Asphyxiate - Born of the Gods Spoiler


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Destroy target untapped creature.

“Some poisons enter through the blood. Some are ingested. Some are inhaled. All ways through which mortals draw strength are paths for poison.”
—Agathe, priest of Pharika

  • BWH

    They just printed a strictly better Murder in the last set. Now they’re going to give us a common that’s strictly worst than Murder? Why you do these things, Wizards?

    • PopcornBunni

      “What is Limited environment” – BWH 2014

      It’s also a matter of powercreep vs powerseep. While creatures have been getting great treatment in the past years, spells have been getting weaker overall. The power level of creatures is only just now reaching a point where they’re even with spells. There’s a reason larger formats will use legacy or early modern spells, but more recent creatures.

      That being said, a strictly worse murder is a bit of a silly choice. This could have cost 2B and been a fine alternative for decks that only splash black.

      • BWH

        It’s not really a matter of powerseep when you’re talking about cards in the same block. The weaker card can’t replace the stronger one if they’re in standard at the same time. I don’t buy that limited excuses having strictly better/worse cards coexisting in the same block either. There should always be some kind of trade-off when comparing two similar cards printed that close together. Making this 2B would have been enough. Hero’s Downfall would still be a far better card overall, but this would at least have something going for it.

        • PopcornBunni

          Comparing a common removal made for draft to a rare constructed card is incredibly disingenuous. It may come as a surprise, but there are plenty of strictly better cards in the set compared to other cards IN THE SAME SET. Rarity is made for the limited environment, so getting strictly better cards at rarer levels isn’t a bad thing for the format.

          I use to not care about all that and would say making strictly better or worse options is bad, but for how draft and sealed are played, it makes for a much more balanced (and much more affordable) metagame than constructed. Magic cards are made with draft in mind first, constructed and secondary market second. That isn’t to say they push constructed aside, but rather, limited is the far more prevalent and supported format.

          That being said, some mistakes get made in balancing draft occasionally. Big swings in life and board position shouldn’t be at common, since it means drafting comes down to picking up as many of that common as you can, but sometimes things like Gray Merchant end up causing a bigger impact than initial testing shows.

          It isn’t perfect, but this card is made with the set’s drafting in mind, to drive home and point to Inspired as a mechanic.