• Han Solo II

    seems pretty good

  • Daniel Kaine Allen

    Although it isn’t at instant speed, this is about as good as berserk, and the second half isn’t that bad either. Surprised this passed as an uncommon.

    • Jacob Kodicovic

      Yeah, I would’ve gladly preferred this at rare instead of Prepare//Fight. That card was weak.

      • Mark Pilzer

        Prepare to Fight(/Die) could have insane value in limited as a 3 for 1 or better.

      • Brushrop03

        Prepare//Fight is pretty strong in Limited.

      • Brushrop03

        Untap, +2/+2 and Lifelink for 2 at instant speed? R/W and R/G love this card in limited.

  • Demiurgo

    Good limited card in green/white energy variants. I see some potential in a green/white exert variants as well, that vigilance is awesome.

    • Jay Kilian

      Green white tokens go wide, or abzan, look like a thing after this set.

  • Random Guy

    These new aftermaths are all decent.

    • ymmij X

      except for the izzit one

      • Shawn Michael Diaz

        The Izzet one is pretty rad. It’s the only one so far that’s an instant on both spells. Plus if you get it into your graveyard, you’ll always have access to counter-counter magic. Otherwise, it’s just a conditional good burn spell.

        • ymmij X

          the problem is the only deck that you’ll ever burn for more than 3 on is a control deck. the first half is just a little too expensive

          • Shawn Michael Diaz

            I’m considering playing it in a RU control deck with Baral which makes it a bit cheaper (there’s also a bit of self-mill/discard) I would’ve liked 3 CMC on Refuse more though, I agree it’s a bit costly.

          • Shawn Michael Diaz

            Also one of the most played cards in Standard is Gideon and people are playing things like Lili’s Mastery in aggro decks so I’m just gonna have to say you’re straight up wrong about that. If Marvel weren’t banned it would be pretty good tech against it too.

          • Random Guy

            I would agree with you if it wasn’t for the success of Dynavolt Tower.

            A 4 mana burn 6 could be pretty good in the right meta and deck. The second half also works with mill.

          • ymmij X

            dynavolt is one cheaper and has way more potential for damage over a game. the second half is pretty nice though. the top may be a little better if it could hit creatures but cards that cannot influence the board aren’t usually big in constructed formats. the top half is just too slow for straight burn and too inflexible for control. it may find a home in a looting deck if that becomes a thing since that gives it more flexibility.

          • Random Guy

            I wasn’t proposing this as an alternative to dynavolt, but as an extra card in dynavolt or a similar deck. I’m just saying that standard control-burn is fairly common.

  • Julian Allen

    …in otherwords Beat to Pulp

  • Shawn Michael Diaz

    This seems like it would be pretty good in a kitchen table exalted deck

  • Grant Jacobson

    minimum x for value for appeal to be worth a deck slot is 3 right? with +3/+3 and trample at sorcery speed its a cross between Unnatural Predation and Giant Growth

  • Fujiclodo

    Seems good in the G/W cats deck where you’re constantly churning out 1/1s

  • Peter Johnston

    this is going to kill people in draft

  • Lord Gonti Of The Orzov Networ

    Could use this in my selesneya tokens deck