• MTG fan

    This card is amazing!

    • Hedronal

      It has been since Lorwyn.

  • Oiram

    Something about the border’s weird and out of place: It’s as if they planned on making Amokhet around the early 2000s and wanted to do a Future Sight kind of thing, and wanted to test having 3D models as the borders instead of boxes.

    It looks like the border of scenario introductions you’d see in an Age of Empires 1-esque game about the Egyptian empire that’d have some Starcraft 1 levels of (now-outdated) animation showing the gods doing something.

  • Zombie

    Not really sure how a generic picture of an Amonkhet god posing is supposed to look like Austere Command, a magical incantation that blows stuff up.

    The Command cycle cards are issued magic “commands”. Literally interpreted, not supposed to be anything more. They’re not authoritative auras, like this is depicting. Re-imagination to this degree does no justice to the Commands themselves.

    Even if it didn’t have the border, the art makes no sense to put on Austere Command, and I still wouldn’t replace my foil Lorwyn Austere Command with it in my primary EDH deck, Breya.