• Tolle

    A weird Erebos like effect. I think I’ll stick with Erebos himself.

    • Bob

      Why not both? Seems good enough in edh, might even become a land…. maybe

      • Tolle

        We already have greed in EDH and that doesn’t see too much play. I’d say the transformation effect is a downside of the card. By the time you are down to 5 or less life you don’t want mana and there are better sac outlets than that.

        • Adam Gillies

          You don’t have to flip it

          • Tolle

            Missed the may, fair enough. Still, don’t think it is that good

        • Laws

          Greed does see play and this is better.
          The transformation is a may ability. How could that be a downside?
          You ALWAYS want mana.

          • Tolle

            Green sees a little play, not much. Green costs less to activate so it is better. i did miss the may, still don’t think it’ll matter because you will not want the land late game. And you ALWAYS want some mana. But by late game you have more mana than you are likely going to be able to use. You aren’t going to want a land, you are going to want the card draw.

  • CMK

    Think of it as an initially cheaper Greed, and then go from there. You don’t have to transform it if you don’t want, and the land on the back is quite powerful.

  • Jay Kilian

    Deaths shadow decks.

  • Jacob Bachand

    Could be sick in Black control decks for mirror or Grindy matches, since it doesn’t need to be flipped. Plus gain in 5 off of a Scarab God and returning to your hand when the life matters

    • Jay Kilian

      BW lifelink decks like vampires perhaps? With Crested Sunmare backup?

  • kekek

    THE LICH!!

  • Grant Jacobson

    I think most decks that decide to run this card in the future will choose to never flip the card (since the trigger is a “may” ability). perhaps some strange wall/lifegain combo deck will run it for the land.

    • Matthew Bradley

      Well, you can always flip it for the land and then cast the enchantment again for the card draw and now have a way to gain life to fuel the Blood Fast.

  • Happy The Cat

    so, wait… there’s going to be a standard legal Greed? no, my bad it costs half the mana to cast, one more to activate, and when it’s unhealthy to realistically use anymore it pops and becomes Consuming Vapors on a stick for your dudes. I dont see a downside.

    • Bobit

      Costs a lot of mana and life and doesn’t help the board state? Obviously.

      • Shagoth

        1. Card advantage
        2. Cheap cost
        3. Doesn’t die to creature removal.

        According to magic players, automatic good card.
        (honestly I agree here)

        • Nharzhool

          Don’t forget that it turns into Diamond Valley!

      • Happy The Cat

        hey, umm… fun fact, if you draw a lot cards, often times one of those will effect board state. and two mana isn’t a lot when you can use it over and over again and over multiple turns.

        • Bobit

          hey um, fun fact, drawing cards doesn’t do jack if you’re about to die, and fun fact is very rude.

          I am aware of the upsides, but the downsides are also quite obvious. Compare to Tireless Tracker I suppose.

    • Joshua Davis

      Still pretty dope though. Tempted to put this in my pirate build, just for the cards… But pirates have shite for toughness thoooo. Seems great in mono-black or B/G aggro.

  • Jonathan Reynolds

    This seems solid for an Oloro deck. I would run it over Erebos.

  • Laws

    And it was in that moment that he decided to play b/w vampires…

  • Darkray Accel

    Greed 2.0

  • chataolauj

    So Dark Confidant and Street Wraith decided to have a legendary baby that has a Fateful Hour ability? Okay…..

  • Shagoth

    Oh hai death’s shadow, I heard you wanted continuous card advantage for when Street Wraith gets banned.