• Jalais

    Not even legendary. Pretty good sink.

  • Well this is going straight into my EDH deck(s)

  • Tolle

    Now this is truly a commander staple

  • galen150

    pretty solid card late game. might not put it in a 3 color deck, but good enough to go in plenty on other decks.

  • Alexandre Donnart

    This thing goes in so many decks.

  • Shawn Michael Diaz

    Love it. Goes right in a few EDH decks

    • Hedronal

      Goes well in a lot of commander decks.

  • Shagoth

    Doesn’t even come into play tapped…
    Ugh, I didn’t want another colorless land to shove in all my EDH decks… and this is a rare so I could picture this being the breakout rare in terms of price of the set.

  • Laws

    Just putting it out there: this is NOT EDH playable. If you have 5 mana available, you better be doing something better than drawing 1 card (And that’s only IF Ascend is active.)

    • Guest

      …mono white commanders will take all the draw it can get.

      • Laws

        I mean, play the cards you want to play, but I would strongly suggest that mono-w decks focus on colorless card draw like Mind’s Eye over this.

    • Tolle

      A. You act like 5 mana is a lot in commander. It really isn’t.
      B. You act like 6 mana (5 plus this) is going to be your whole turn, it isn’t.
      C. You act like drawing cards isn’t the life blood of commander. It is.
      D. You act like ascend is going to be hard to achieve in commander, it won’t be.

      Having a repeatable card draw on a land is simply great. Yeah, there are better colorless ones (I saw you mention Minds Eye) there are a few issues comparing them such as minds eye is far more expensive than this and more importantly Minds eye takes the place of actual gas you can be running to beat your opponent. This doesn’t. While yes, run Mind’s eye, this is also really good.

      • Laws

        5 mana is a lot in any format and, more importantly, you should always be using mana your efficiently, no matter how much you’re spending. This is not an efficient use of mana.

        Yes, people play 5+ cmc cards in commander, but they’re getting very powerful effects and creatures for their investment. 1 card is not equivalent to what other people are getting for their 5 mana.

        Card draw is the single most important thing in commander, but that doesn’t mean that all card draw is equal. This is really poor, inefficient card draw no matter what color you’re in. I don’t think this card would be even be competitive in a pre-con only game of edh. It’s that inefficient.

        • Tolle

          You are just wrong on the 5 mana is a lot in a format in which most players tend to have lots of leftover mana and are in need of mana sinks more than mana.

          And this is reusable card draw. Yeah, I could get card draw for less but not as reusable and reliable. No other card draw is reusable, reliable, and on a land instead of wasting an action card.

          • Laws

            5 mana *is* a lot. That’s why you have to spend it wisely on powerful creatures and effects. Just bc it’s easier to reach high cmcs in EDH, doesn’t mean you should spend your mana poorly.

            You act like I’m clueless about EDH. It’s the primary format I play lol.

            If people in your playgroup have that much mana leftover every turn, I think you guys should look to tune your decks. There’s a ton of reusable card draw on creatures, enchantments, artifacts, etc. The fact that it’s on a land is irrelevant. The question is whether or not there are more efficient options. If you’re spending 5 mana a turn to draw a card, you’re already losing the game anyway.

          • Tolle

            In a format where you can reach 15 mana easily before mana doublers 5 mana is not a lot. You are simply wrong on that point. Using 5 mana to draw a card is not a bad use of mana.
            I misspoke, we don’t have extra mana because we have mana sinks, and a sink to draw a card is a great one. As for creatures, enchantments, and artifacts have card draw isn’t much help when we are in a singleton format.
            And again, you are just wrong that it doesn’t matter that it is on a land. Putting reusable effects like this on lands is seriously powerful. You can use it for mana when you need to and when you are flooding out/in top deck mode you can just put it into drawing a card without having to take out gas from your deck.

          • Laws

            I agree that reusable effects on lands are very powerful for the reasons you listed, but I think you’re missing some of the deeper issues.

            Saying that this is a singleton format, therefore you can’t rely on creatures, enchantments, artifacts, etc. is ridiculous. The idea that you build up a critical mass of redundant cards for ramp, removal, card draw, win cons, etc. is fundamental to edh deckbuilding. For example, this is why most people put 8-12 mana rocks/rampant growth effects in their deck – to ensure that they have access to one in the first few turns.

            Obviously one Mind’s Eye is not going to solve your card draw problems. That’s why you build up a base of 10 or so efficient card draw sources.

            You claim that you can easily reach 15 mana before doublers, but there’s no way a mono-white deck can achieve that kind of mana quickly without playing Sram (who would mostly fix your card-draw problem anyway.) And if you’re not playing mono-white, then you have access to one of the other colors, any of which would have *much* more efficient means of drawing cards. Even red has a ton of card draw in the form of cheap, Faithless Looting-style rummage effects.

            More importantly (and I’m flogging a dead horse here,) if you *are* reaching 15 mana early (before turn 6 or so) and you have nothing better to do with it than draw 3 cards, you have a serious problem.

            If your deck is that devoted to ramping, you better be able to do something great with all that mana. That’s the entire point of ramping, to get ahead of your opponents and play more powerful spells than they can play. A deck like Tron epitimizes this; it surges ahead of it’s opponent in mana, confident that it will win bc the spells it casts will just be so much more powerful than anything it’s opponent is casting.

            5 mana isn’t a lot if you’re spending it on something good. 1 card is not something good.