• Shagoth

    Another WHITE mechanic hoser…
    Why can’t the other colors have some stuff that can deal with weird decks? Or just keep them artifacts. Eh, I like the reverse soul sister thing.

    • Fred “Deakon” Rebhun

      Grafdigger’s Cage?

      • Shagoth

        This is a white grafdigger’s, but white will gladly put Grafdigger’s AND this in boards to avoid Surgical Extractions. But artifacts and white enchantments seem to be the best hate cards.

        • Hedronal

          White mana is the color of making rules.

          • Shagoth


    • Shawn Michael Diaz

      White is the setting rules color. That’s just one of the things it does

      • Shagoth

        Still, it seems like there should be more non-white hate cards.

        • Shawn Michael Diaz

          Other colors get different kinds of hate. Harsh Mentor is a good example. Rules setting might be in other colors (my guess is blue but I think it’s mainly for library stuff and during which phases you can cast spells)

        • Shawn Michael Diaz

          Actually I looked it up, quoting the color pie article
          “Rules setting

          Primary: white
          Secondary: blue, black, red, and green

          These cards are permanents, mostly creatures and enchantments, that change some basic rule of the game. Every color has some amount of access to do this, but white does it at the highest volume.”

  • theEternalPilgrims

    flavortext: “Let no trace of the vampires’ (foulness?) remain.”

  • ShammySham

    One of the many types of cards Frontier needs to actually survive as a format.

    • Bostorket

      That and about 6+ more years and no fetch lands.

    • Josue Martinez

      Is anyone’s LGS supporting Frontier as a format? I will push for it after everything rotates out and prices plummet lol. Until then we are not running Frontier events ever.

    • Zombie

      Except for Frontier being dead in the water already due to a complete and utter lack of Wizards official support and a fanbase support reminiscent of Tiny Leaders.

      Frontier is basically a fringe casual format now. It’s just an underpowered neo-Modern.

  • Cynical Bastards

    does this hit dredge or is dredge a triggered ability

    • Besken

      This doesn’t touch dredge, the dredge ability is a replacement effect, neither activated nor trigger.

    • jochen

      hoses any other graveyard strategy though, what is it with wizards and death and taxes lately?

      • Aurore

        Ikr, it’s almost like they think graveyard-centric decks are really powerful and hard to interact with. Weird.

        • Zombie

          Rest in Peace already blows graveyard decks out of the water hard enough that I doubt this even touches D&T.

      • Zombie

        I don’t even think D&T wants this. It’s an embarrassment of riches.

        I don’t see the point of including this in the sideboard in any capacity when you have access to Rest in Peace alone, let alone any other graveyard hate cards like Grafdigger’s Cage, Relic of Progenitus, etc.

        The incidental life gain isn’t really that much of an incentive to run it over other options either, since D&T primary methods of creature removal in any given format is Exile cards like Swords to Plowshares and Path to Exile. It really only matters when your own cards are dying, and at 1 life for each creature you lose you’re gonna get hit way harder in return.

    • Zombie

      This does not affect Dredge, as Dredge is not activated and you’re not casting anything to do it.

      Things this affects are abilities like Unearth, Flashback, Embalm, Aftermath, etc.

  • Miztickow

    I want to use this in my soul sisters commander deck, but I think it would draw me too much hate.

  • Random Guy

    Lesser Grafdigger’s cage.

  • Murilo Mazza

    So… great against Torrential Gearhulk control decks + aggro decks?