• Writerofthings


  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Bolas’ angels are jerks.

    • Kaiser

      Useful jerks

  • wadledo

    Oh wow, flicker and exile? With an untap engine, this becomes very scary, and for cheap as well.

    • Nanya

      I think it’s Blink, not Flicker.

      Flicker puts it right back into play right after it leaves.

      Blink is until end of turn.

      • Robert FakeLastName

        the difference is blink is from “momentary blink” and flicker is from “flickerwisp”. So blink is immediate and flicker is eot.

        • eltratzo

          except flicker is way older than flickerwisp (and momentary blink) and returns immideately

          • codetaku

            You’re correct, but there is at least _precedent_ for a modern interpretation of “flicker” being “until end of turn”, whereas there is no precedent at all for “blink” being “until end of turn”, which means that Nanya is more wrong than Robert, though Robert is still not correct.

          • Hedronal

            *enters nitpick fest* *leaves*

          • Jay Kilian

            *but makes a comment first*

      • TomGalonska

        I did a bit of research (oh, i have to much time) and you can use both words interchangeably. Flicker, Ghostly Flicker AND Momentary Blink return the card to the battlefield immediately, but “Flicker”wisp puts it into play at the end of turn. There isn’t any consistency. :D

        • Nanya

          Darn inconsistent terminologies.

  • Jeremy Perez

    Loving it!

  • Gurulhu

    Isn’t this a flavor flaw? They said on the articles that “The new exert pictures the people of amonkhet doing their best to survive/fight Bolas and the Eternals”, but all the angels are on Bolas’ side ._.

    • Fael

      Maybe the angel is doing his best to ensure that no one survives bolas and the eternals P=

  • Nharzhool

    Okay, I might have to abuse this in my Samut deck…

  • Pandancules

    Dies to Fatal Push. I know people hate hearing ‘dies to removal’ arguments, but hear me out. Normally in standard creatures of cmc 3 or 4 can evade Fatal Push to some extent, but this card actually turns on revolt for your opponent if you use it on their creature.

    • Kaiser

      Not all the all star cards can evade fatal push, that is a fact. This and glorybringer dies to Doom blade, that will not make them useless even if doom blade comes to standard.

      • Pandancules

        It is true that taking the statement “dies to removal” at face value sounds like ‘if a card dies to another card it is bad’, but that is not what “dies to removal” means. It has more to do with whether the card is worth the investment. This card has to sit on the field for a whole turn before it turns on unless you have haste and a ton of mana. Then if it survives that long it only become more vulnerable once you actually use it and you have given your opponent the chance to leave up the proper mana to deal with it. You brought up the example of Glorybringer, which can do a lot during the turn it comes out, which is why instant speed removal doesn’t automatically make it unplayable.

        So when you have a card that “dies to removal” you have to ask yourself “will this do anything before it dies to removal?”

        • ymmij X

          good thing i’ll be running this in blue white control so i’ll have all the counter magic in the world.

        • Kaiser

          i never said you are wrong. But the point is: this card is good on turn 4, yeah can die. But same example, again any deck that runs black generic removal, glorybringer does nothing in the turn that it comes out. Glory is just good agains colors that care to tap all their mana on the turn before you played (like others haste creatures). Also this is white card, in a lot of decks you would prefer dealt with other early threads before saving for this guy.

          • Pandancules

            The turn it comes into play it can’t do anything without the help of other cards, Glorybringer can. That is a simple fact and that is the core of the “dies to removal” argument. Every card dies to removal, that is obvious and pointing it out fails to read into the argument past the summarized “dies to removal”.

        • Daniel Kaine Allen

          The hole in your argument here is that this card is most likely going in a control deck to begin with. By the time you use one of her abilities you should easily have 5 mana ready to go.

          • Pandancules

            I could potentially see that, the card isn’t all bad. I just don’t think that it’s impactful enough to justify.

    • Mov

      Counterargument: this turns on your own fatal push. Black white panharmonicon for vengeful rebel?

  • Insight66

    “He issues strongly worded letters of condemnation in his spare time.”
    the prophet Insight66, 2 months ago, Angel of Sanctions

  • Vizzerdrix

    I want to make a combo with this so bad but either a bad card exists or it would require infinite mana, maybe food chain? Kiki jiki make a copy exile Kiki jiki sac to food chain adding 5 returning Kiki jiki make a copy repeat? Then idk entreat the angels for infinite?

  • Grant Jacobson

    in edh/commander if your playing a politics/pillow fort deck this card lets you store a couple of your creatures in exile (especially those with etb effects) so that if/when your board gets wiped this card leaving will refill your board

  • potatogod442

    It’s definitely competitively playable… somewhere