• xanatos135

    This card seems pretty strong for a -1/-1 deck

    • Jacob Hennessy

      I run Baleful Ammit in B/G so I might just replace it with this

      • Alexandre Donnart

        Not might. Will.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    So a few thoughts here.
    1) old school demons are back!
    2) I love this
    3) how does one zombify a demon?

    • eltratzo

      the same way one mummifys an illusion I would guess.

  • Friedrich

    I hav no idea how to rate this in edh.
    In 1v1 It could be okay? Like in Hapatra. But in Multiplayer it seems…. bad? I do not really know…

    • xanatos135

      It would just die in a single round

    • Arcus Diabolus

      If you couple it with Vizier of Remedies, its a 5/5 for 3. Not sure why you would do that, but still.

    • Shawn Michael Diaz

      It dies during each rotation and had too much setup cost. Basically no plane old big creatures are good enough for EDH. Maybe in a deck playing with the Shards mechanic that wants big creatures, but that’s usually Naya.

    • Nyos

      It’s useable in Hapatra; it would give you 5 deathtouch creatures for 3 mana, and it triggers nest of scarabs. I can’t think of any other edh deck that would run it though. This card is for standard (maybe modern zombies? I play edh, what do I know)

  • dTHEb

    Get Consuming Fervor on it and attack with Key to the City to constantly reset all -1/-1 counters :D

    • Phoenix UNBENCHED

      Yep, and I already run those in my current jund hapatra. This’ll slide right on in with the scorpion god. Love these negative counter cards :D

  • Nico van der Wel

    BW with Vizier of Remedies, I would’t mind drafting that :)

  • Lord Reptile

    Nest of Scarabs?

  • Rocket Raccoon

    zombies are going to be a thing again in modern!

  • Phoenix UNBENCHED

    Crocodile demon zombie, eh? Now all I need is a faerie eldrazi walrus illusion and my life will be complete.

  • Nanya

    Meren EDH could abuse the hell out of this.

    • Tyler Wilson

      There are much better three drop creatures that kill themselves. Card is terrible in Meren.

    • jaya

      Thats a rly dumb idea, meren has more broken options.

  • Oscar

    Very cool and interestingly designed card. I’ll play it in my Hapatra EDH deck, there it basically reads: 2B Create 5 sneks.

    • Ashark7773 Gaming

      I am makeing a deck with the scorpion god and this guy would be great, just get one -1-1 on it then dont really care what happens to it, since i would draw a card whenthey kill it, it would let me draw into torments to wipe thier bord or drain them for crazy amounts of life.

      • Oscar

        Yeah, I would love to play the scorpion god in mine as well… T.T

  • galen150

    I really like this guys concept but he really isn’t playable sadly. Everyone will just try to kill it as like a 3/3 and just take the 3 afflict damage. Or just kill it outright with removal

  • Shagoth

    Yeah, as everyone else has said, this is only good in Hapatra.

  • Todd Grossman

    Just to make sure I understand this one, will afflict damage take all of his -1/-1 counters off when he is blocked? If so, seems decent. If not, totally unplayable outside of some kind of counters deck

    • Rocket Raccoon

      As I know, Afflict is not combat damage, so it shouldn’t remove them

    • Vincent Godin-Filion

      No. Afflict makes the defending player lose 3 life. It’s not damage, it’s life loss. And the crocodile’s ability only triggers on combat damage, so even if Afflict was damage, it wouldn’t work anyway.
      Still, I think this is an extremely good midrange/aggro creature. Even if blocked and killed, Afflict will still take 3 life away. If unblocked, it’s a real game ender.
      Give him trample, and he’ll be terrifying!

  • NobleGhost117

    Build this with Solemnity? Prevents the counters from being added, so now this bad boy is a 5/5 for 3 with Afflict 3 and no downsides

  • Alexandre Donnart

    Always putting one -1/-1 counter at a time makes it a good friend of Vizier of Remedies.

  • Writerofthings

    I wonder if this works in CoCo…hmmm

    • Pandancules

      They’re already running Vizier of Remedies for the infinite combo, so why not?

  • Chaospyke

    Hopefully this is mistranslated, though a 3 drop 5/5 is pretty terrifying. Its just that late game he gets woefully beat down.

  • Antek Szczepaniak

    its 5/5 FOR 3 if you play it with Solemnity

    • Writerofthings

      or with Vizier of Remedies

  • Robert Siemon

    In G/B you can do this easily in standard.

  • Caleb Martin

    Nice card, amazing creature type. I like baleful am it more than I probably should because of the creature type, and this is just amazing!

  • jaya

    Looks pretty amazing in limited or standard even if the opponent plays 1-2 spells this is still a 4/4 or 3/3 that needs to be block or goes back to 5/5 and becuz it has Afflict 3 it at the very least does 3-6 damage while requiring chump blockers…

  • Happy The Cat

    oh, every time an opponent casts a spell?
    *exiles Silence with Isochron Scepter*
    there we go, fixed that problem.

    • jaya

      Or you can use iona vs monocolor, or elesh+living plane, or any repetitive mass land destruction…You get the idea, all this so you can have your 5/5 for 3 mana, totally worth it.

      • Happy The Cat

        … mine costs two mana to set up and two to activate, it’s a bit more realistic than Iona or elesh, at least for this card.

        this wasnt even me going for some janky combo, if I wanted that, I’d tell you the deck running this is casting Paradox Engine with a Ritual next turn to leave up mana to Silence on both my and my opponent’s turns.

        • jaya

          show and tell iona costs 3mana, there you go. want more? entomb+reanimate costs 2 black u can even start it at turn 1. Want more? I can keep going. Hell if the problem is the mana you can even start using rituals. Theres plenty ways.
          You missed my point tho, I was trolling u for using a “winning” combo to have a 5/5 for 3 mana. <<

        • Thomas Luffman

          I’ll just use instant speed stuff in response to your silence, just to kill him.

  • Derek Niles

    that’s it, I’m building Zombie Demon Crocodile tribal

  • Random Guy

    3 mana 4/4 supertrample basically. Reasonable power level, might see some standard play.

  • Winter Trabex

    Seems like it’ll be really good with Melira on the field.

  • Richard Carlucci

    This card is being underrated. In an aggressively curved deck it is a fabulous late game top deck. They have to have the answer immediately or they are just dead because it is a guaranteed 3 damage.