Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver - Planeswalker - Theros Spoiler

Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver

  • Color: Black, Blue
  • Type: Planeswalker
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Set:

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+2: Exile the top three cards of target opponent’s library.

-X: Put a creature card with converted mana cost X exiled with Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver onto the battlefield under your control. That creature is a Nightmare in addition to its other types.

-10: Exile all cards from all opponents’ hands and graveyards.

  • Elucidator

    This girl is <3. Going straight to my control deck!

  • Psyrencalling

    I’m thinking it would be a possible EDH card, but I am almost positive this will see little or none competitive standard play. Never know for sure until it happens, though.

    • Jeremysclone

      It’s gonna see Standard play for sure

      • mark

        it could totally be standard, you could get some nasty stuff on the 4th turn if you are lucky.

        • Ben Ehren

          you could steal their gods if you get them with the +2

      • Zombie

        Problem is, until you hit something of value, Ashiok is just a $25 glorified Nephalia Drownyard for 1UB.

        And because of the archetypes she fits in, you’re probably not going to be able to protect her from dying after she +2’s if your opponent has any semblance of a board state whatsoever.

        She’s playable, but it doesn’t seem like she’ll get there most of the time.

  • Ryuutakishi

    Amazing card art to the max

    • Fbn Dnl Schlr

      Sergeant of the Master Sergeants Most Extreme Person of Extreme Sergeants… to the Max!

  • dnLL

    Better than JTMS’s -12 ability. Wow.

    • Syltphademus

      How is exiling someone’s graveyard and hand better than exiling someone’s deck?

      • dnLL

        You are right, I misread that one, thought it was library AND hand. Well, the ultimate is not really good then (you have to get there first). But for a 3-cmc Planeswalker that gets to 5 loyalty counters after first activation, that’s not bad, it will see some play in EDH.

        • ssss

          it says exile all cards from ALL opponents HANDs and Libraries

          • Jimmy

            It says HANDS and GRAVEYARDS. the library doesn’t get touched.

        • Anomica

          ALL the IMPORTANT WORDS in my sentence are CAPITALIZED because its REALLY IMPORTANT!!!1!

          • MtgMind-Welder98

            I agree with that good sir. It is also JUST ANNOYING when someone keeps CAPITALIZING THEIR WORDS at random times IN THEIR SENTENCES when really it DOESN’T MATTER.

      • Quinn Carrico

        Because Ashiok can use her -X ability to play any card she exiles.

        • Syltphademus

          Except that that’s also dependent on ramping her back up to the correct costs. You can’t say that exiling someones library and essentially winning the game is better than allowing you to play some of their cards.

          • Quinn Carrico

            Obviously exiling their full library would be better but it would also be incredibly broken. Besides, her +2 helps mill their library as well as quickly bringing her loyalty counters back up to effectively use her -X

      • John Proctor

        Once cards are in a hand or graveyard they can be relevant targets. Creatures in graveyards can be re-animated, food for scavenging ooze, deathrite shaman, or junk. Scavenge as well. Cards in hand are hard to replenish, you either need cards to get you more, or just the 1 a turn from draw step. Exiling from the library is removing cards that had very few ways your opponent could interact with in the first place, which makes it inherently worse. Unless they have tutors or something, the library is just a dead zone until it is drawn.

        • John Proctor

          Nevermind. I didn’t realize you were replying to the Ashiok ultimate Vs. JTMS ultimate question. JTMS is better, I agree.

    • GRUULman

      This card will MOST DEFINITELY see standard play.

      It can come out very early game turn three. And the loyalty count goes to 5 immediately taking it out of burn range early in the game.

      The most powerful ability of the planeswalker, though, is the second one: After just 2 uses of the +2, a player can get ANY creature with at least SEVEN converted mana cost on his/her side under their control!!—— On turn 5!

      Let’s see, that can include: 1)Any of the champions from Dragon’s maze 2)Any of the God enchantment cards 3)Kalonian Hydra
      4)Scavenging ooze …To name a few. It can just be used to straight up “Mill” a player also. We all remember the power of Nephalia Drownyard aftera all :/

      • GRUULman

        Sorry meant to reply to Psyrencalling username

    • Zombie

      It’s really not.

      JTMS -12: Hey look, you win the game.

      Ashiok -10: Hey look, you have to spend a few turns to get back in the game.

      Now, if you want to talk about EDH, she’s fantastic.

      But not in any 1v1 format. Wizards can literally never print a Planeswalker that’s as powerful as JTMS again.

  • Sakashima the Impostor

    I’m totally getting a foil copy asap.

  • CodyGozRawr


  • Levi Warren

    Super good, this is going to be my card from the set, even though I’m most excited about the white cards.


  • Robert Ohms

    This is odd, I was expecting to see Dack as the third planeswalker in the set. Still, this is an awesome card nonetheless.

    • Guest

      Rack was mentioned to be on the plane of Theros not necessarily in the first set of the block. It was like when wizards told us about ral zarek before rtr but released him in dragons maze.

      • guest

        Dack* was also present on Innastrad and Ravnica during the events of their blocks, but only in his comic book side story. I wouldn’t be surprised if he fails to make an appearance in Theros as well.

    • Garrett Horton

      same i am confused

    • Zombie

      I don’t understand why people thought Dack Fayden was going to be in Theros.

      He was never confirmed by anyone who actually knew what they were talking about, or anyone at Wizards, and the only thing that even made people think about him in the first place was that he was on the cover of an IDW comic, which, believe it or not, doesn’t actually have anything to do with the game, other than flavor cards they print.

      Wizards has their own release plans and lore tie- ins, IDW doesn’t decide that. Dack Fayden is part of IDW’s Theros storyline, not Wizards’ “official” story arc. That said, Wizards could at some point turn Dack Fayden into a Planeswalker card and actually put him in the official arc.

      People saw the IDW comic cover, and speculation got the best of them. There was nothing to support Dack Fayden being in the Theros set besides mass speculation.

      • MtgMind-Welder98

        That’s true i was very confused about that. Plus who knows…he could be in BotG or JitN, but other than that I would rather see Planeswalkers from the guilds of ravnica and gatecrash instead

        • Zombie

          Honestly, there’s a few specific walkers I’m interested in seeing.

          Sorin and Nissa are two big ones. Both of them worked together against the Eldrazi, it would be interesting to see them come back to fight Xenagos when he ascends, with Ajani and Elspeth.

          Another is Kiora Atua. She’s a Merfolk walker that’s basically the Sea Monster Whisperer, and with Theros having a big Sea Monsters aspect to it, she seems like a natural fit in this block for her first printing.

          Other than that, a giant/ titan or minotaur planeswalker would be pretty baller.

          • MtgMind-Welder98

            Yah I agree.

            I am really exited about this Block. A day before Ashiok came out, most people, including me, were upset when Xenagos came out and wished there was a planeswalker with different colors, not 2 with the same 2 colors coming out in less than a 7 month period. Some said they wanted to see a DIMIR PLANESWALKER and many agreed.

            Then she came out the next day and everyone went nuts! It’s like wizards is keeping a close eye on what we want. So who knows, we just might get a Merfolk planeswalker and it would be AWESOME!

            I don’t expect Sorin or Nissa to make it in this set, but I hope they make a come back in future sets and blocks too :)

          • MyArmadaHasWurms

            I’d love to see nissa return in this block but they did state that there wouldn’t be any elfs in theros block. But who knows. I’m super excited about this walker though. Totally going in my EDH and probably in my modern mill!

          • MtgMind-Welder98

            That’s what I am doing for my EDH too :) Plus I am excited because, since of Ashiok, there will probably be more mill cards for U and maybe B in this set, which will be awesome!

          • nitro

            The new abilities will go great in most black-blue decks, whether your playing dimir or not. Her abilities can make decks focused mainly on creatures (my idea of a boros deck) get torched by maybe turn 7.

          • MtgMind-Welder98

            Pretty much yah :)

      • ZedWrecker

        I think it would be cool if they released a special edition Dack Fayden card in first prints of the inevitable Magic the Gathering comic trade paperbacks.

  • Dimitrije Simic

    So a better version of nephalia drownyard is back?

    • Zombie

      Wouldn’t say better, really.

      It’s harder to kill a Drownyard.

      • MtgMind-Welder98

        It’s funny because it’s true :)

  • Zombie

    This might actually make Grixis playable. I am totally down for that.

  • Jordan

    who the heck is this?

    • gaston205

      Judging by the card, I would say that he/she/it is a Planeswalker.

      • Jordan

        Right, i gathered that much. What I meant was, this is a planeswalker out of nowhere lol. I was expecting that other one, the one on the intro pic on a boat.

        • Quinn Carrico

          That was Dack Fayden, he’s currently only appeared as a character in the comic book series. If you saw a picture of him for Theros that’s because the Magic comics are visiting Theros as well.

        • gaston205

          That’s Dack Fayden, a Planeswalker from the comics, who Wizards has said will remain separate from the actual game, in other words, he will never be printed.

    • guest

      Judging by the gray skin and lack of face I assume Ashiok is one of the “Returned”, the native zombies of Theros who are usually supposed to wear golden masks. As for what role Ashiok will play, this remains to be answered.

      • Bennyboy

        Zombie Planeswalker FTW!!!!

        • NotionTheif

          Nightmare Planeswalker.

          • MtgMind-Welder98

            I can be used in a EDH UB mill Zombie deck though…right?

          • ZedWrecker

            Ashiok is not a zombie. Ashiok is beyond definition. Ashiok is not even gender specific. Ashiok is fear. Fear knows nothing of limits.

          • MagicGALAXY

            More or less Terror. It’s behind you where ever you go. It whispers in your ear and makes you feel insecure. You can sense it’s presence, but when you turn around, it’s gone.

          • Bennyboy

            Nightmares are Zombies mate….. They are the Zombies of Theros…

          • Calmbie

            Zombies in Theros are called the ‘returned’ I think. Also, I can think of a bunch of creatures with the type nightmare that def aren’t zombies.

          • Bennyboy

            They are Zombies, I don’t know how much simpler this can be explained to you…… Yes they are called “The Returned” I know this because I can read English. In Theros The Returned are Zombies. Gray Merchant of Asphodel, Tymaret the Murder King. They are Returned and their creature type is ZOMBIE. Since Ashiok is now a Planeswalker she does her own thing. She MAKES Nightmares, as her name suggests, but she is still, essentially, a zombie for all intents and purposes….

      • Quinn Carrico

        I thought so too but Doug Beyer posted a lengthy post on his Tumblr stating that Ashiok is not native to Theros. She has travelled to Theros to harvest power from Therans instinctive fear of the gods.

  • Kevan Kramer

    This card came out of left field.

    • Jordan

      thats what i said.

  • NotionTheif

    I found my Dimir-walker.

    • cfranks

      Why not Tezzeret agent of bolas

      • gaston205

        He neither mills, nor is viable in decks that are not artifact heavy. Most Dimir decks are usually having a strategy that mills somewhat or good evasion+control(typically with a side of mill), and are usually not heavy in artifacts(However, I have a deck of both types)

      • MtgMind-Welder98

        What?….Have you read the card?

      • Alex Egertsen

        yeah Tezzeret more or less belongs in an Esper Enter the Machine Deck

  • MtgMind-Welder98


    • MtgMind-Welder98

      This probably means there will be some mill or deck removal in this set. Can’t wait! :)

    • Antares

      Agreed, I was expecting the guy they announced early on (Dack Fayden). Two new planeswalkers and a very good Elspeth. I like. :D
      It’s actually kind of funny, because she:
      a) Mills your opponent
      b) Gives you creatures
      c) removes THEIR creatures

      She’s a 3:1 the turn you play her, and just gets better from there. Imagine catching, say, a Voice of Resurgence or a Boros Reckoner with this. I honestly think her Ultimate is not that great. Since you can only play creatures with her -x, it is somewhat limiting. I’d think you get more value out of either using her + to take out their library or her – to force them to deal with their own creature (Why, I bet you didn’t expect to deal with YOUR OWN KALONIAN HYDRA). The only time I can see her Ultimate being relevant, if you have the counters, is if the opponent resolved something like Sphinx’s Revelation or Opportunity.

      I am definitely liking all of the planeswalkers in this set. :D

      • MtgMind-Welder98

        I like her ultimate for one reason, which is good on it’s own.

        She is good for removing future threats that can result to, for example, a Snapcaster Mage combo with instant counters in graveyards.

        Plus it’s EXILE them, making it way more effective. She is good for helping you control the board with creatures, exiling opponents library bit by bit, and just stoping future threats. I will probably use her in EDH if i can find the correct combos :)

      • Tyler Thomspon

        Removing someone’s hand at the point that this potentially can when left unchecked (probably under the protection of countermagic and wrath effects) is essentially saying “stop playing the game.” Especially when this effect is produced by a deck that is already card advantageous (as control decks tend to be) and probably a few cards up on you — when you had a hand. Not to mention the fact that it allows your deck to be less threat dense and while not entirely reliable, quite efficient at producing them through a stall. Not to mention the fact that it allows you to produce these threats at a level where countermagic can’t interact with them (after resolving the initial planeswalker itself). The fact that it also includes the graveyard means against any deck that runs some amount of creatures, you’re almost guaranteed to hit a target or two. And really, what decks these days are creature light? That said, this card seems like it is an anti-aggro card intended for a control deck, but I can’t see it producing threats to protect itself in a manner that is timely enough to be resolved early. Honestly, I think the numbers are right for this card to be used against opposing control decks. The -x will lose value but almost never be useless as your opponent is probably running at least some creature-based threats (especially with how utilitarian the new enchantment creatures are, particularly the legendary ones). And the ult? How does a control deck usually feel about getting hit by a Wit’s End and a Relic of Progenitus activation in one turn? Especially with how common it is for control decks to produce card advantage stemming from the graveyard recently.

        And hey, that +2? That’s a manaless drownyard activation. Think about it. You never have to choose between milling or casting a Revelation again.

  • rynot916

    its tibalt bad…

    • Bennyboy

      Nice attempt at trolling…. not!

  • Joshua McTiernan

    I see gruul charm’s second mode getting some work.

    • Bennyboy

      Sneaky Wizards had planned it from the getgo!!! haha! And everyone said what the hell is the point of that….. Now they know…. Now they know…..

  • Lester

    Nice reference to the Fates from Greeco-Roman mythology:
    1. “Weaver” in the name- the fates would weave out peoples destinies on strings of gold.
    2. Lack of eyes- The Fates shared on eye that would let them perceive the future.
    3. The blow up and + 2 abilities somewhat eliminates you’re opponents ability to make decisions- the Fates controlled peoples actions and interactions on a cosmic level, and making a decision against the Fates was almost unheard of.

    • Zombie

      It’s almost like Wizards had a research team to help them tie in aspects of Greek Mythology to the set.

    • Peter Garvey


  • MtgMind-Welder98


    • MtgMind-Welder98

      If u guys want to stay posted on this kind of stuff, go to mythicspoiler(dot)com

  • ZedWrecker

    Ashiok is a creature so evil its head collapsed in on itself and now it spews out smoking evil to spread across the land and scare the crap out of children.