• Mean ol’ Kookus

    Now please mythic Ernham Djinn!

    • Bruiser Moore

      Man, that makes me think about Juzam, this can never be a collection of the most iconic cards in history is Juzam isn’t able to be in it. :(

      • Mean ol’ Kookus

        You mean one of the most balanced and flavourful black fatties with an iconic art and with perfect old-school feel? Yeah, RESERVED YOU LOOOSERS! You don’t wanna make speculators feel sad, do you?!

  • Henry FS Evans

    Armageddin disappointed in this set.

  • Bruiser Moore

    Oh dear lord no.

  • Red Cap

    Who wanted this?

    • Mean ol’ Kookus

      Mr. Ernham!

  • Daniel Scott

    These rubbish mythics are getting a bit much now. I wonder if this will turn out to signal an actual move to mythics just being interesting not the most powerful as they say they are meant to be.

  • xxxx

    This should have been Ravages of War!!!!!!
    Wtf wotc just think for a minute … exactly the same card but 60+ $$$

  • TezzeretofCarmot21

    That’s it. White Weenie will rise again

    • Marvin Sürig

      And where? XD I Laugh at players who try to play this in Modern or Standard :D

      • TezzeretofCarmot21

        Casual! *trumpet sounds*
        …Because it’s not really playable anywhere else!

  • sansmyhands

    For this to be at Mythic it really should’ve been Ravages of War. Also, they should’ve used the Rob Alexander art since they DID decide to give us another $5 mythic.

  • Kahai

    I am very much in love with the center justified. I NEED MOAR!