Descent of the Dragons - Dragons of Tarkir Spoiler

Descent of the Dragons

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Destroy any number of target creatures. For each creature destroyed this way, its controller puts a 4/4 red dragon creature token with flying onto the battlefield.

Dragons emerge from tempests fully formed and terribly hungry.

  • Interesting, the cost is high but it could be decent in a R/G Dragons shell, target all your dorks/non-dragons, and if you have Dragon Tempest out, win. I doubt it will see much play though.

    • Silverwolf600

      I want to try this in my dragon ramp play this turn 4 and sack my dorks and play crucible of fire next turn for massive damage.

  • Blake

    Excellent combo potential and versatility. Being able to destroy an opponents creature with a red card is a rare effect.

  • marco

    that’s sick, play it with the goblin token generators and elspeth and transform the bunch 1/1 tokens into nasty 4/4 dragons

  • LeonFA

    This is a win spell with Dragon Tempest and any relevant number of tokens on the board. Lets say we have two batches of Elspeth tokens on the board, or two Hordeling Outbursts. 36 Direct Damage, and all those 4/4s have Haste if they somehow are still alive. How about just one Hordeling Outburst of tokens? 9 Direct, 12 swinging in the air. Yep, that’s still lethal. This will be seeing playing.

    • Robert McManamon

      that it will

  • pickled piper

    This would be great for a boss sligh finisher against those midrange decks.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Sweet hell.

    • Ryū


      • Dr. Burn Crow

        Dragons are just storm crows with prestige class levels.

        • Ryū

          Everyone is a storm crow deep down, whether they know it or not. It is the secret of life.

          • Dr. Burn Crow

            The storm crow awakening is how planeswalkers form.

          • Ryū

            For storm crow is beyond time and space, beyond dimensions, beyond everything. Storm crow descending, universe mending. Storm departing, annihilation is starting.

          • Dr. Burn Crow


          • Ryū

            I shudder to imagine a Storm Raven.

          • Jandro

            Lol prestige classes.

          • steve

            did someone say something about the best win conditon ever.

          • Ryū

            Destroy all creatures, each player gets a storm crow for each creature they lost.

  • BlahBlahBlahBla

    Permanent Dragonshift for one mana less at Sorcery speed.. Should be great for limited.. Apparently this set is all about limited play. I guess i should get hyped about that because we aren’t seeing anything for eternal formats.

    With that said; can’t wait to draft this!

    • Melissa Juice

      Dude. Absolutely hilarious in draft.

  • Ryū

    I love this damn thing. Dragons, dragons everywhere.

  • Garrison Tran

    just one token or one for very creature destroyed?

    • Melissa Juice

      As many tokens as you choose to target.

      • Garrison Tran

        awesome, thanks for clarifying

    • Drewski

      You could remake the card so it read; “Destroy target creature. It’s controller puts a 4/4 red dragon token with flying onto the battlefield.”
      If you are familiar with the JOU mechanic Strive, it would have a Strive cost of 0.

      • Garrison Tran

        oooh ok

    • One for every creature TARGETED, they don’t have to be destroyed.

  • Zombie

    Could be a really sweet 1-of Finisher for red aggro decks.

  • Melissa Juice


  • donaldjr

    Woah… This would be a cool win-more in my indestructible soldier deck :P

  • Pablo

    Mana creatures + Temur Ascendancy?

    • WPowell

      That’s REALLY awesome.

  • Melissa Juice

    This isn’t fully translated. Is it, I assume, a sorcery?

    • oaomcg

      well it says sorcery…

    • dndroxs

      says it is

  • kingalexander61

    Meh, dies to Aetherspouts.

  • Jandro

    could be an upgrade over Hellion Eruption.

  • Isnt the greatest card in the world, but i love it. Shows how the dragons are born to destroy and have no allegiance. A supreme being in the MTG universe. Now all i want to see is a delve into Shandalar and a full-on demons set with Xathrid and (though probably impossible) Leshrac bringing the power of another heavy hitter archetype within the game.

  • Indestructible

    I love how it doesn’t require the creatures to die in order to give the dragons. Enter Avacyn AOH

    • Necrachilles

      Exactly. See also: Frontline Medic, Boros Charm, Wrap in Vigor, Rootborn Defenses and potentially Faith’s Reward.

    • Private

      I wonder what card you guys saw 4 months ago. The card there now shows that the creatures do have to die to get the dragons.

  • steve

    i could see this work in temur, late game just destroy all your mana rampers that you dont need and get 4/4 dragons, seems solid. wonder what deck this will fit into if it even can

    • Aaron Reers

      Mardu, get a bunch of tokens, turn them into dragons, get Dragon tempest and boom.

  • Lord_of_Riots

    Purphoros :)

  • HMinnow

    Sweet Karrthus tech, Batman.
    Seriously though, great in Karrthus EDH and a decent finisher in token decks

  • Malvirius

    This with tandem of dragon tempest is huge. The tokens or creators on board equals three 4/4 flyers with haste and the trigger burn equals 6 so a total of 18 damage.

    • Malvirius

      Meant to say if you had the tokens or creatures. fir example hordeling outburst. I know we have the new goblin town generator for 2 but I think outburst will still be viable with the next set meta.

      • Kameenook

        Well you can quite easily eat faces with mono red this card. Purphoros, Goblin Fodder, Goblin Rabblemaster, Hordeling Outburst. Probably some other stuff.

      • Ummm, Dragon Fodder isn’t new. It was printed in Shards of Alara.

  • guest

    in constructed this only does something if you 1) have dragon tempest out 2) have a bunch of tokens/chumps 3) are not playing against a deck with counterspells 4) are not already facing down multiple green giants / rhinos / tasigur or Elspeth/ugin or…

    it’s similar to having battlefield thaumaterge out with some shorestalkers/ornithopters/tokens and casting hour of need… which failed pretty miserably.

    • Matt86

      Agree with everything, except how are some giant creatures without flying and some planeswalkers going to prevent you from dealing damage with dragons? I mean, this should be the last thing the opponent sees, if it isn’t, it pretty much failed anyways, right?

      • Parker

        Well, it is sorcery speed, meaning if they have a means to kill you unless you block with all your dragons, you’re dead. It also means you can’t chump block and then cast it to get value. At best, you’re 2-for-1ing yourself (losing this card + all the destroyed cards) and getting a few dragons without hast onto the battlefield. All this for six mana. I’d rather just cast a Stormbreath Dragon.

        Seriously, though, it’s the sorcery speed/lack of haste that really makes this card unplayable, in my opinion.

        • Matt86

          Oh, sorry, I thought the original post was implying that Dragon Tempest was on the field. Sure, if Dragon Tempest is not online, it’s the drizzling shits. But with it, it’s rather strong.
          I thought the post implied that even after Dragon Tempest was active, you’d still need enough tokens, which is right, and the opponent may not have any means to counter, also true. Thus, I agreed with everything except that if the first three points are true, it doesn’t really matter what your opponent has on the field, he’s toast.

    • p26man

      This is different though. This would only cost two mana provided you have 4 creatures including thaumaterge. Hour of need costed 5 for four creatures. You can potentially cast this spell as early as turn 3 for three 4/4 dragons.

      That’s pretty nuts considering the type of deck you’re playing doesn’t have to go all in either. You can play a long game too.
      This card will never be more than $5 because it’s scope is limited to the thaumaterge, but I can’t wait to brew with this.

  • Kameenook

    Is it the translation? Shouldn’t it be worded something like: Destroy any number of target creatures, for each creature destroyed this way….

    • James Sweet

      Agree that seems more correct. First of all,. this wording is ambiguous (if you destroy 5 creatures, do they get 5 dragons or just one?). And second of all, as Jordan points out, it’s abusable this way. Target an indestructible creature, or regenerate a creature, and you still get a dragon. I bet the wording is what you said iun the English version.

  • Jordan

    Good with all the goblin tokens around. Plus add in hammer of purphoros, or the new 2 mana enchantment or the new kolagan for haste

  • Jordan

    Ohhhh, this with goblin tokens and purphoros…..

  • Jordan

    Also interesting to target indestructible creatures. They don’t get destroyed, and you still get a dragon.

    • Private

      No, you wouldn’t still get the dragon. You get a dragon for each creature destroyed; if it’s indestructible, then it didn’t get destroyed.

  • Cameronthebarbarian

    I love these combos being thrown around. But why not toss a mob rule into the mix? You’ve got your dragon tempest in place, you’ve got your mans chumps and tokens out, then target every creature on the field with assault of the dragons, and gain control of everything with mob rule. You gotta have a steep ramp to get that 12 mana, but if both spells resolve I can’t imagine a scenario where the game isn’t over with or without actually attacking.

    • Cameronthebarbarian

      *mana chumps

  • guest

    Combos well with Hero Blade in limited play

  • FTV: Reserved List

    Was hoping for a Day of the Dragons reprint in this set. This will have to do.

    • Watch WOTC still reprint Day of the Dragons and have a surprise R/U Dragon tribal

  • David S

    Oh no my EDH opponent has 50 1/1 saprolings, here have 50 drag…. i didnt think this through.

    • richardshort2001

      Meekstone! Shrieking Mogg! or just Mob Rule if you want to be boring.

  • GeneralGenerous

    Ya know, they could have shown them “assaulting” something a little more fierce than a herd of cows….

  • guest

    this plus dragon temest=lots of damage

  • Jody Williams

    Battlefield Thaumaturge, says hello…