Ash Zealot - Return to Ravnica Spoiler

Ash Zealot

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First strike, haste

Whenever a player casts a spell from a graveyard, Ash Zealot deals 3 damage to that player.

“Smarter than death? Let’s see you outsmart my mace, necromancer!”

  • Dv1L

    Awesome human against the flashback.

    • Dv1L

      i don’t know why i put the word the in front of flashback…lol

      • Guy

        Because its “the flashback”. It’s a noun and title to the ability. Kind of like “THE mimeoplasm”

  • Krrlmaahs

    pretty good against flashback decks, but after the rotation of flashback it will defiantly be less powerfully, still a rather nice card, and well over a year to work with it :)

    • SilverAlex92

      Well, I dont remenber anything with flashback from Scars of Mirrodin xD I think that beside the phyrexian mana for snapcaster induced flashback nothing is lost in the rotation

  • Headstails

    Is it possible that this is going to affect potential guild mechanics in gatecrash?

  • Aether Tech

    Even without the damage deal from graveyard spell ability, a 2/2 first strike with haste for RR is still good for RDW.

  • Triptition

    im new to mtg, but arent creatures also considered spells?

    • Anything with a mana cost is a spell. So usually anything other than lands

      •  Or more accurately, any card that is cast is a spell. If someone cheats out Emrakul with Tooth and Nail, for example, Tooth and Nail would be a spell, but Emrakul would not be.

  • Guest


  • Flickerfan

    looks like a Boros card to me

  •  Green/black… Ready get ready for your maker :D

    • Lester-the-jester

      RDW you ready to pay the Ultimate Price? :D

  • Hexitrex

    Ohmagosh, versus Graveborn?

  • Aided

    Yes! YES! Take that snapcaster Mage, you b*tch.