• Drayke Wheatley

    man do i wish it had trample lol

    • Friedrich

      Then it would have had to be uncommon. Sadly there are no good big common creatures anymore. At least it will probably see play in some Dino EDH Decks…

      • Njaal

        Ïndeed, hitting this with Gishath’s trigger sounds really good. Though I doubt you’ll hardcast it too often.

        • Happy The Cat

          Treasure ramp will probably be able to toss this out, just the Map itself gets you four mana into this. might not be a Standard deck or anything but this’ll be a limited bomb.

          • Grant Jacobson


            edit: nvm

          • Happy The Cat

            the land you get can also tap for mana. 3+1

      • Tolle

        I very much disagree. A vanilla 9/9 is horrible in EDH. It’ll get chump blocked for days. There are much better dinos

        • Friedrich

          Of course it is still horrible, but I just have not yet seen the ~30 dinos a tribal deck needs.

    • Josue Martinez

      I seen a few cards that give trample. Gruul is gonna be awesome in limited.
      Ixalli’s Keeper especially!

  • wew

    “It is taller than all but the tallest trees” but it doesn’t have reach, heh.

    • Happy The Cat

      just cause it’s tall doesn’t mean it can fight flying stuff, ever tried to headbutt a bird? it sucks.

  • Happy The Cat

    oh hey a common 9/9 for 8, good thing we got L. Strike back.

  • Communist_Bear

    What’s the only purpose of this card ? Fling

    • Njaal

      More like hitting it with s Gishath trigger, sving with it and THEN fling it.

  • Devon Ronald MacInnis

    Love the reference on this card

  • Bobit

    Lol this is a common? I mean, fine, it’s not going to break anything ever, but this has to be setting some kinda of record.

    • Happy The Cat

      well, Eldrazi Devastator was an 8/9 and had trample, then there’s Ulamog’s Crusher who was an 8/8 but had Annihilator 2. so while this will be the highest power, I wouldn’t say this is the strongest Pauper creature.

      • Bobit

        Wow, never knew those were common.

  • Shagoth

    So this hippy looking, lanky common is the biggest dino in the set. Wow.