• Samuel

    there should have been more trees in this set

  • Nolly

    This card is stupid strong.
    Its really easy to get a turn 3 delirium if you do as little as play evolving wilds and corpse churn before.
    Even then you’re not gonna see much mainboard enchantment removal in standard so this guy will be a beast.

    • Zombie

      It’s extremely slow unless you’ve already enabled Delirium the turn it’s played. Being a valuable/powerful play ONLY when you have Delirium is setting it up to not do much in quite a few games.

      You’re not going to get Delirium set up quickly every game unless you go super deep on enablers, and that will weaken your deck overall.

      Don’t get me wrong, I like the card and I think it’s pretty solid, but power is nothing if it’s conditional and slow.

      It’ll be completely bonkers in Limited, but imho there’s just better things to play in Standard.

  • Happy The Cat

    wish that transform said may. it would be such a good engine

  • Ryū

    I’m not even sure why, but this is my favorite card in the set.

    • Melissa Juice

      It really is fantastic. It’s complex but intuituve. It’s also very pretty.

      • Ryū

        I suppose I have a soft spot for walking trees.

        • Melissa Juice

          Treefolk are one of my absolute favorite tribes and the ents were the best part of LotR. :)

  • Randall Chevalier

    I love this card. I currently run a Doran//Abzan deck in modern and I would love to try this out. Run it with Lingering Souls and Tasigur or Eternal Witness.

  • Phoenix UNBENCHED

    Yes…YES… SO MUCH YES. <3

  • Hedronal

    With this we are so close to all card types being able to transform into at least one creature. Only instant, planeswalker and tribal remain.

    • Jacob Kodicovic

      Creatures already transform into walkers thanks to Origins
      Probably no tribal, but instants are very plausible

      • Hedronal

        The origin planeswalkers are nice, but I’m talking about things with the back face as a creature. Something that transforms, then can’t planeswalk until it goes back, perhaps.

        Tribal was something I never expected of course, it would have been in Innistrad 1 if it were staying around. Perhaps, but probably not, in an un-set. Maybe something tribal that changes tribes when it transforms, human to zombie for instance.

        • Tommy Yagami

          We already have a human to zombie transformation: Unhallowed Cathar.

          • Hedronal

            True, but I’m talking about something with the tribal card type, like on All is Dust, but with transform.

        • Jacob Kodicovic

          They already have that, in Dark Ascension there was a card called Loyal Cathar that, when it died, became Unhallowed Cathar, a zombie
          Is this what you mean?

  • Velvet Wurm

    Anti-lantern control?

  • Sheebson

    This is cool tech in my Doran edh. Sure, maybe I’ll mill a Riftstone Portal, a Brawn, a Moment’s Peace, and a Life From the Loam. Maybe I’ll put something in the yard I can reanimate.

    And that art… Phew. It’s beautiful.

  • kmk888

    In testing the card is amazing with Delirium. The hexproof ability on a creature this big is great. But since you often activate it twice or three times to get there, you have to question whether it was worth the mana invested. You decide, but there’s no deck I would play this in unless it was also playing Evolving Wilds and Vessel of Nascency.

  • Gitrog

    The gloom states that the card transforms into ancient. So the tree is a 3 mana creature and i can use eldritch evolution to get the frog?