• Gregory Walter

    Yep, sounds about right.

  • Kaiser

    When this dragon wants to destroy a land he really put effort on it. A lot of swipe effects and massive control.

  • Bige Boiy

    I believe this is the first piece of art that depicts the horns of the god-pharaoh without the bolas’s enchantment that causes them to appear as the same angle from all directions

    • Hedronal

      No Hekma left to warp the view with, I think.

  • jude

    at this point i just imagine bolas in a tophat doing some vaudeville number while **** around amonkhet explodes, singing a little diddy and just having a grand old time being the most powerful being alive

  • Aurore

    Nicol Bolas is coming! Armageddon outa here!

  • Happy The Cat

    red:” wow! we got Blood Moon?! this set is crazy!”
    white:”hold my beer.”

  • jaya

    Believe it or not this is probably the card with highest win ratio after playing in EDH. It can be just 1 sided win…
    Im wondering, will we see worldfire? Wouldnt it go perfect with all these nukes going around in this pseudo egypt.

  • Bostorket

    Armageddon it?