• MTG fan

    Wow. Mechanized production and servo making cards, here I come!

    • Together Alone

      U/W Clue control with mechanized

      • MTG fan

        That too. Erdwhal illuminator and bygone bishop are in love! Bygone bishop and embalm love each also!

        • Jeremy Scott

          Captain’s Claws.. anyone?

  • Chromasticore

    We get another Parallel Lives!! Woo-woooooo!

    • MTG420

      You said it first! HUZZAH

  • Robby

    OK, how we break this? I can’t think of any white strategies in standard that can exploit lots of tokens. I mean, we have Embalm, but I don’t know if that’s enough support for this card.

    • Together Alone

      play this turn 4, play mythic angel on 5 and o-ring something, if they kill it, then turn 6 you embalm it and o-ring two things and get two flying 3/4 bodies. seems good to me.

    • the mad seer

      i made a deck with emrakul’s evangel+second harvest. i’m planning on using trueheart duelist and sacred cat as fodder.

  • Cthulhooo

    Something, something EDH.

    • Wjat!

      You guessed the name of this set!

  • Ultramegalord

    Black white zombies

    • Ultramegalord

      Turn 4 this turn 5 Lilianas expertise. 12 power turn 5

  • the mad seer

    fun for my new emrakul’s evangel deck

  • Jay Kilian

    My bitterblossom control deck will try this. Lingering Souls would be NUTS.

  • Tolle

    A. How isn’t this white. Yes white creates tokens but it has never gotten a doubling season effect before.
    B. Daxos just got a little less bad.

  • G1997

    White parallel lives!!!!!

  • Ryū

    This is exactly what I need for the Temmet edh deck I’ve been constructing. Double Geralf tokens, double Seance tokens, double Back From The Brink tokens, and the list just goes on and on. Fantastic.

  • KrakenHunter

    well, Guess I’m going to have to add white to my mono green saproling deck…

    • Daniel Kaine Allen

      Parallel lives…… you’re welcome.

      • KrakenHunter

        Yea, I’m already running them, but more are always welcome right?

  • Ted R Deniro

    Aaaaaand the Guru of Spores got another card for infinite combos.

  • Anthony George

    Now we just need a doubling season effect for my wife’s Talrand EDH deck.

  • Ultramegalord

    Uh….. eyeless watcher, anointed procession, eldrazi displacer. Infinite one ones and a cheaper alternative to brood monitor
    Drowner of hope as well but not cheaper. Infinite tap down though

    • Jeremy Scott

      same effect with Panharmonicon and Drowner of Hope w/ Displacer. And you can easily build a deck around pan, running these cards..

      • Ultramegalord


        • Benjamin Branham


  • Jeremy Scott

    Not constructed playable good, but for Commander it’s amazing.
    Can’t wait to have this out next to a Mimic Vat

    • Tolle

      You say that like commander isn’t constructed…

      • Aurore

        You don’t play Commander Draft?

        • Tolle

          I know you are joking but I am honestly working on a design for commander draft that I hope will work for cube.

  • DJPad

    Maybe B/W token in standard w/ servos, thopters, embalmers and Gideon, Ally of Zendikar/new Liliana?

  • Zombie

    Trostani gets even more love

  • Ray Becker

    “Yes, Alex, I’ll take ‘Why Hangarback Walker wasn’t reprinted for Standard in Kaladesh’ for $200.”

    • Robby

      I see your Hangarback Walker and raise you a Walking Ballista.

      • Curt Vandruff

        you can keep your ballista, it has 0 interactions with this card

        Now sram’s expertise …… is fun (b/w tokens players are happy)

      • Happy The Cat

        okay, and while you play around with you ballista I’ll pop my walker for five tokens, that then turns into ten, which I will then feed to my Mycoloth, who’s going to pump out more tokens than you could possibly manage.
        good luck with your four mana one damage.

  • Matthew Douglas

    Did WOTC decide since standard sucks and/or they’ll never make standard players happy that they’re going for the EDH market with this set?

    • Kaiser

      You see the zomies and the serpent right? Even if not, you see the 3 mana 5/5 snake god that attacks forever right?

  • Nanya

    Well, my Daxos deck got a new toy.

    • Friedrich

      Not only yours, not only yours…

  • kmk888

    Could be an okay build around in Standard, but certainly headed for stardom in EDH.

  • Jude

    …white parallel lives. So, this is dumb good and definately seeing play. Hell kitty combo may want this even if it doesnt have the cat to combo off it doubles those tokens she makes. Outside of that embalm gets double tokens, you get 2 clues for each investigate trigger, cryptbreak nets out 2 2/2 zombies each turn, omnath gets 2 5/5s sorin males two vampires…not to mention this stacks. It may not change competitive but this is going places

    • Curt Vandruff

      More important for b/w tokens, srams expertise makes 6 servos, exhibition makes 4, angel makes 4 etc …

  • Jonathan Reynolds

    And somewhere — off in the distance — you can hear the joyful tears of Kemba and Brimaz players everywhere.

    • Curt Vandruff

      In the distance? How can you hear them over the screams of trostani, rhys and (for me atleast, teysa)

      To be fair, it’s only a color shifted parallel lives, but being non-green makes this sweet (also the added mummy/haunted dead/zombie utility is worth noting)

  • Jordan

    So with embalming, we get a mummy out of each creature. But wait, thanks to physics defying white enchantments, some scientist spilled the embalming fluid and somehow created TWO creatures out of a creature. Time to kill everyone.

  • Phillip Reid

    So, edh Ghave tokens deck just rejoiced. Standard might actually get a viable tokens deck depending on the next two sets. Modern can consider this as a possible star player in a b/w tokens alongside spectral procession, bitterblosoom and lingering souls. Or can I just play mono white tokens and use this with brimaz, the white God and spectral procession to grind out my opponent?

    • Minizem

      Definitely a great card.

  • Minizem

    I figured something like this would get printed in this set.

  • John McKinnes

    Darien EDH. Go ahead and hit me bro

  • Shagoth

    Oh, doubling season has friends! This could be the money card in the rare slot for commander alone, there’s a lot of greenless commander decks that have white which use tokens. Dang.

    • Hyorin

      Teysa, Orzhov Scion and Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim to name two options.

      • Vizzerdrix

        heliod, brimaz, anything rw with assemble the legion, also any gwx token deck would want it as well

  • kinYa

    anyone remembers liliana the last hope is in standard ?

    • Hedronal

      Her tokens are from an ult, so you should already be winning.

  • Daniel Kaine Allen

    I was only considering making a BW zombie tokens deck before, now it will definitely be happening.

  • kk

    turn 4 infinite tokens infinite mana……….

    Turn 2 – Mana dork
    Turn 3 – Anointed Procession
    Turn 4 – Tap Mana Dork for mana and 2 lands , Eldritch Evolution for Eyeless Watcher ( creates 1 body and 4 Scions because of Anointed Procession)… At this point we have 4 Scions and 2 lands, cast Eldrazi Displacer and blink Eyeless Watcher over and over again.

    • Polis_Ohio

      Gideon, Ally now creates 2 knights! Nissa creates 2 plant tokens. OH MY!

  • kk

    turn 4 infinite tokens infinite mana……….

    Turn 1 – Oath of Nissa

    Turn 2 – Mana dork

    Turn 3 – Anointed Procession

    Turn 4 – Tap Mana Dork for mana and 2 lands , Eldritch Evolution for Eyeless Watcher ( creates 1 body and 4 Scions because of Anointed Procession)… At this point we have 4 Scions and 2 lands, cast Eldrazi Displacer and blink Eyeless Watcher over and over again.

    • kevin heiden

      this could aready be done with panharmonica

      • Sadface

        And know you have 8 pices….

  • Polis_Ohio

    That quote though… the gods might be turning on their people in the next set.

    • StandardKart

      Would be pretty cool if the gods went dual types to show their transition when bolas shows up and all hell breaks loose and the god’s true forms/ reason for being there are revealed.

      • Polis_Ohio


  • Adam Ley

    So basically WotC didn’t think Copy Cat was good enough already? Now even Authority of the Consuls doesn’t shut it down cause no attacks needed. Play Kalastria Healer and drain opponent with the second copy of Felidar. Or infinite life, cards, whatever you’d like with the second copy.

    • Polis_Ohio

      Not sure it’s worth adding to the copy cat deck, maybe as a sideboard. Would work with the thopter guy whose name escapes me.

      At 4 Mana you want to be using Glimmer of Genius not casting this, but again maybe a sideboard options. I can see GW tokens potentially coming back in some form with this. Gideon makes 2 tokens and so does Nissa.

    • Adam Ley

      Or energy and a harnessed lightning to the face

      • Ryan Bob Haberman

        A Harnessed Lightning to the face would be pretty impressive, since, y’know, it can only target creatures.

        As far as it breaking Copy Cat, not so much. They wouldn’t run this when the decks don’t run Panharmonicon, which has, essentiially, the same effect as this card for what you are trying to obtain.

        And as it stands, yes, Authority would save you anyways because you’d be gaining two life for every one they drain you.

  • Deadly Berry

    Finally white has Parallel Lives!

    • Lordick

      couple it with green, Parallel lives and doubling season and 6 TIMES AS MANY XD

  • Feedthemtolions

    Right into my Trostani EDH

  • Marinara Mozzarella

    guess I’ll die

  • Eli Eyal Broide

    My Brimaz cat army just became greater!

  • [Trostani intensifies]

  • Brams

    Is Ishkanah relevant again? Also, what’s the flavor explanation of Kari Zev’s monkey pal with this card on the board? Some sort of evil twin, highlander “There can be only one” shenanigans…

  • Time to rebuild my trostani

    OOHOHOHOHOHOOH… white green token commander players REJOICE: DO I HEAR 6 TIMES THE NUMBER OF TOEKNS!!!!
    Doubling season>Parallel Lives>Anointed Procession….

    lol what…ITS NOT FAIR. ITS FREAKING BUSTED…. *the swarm grows*

    • Daniel Kaine Allen

      8 times, not six times. 1×2=2, 2×2=4, then 4×2=8. Then if you have copy enchantment you can do it one more time to hit 16.

    • Happy The Cat

      you people are why I have to run Ratchet Bomb in my blue decks…

  • Leo

    so many dead tokens, dark control decks laugh at you