• Arcus Diabolus

    This is fantastic. Exactly what defensive red should look like.

    Slap some vigilance on it and it gets really deadly.

    • Hedronal

      Mechanically, I can’t help but think that I’d prefer a non-vigilant version with less power but reach.

      • Eduardo

        flavor-wise speaking: how would a pack of wolves have reach?

        • eltratzo

          jumping exists ^^ and as someone above us said: “the image of a pack of Wolves leaping up and latching onto a Dragon and ripping it out of the sky is amusing as hell”

        • Hedronal

          I don’t have a good answer for that, sadly. Maybe one is a werewolf archer? Eldrazi madness gives you wings?

  • Bacon

    Synergizes very well with cryptolith fragment

    • TogetherAlone

      How so? to flip that thing all players must be at 10 or less. Not saying this can’t help activate it but there is no direct synergy really unless you are low already.

  • Happy The Cat

    ACK, this card, there is just so many good and bad things that make no sense!
    first off the name,it’s awful, alphas don’t assemble because the alpha is the leader of the pack who is only faithful to his own pack and would go out of his way to kill members of another alpha’s pack. but then look at the art, they are spaced out like they have been forced together for their own survival so the art fits the card’s name to a T.
    secondly that trigger, this is defensive red card, red is not a defensive color, you could go as far as to say it is the opposite of defensive. however that trigger fires off a Searing Blaze, easly one of the best cheap effects in red it’s such a good ability that it actually goes a long way against my next point
    size. or at least distribution, 5/5 for 6 is pretty bad for a rare red card or really any color at this point, if it was a 7/4 or 6/4 first striker it would be a huge offensive threat but it can’t get something that strong seeing as that trigger is effectively giving it Bushido 3.
    of course this is a bulk rare and will only see limited play but… this card… it’s so right but it’s so wrong!

    • Robert FakeLastName

      I am pretty sure this is not a defensive card. It triggers when blocked or blocking.

      • Happy The Cat

        but when would a red card block? red is the cannibalistic version of the queen of france during the revolution, LET THEM EAT FACE!!!
        …that was a long walk for a short gain, I’ll try harder from now on…

  • Jaya

    Name looks cool, picture looks cool, ability is so-so tho, easy to be played around, could be legendary to see some command play tho with provoke shenanigans.
    Well, you kinda of expect more than just a 5/5 with a perky ability when u join together a bunch of true alphas.

    • NoobOfLore

      5/5 is Dragon size. Not bad for a bunch of dogs.

  • Son Goku

    Wolves in the wild don’t have “alphas” in the popular sense of the word. They’re family groups led by parents. Rather than displacing their progenitors in some savage “alpha takeover,” pups that grow up usually end up dispersed from the pack and join up with similarly-dispersed wolves to become new packs. Then the mated pair rule that pack, though only as parents do, not some inherent role assignment or anything like that.

    The popular image of “alpha wolves” and fighting for dominance and stuff is based on very outdated research performed on captive wolves. These wolves behave little like their wild counterparts because of the unnatural circumstance of throwing a bunch of unrelated wolves together in a small area. Basically, scientists at the time were studying the lupine equivalent of the characters from Night of the Living Dead; random peeps all trapped together in an enclosed environment, with slavering maniacs outside the door.

    Now, as for the card itself: not bad! I mean, the ability seems weird in just red, but I can see it. Honestly, I think the ability would have been good if the Assembled Alphas just dealt damage to the creatures involved. Damaging the controller too might even be a bit much. Kind of a spendy card, but it gets out there and real quickly starts to make combats actively un-fun for your opponents. Combined with various Wolf and Werewolf lords, and maybe some G/R ramp, and I can see the Modern Werewolf deck I always wanted to make having a great home for this card.

    • NC

      Thank you for the wolf facts Goku!

      • Son Goku

        Haha, you are welcome! I mean, I didn’t know for the longest time either, because the alphas thing is so ingrained in our culture. But when I did my research for some Werewolf: The Apocalypse work I was doing, I found out the truth, and I always find it fun sharing and receiving knowledge.

    • Hedronal

      This card seems good, but too expensive for what it’s trying to do. Maybe not if it had reach or something and less power though.

      • Son Goku

        Kind of a give and take. Reach wouldn’t make much sense thematically, although it would make the card useful. Because the image of a pack of Wolves leaping up and latching onto a Dragon and ripping it out of the sky is amusing as hell. While this can’t block said Dragon, though, it can real quickly force your opponent to block WITH the Dragon. At 5/5, this card isn’t something you can let go, but it has, like, Super Wolf Bushido because if it is blocked (or used as a blocker), it brings twice the pain.

        On its own, it’s expensive but nasty in combat. Give it some good GR support and it is the kind of thing that could take over a game by itself. Giant Growth, Moonmist, trample, whatever, it could start doing some major damage. Get double strike on it and it’s one of those cards you can’t really afford to block but can’t afford to let through.

        • Hedronal

          If it’s in a format with Moonmist, I think there are better options. I don’t know what at the moment, but this card does not seem Modern or Eternal to me.

          • Son Goku

            Yeah, probably so. I’m a very theme-based player, though. I want my decks to tell a story, to hang together around some thematic or flavor basis. So I will find ways to use suboptimal cards that fit my given theme rather than, say, stuff a Demon in with a bunch of Elves who’d never truck with him to begin with. In this case, I like the card a fair bit. It’s not really going to make a big hit in Modern or anything, but I like to think there’d be a way to use it. Hellrider + Assembled Alphas = devil warg riders?

            I don’t know. I know that its ability is VERY aggressive. The best place for it is a RG Wolf/Werewolf deck, which also fits as those are the two colors best fit to ramp it out. With a Seething Song or the like, you could probably get this thing out on turn 4 (maybe 3 if you had some kind of good green ramp before that, like Scorned Villager), where it starts to chew through your opponent’s creatures fast.

            Then again, I also want to make Howl of the Night Pack work in a Wolf/Werewolf deck, because it has my favorite flavor text of all time.

    • Insight66

      I knew my Saturday morning cartoon characters would teach me more than school ever could

      • Son Goku

        Yes, pretty much. Power up your knowledge, but don’t forget to eat a balanced breakfast!

  • wwww

    You came in the wrong neighborhood motherf***er.

  • Bostorket

    Firsterestest Strike!

  • Nebulium

    It is now a goal of mine to block a swarm of tokens with this and valor made real for a game winning block.

  • Son Goku

    Man, something like Revenge of the Hunted on this thing would be a game-ender. Or Roar of Challenge would be cheaper, but make the Alphas indestructible. Even against a normal amount of creatures and not token spam, you’d still do massive damage and put your opponents in a bad spot.

  • Randall

    What a boring card!

  • Happy The Cat

    heh heh, just noticed that it deals three damage for each creature blocking it, meaning that if you tag a Lure effect onto it you can deal massive damage to a token deck. I think my Zedruu friendship tokens might need to be rebuilt…

    • Son Goku

      I mentioned that the other day. Revenge of the Hunted, Lure, or Roar of Challenge would be vicious with this card. The latter makes it indestructible, too, while if you can get Miracle on Revenge of the Hunted, you have enough mana leftover for other spells to aid your attack.

  • Stinker289

    Easily my favorite red in this set. Protecting it would be a pain, but it can definitely cause some shenanigans if left unchecked.