are going than what i wanna see.

        White can be a horrifying color, a colour that seeks to remove everything it doesn’t deem parts of it’s own society. White can be very expansionistic with little to no regard of other’s suffering. I agree Wizards waayy too often falls into the pit of ‘White is about unity and good, Black is about evil, and we forgot what Red was again, lets just tag the word Random into the card’.

      • Reyos Blackwood

        Actually look at the cards, white, like most of the colors, is split here between renegade and consul.

    • Happy The Cat

      because good cards and red cards dont mix.

  • Scathain

    White is usually about either law/order or selflessness (possibly severely misguided, see Konda in Kamigawa), this doesn’t seem very white.

    • Fael

      This happens when the creative team doesn’t have clear how to adapt the idea (renegade motivations in every colour) to the color pie.