• Gary Allen Kiebach


  • Oooo… So nice that this little gem got another printing!

  • Makarthekorokwarrior

    So I was foolishly hoping for Vial Smasher, but honestly this is far from a bad pick.

    • Edward

      Anything that references something specific to the Commander format is off limits for sets like this. They already stated that it is too confusing and anything outside of a Commander oriented product won’t reprint those cards.

  • sansmyhands

    Well, this should make these easier to get our hands on on MTGO.

  • Derek Niles

    Just bought these on mtgo, dang it

  • Zombie

    Just one of those cards in desperate need of a reprint.

    $7+ for a random Commander common card is ridiculous.

    • Kahai

      and we can get it in foil now too :D