• I KNOW LEFT

        I KNOW LEFT

  • MTG fan

    Wow. Okay then. Standard is forever changed.

    • Vic Coleman


      • Transgendent

        I don’t think it’s forever changed, but this is going to show up in every white deck until it’s banned or it rotates out. It’s too good not to.

        • Hedronal

          To be used against what?

      • What!

        Traverse I guess?

    • Matteo Facchino

      Forever. Standard. MH.

  • Ultramegalord

    I just wept inside….and it wasn’t joy

  • Kahai

    Note: Head of bird, body of man.

    • Reyos Blackwood

      In other words – an Aven

      • Kahai

        Not what i meant, most every Aven to date has birdy arms, not human arms.

        While Aven are humanoid, they have never possessed actual human body parts.

        • scyther36045

          I think it was more for the Ancient Egyptian flavor, where most highly revered beings were just humans with animal heads.

        • Reyos Blackwood

          And elves of llorwyn have horns and hooves. There are planar differences within a species sometimes, and until now Aven haven’t been on many planes before, only two planes I can think of, and as @scyther36045:disqus said, this fits the Egyptian mythology flavor quite a bit.

          • Kahai

            I’m just saying this is the first time we’ve been given a true variant to birdfolk.

            And i love the fact that they chose this way to do it. :D

  • Miles Rinesmith

    Well then nice reprint was wondering why he was in none of the modern masters.

  • Kaiser

    why you are actually standard legal and a evocation? wooow i dont see that coming.

    • Reyos Blackwood

      Some of the MPS have thus far always been included in the set, though admittedly those were mostly new cards.

      • Kaiser

        Well i think this card was first printed in future sight right? so yeal maybe this is his plane (even when the first mindcensor was a owl)

  • Bige Boiy


  • Nick Art

    Oh…well then.

    …Can someone get a list of relevant search effects in Standard right now? Cause this is either going to be the friendliest Modern reprint in a while or Standard will get hit like a truck.

    • Bige Boiy

      traverse the ulvenwald

    • What!

      Renegade map, pilgrims eye, nahiri, inventors fair, evolving wilds, eldritch evolution, attune with aether. Nothing too crazy right now besides traverse.

      • Together Alone

        so basically this card destroys G/B delirium.

        • What!

          If it even sees play.

      • Reyos Blackwood

        Isn’t wilds rotating with the release of Amonkhet?

        • What!

          Nothing rotates with almond cat.

          • Reyos Blackwood

            They keep changing the rotation schedule since they introduced the two set blocks, I can’;t keep up anymore.

    • Kahai

      Why not both?

  • Blahblahblahbla

    Omg… my hatebears in standard fantasy might come true..

    • Blahblahblahbla

      Also; dat art.. killed it!

  • xxxx

    Finally a mindcensor with good artwork

  • Kaiser

    “God Pharaoh” maybe Nicol Bolas is the God Pharaoh? in Egypt the Pharaoh is considered a God even when isnt a God. So maybe Bolas is the public regent of Amonkhet, no just the true regent. And maybe people dont know he is the bad guy (not even the gods)

    • Jacob Kodicovic

      We already do know that Bolas is the God-Pharaoh from the product page. Also, the people think of him as the greatest deity, so I think the concept of him being evil is foreign to them.

      • Kaiser

        Ah yeah i forgot the product page intro.

  • BusinessmanGinger

    Um ok, didn’t see this one coming but I will gladly accept it.

  • Avery Standley


  • Happy the Real Cat

    reprinted as a rare :/

    • Kaiser

      it has to be a rare…this can be very problematic card to play around in standard

      • Kevan Kramer

        Rarity has no effect on standard what so ever. Rarity is all about draft. Should have stayed uncommon

        • Kaiser

          Sorry my bad i should said limited, still constructed beast. This card is pretty sick in draft. Ruin search effects is a powerfull ab for 3 mana and comes with a decent body with evasion and flash

          • Shagoth

            We don’t know if the effect can do anything in limited. It makes sense as a rare, it’s one of those rares that have RARE use in limited. Future Sight was a weird set so every rarity had a weird thing going on. In other blocks, weird effects like this would be rare.

    • Jacob Kodicovic

      It’s pretty much so that Wizards can get a reprint in without totally tanking the value.

  • Ryū

    Yessss, more new art for Mindcensor, and a reprint. Very good.

  • Amber Sbriglio

    God-Pharaoh has NOTHING on Big E. Praise the God-Emperor and Holy Terra

  • madigdeckings

    looks familiar

  • Random Guy

    What does it counter in standard?

    • Robert FakeLastName

      evolving wilds or green ramp.

    • Zombie

      Traverse, aka one of the most popular green cards in Standard behind Constrictor, Ishkanah, Grim Flayer, and Verdurous.

  • guest

    amazing artwork… now i really want to play this dude in my legacy death n taxes deck… but by the way: why doesn’t he sees play in there already? it looks like a perfect fit.

    • Robert FakeLastName

      most likely 3 mana bit.

    • Happy The Cat

      it costs a bit too much and 2/1 lets it get picked off by any form of removal, some people run it as a one of but mostly in super control heavy decks.

    • Zombie

      Are you really asking why something that costs 3 mana for a relatively weak effect in Legacy isn’t being played?

      • Adam Malekhedayat

        You don’t need to be condescending, dude. This horrific attitude is one of the reasons i can’t stand the nerds at my LGS anymore. Garbage social skills.

        • Zombie

          But condescension is literally my shtick.

      • Shagoth

        Weak in legacy, doesn’t say a lot.
        You either have fifteen turn control decks, combo decks that will kill you before the fourth turn, or midrange decks that go disturbingly large disturbingly fast.

        • Zombie

          It’s funny because legacy is by far the healthiest and least degenerate constructed format in the game right now.

          • Shagoth

            It’s funny because that’s subjective, and there’s a solid argument against it.

    • Adam Malekhedayat

      I think this is a pretty good question honestly. The 3 mana being “too much” for a 2/1 doesn’t hit the root of the issue. Flickerwisp and new Thalia are 3-drops with 1 and 2 toughness. If anything, the variety there keeps your opponent guessing.

      It must be that by the time you can flash/vial this in, your opponent might not have many more fetches to crack, or lands to play in general. Not enough searching going on otherwise. That’s my take on it, anyway.

  • Deadly Berry

    A nice surprise!

  • Dat Guy

    With this it is almost a clear give away that fetch lands might be in this set…

    • Zombie

      Wizards said fetches in standard were a mistake, they won’t happen again.

      Zendikar fetches were reprinted in MM2017.

    • Daragonion

      Lol, in what way is this a “clear give away”?

  • thoptertoken

    I’m skeptical as to whether it will actually be relevant, but I think a 2/1 flash flyer seems fine in limited.

    • Zombie

      Hosing search effects like Traverse makes it a shoe-in for sideboards at the bare minimum.

      • DJ Pad

        Except it doesn’t hose it that bad, because odds are they will still find something with traverse.

  • Derek Niles

    I don’t know how relevant it will be in constructed (we’ll have to wait and see) but this is a sweet reprint with cool art, happy to see it here

  • Kezvin

    This will be amazing in Frontier and I can finally have Modern hatebears/control without using the ugly-ass Futureshifted version.

    • Jacob Kodicovic

      I know! The original art was hideous, and turned me off from using it in my EDH decks. But now, I can put it in without having to worry about hate (well, at least hate for the art).

  • Aj

    Wonder what search options they are offering this block?? Something new i hope, perhaps wont see it till nearing tthehr end of aven’s rotation i imagine.

    • Brian Schmidt

      land cycling?

    • Shagoth

      I kind of hope they don’t offering too many search library cards, because if this sees a lot of play in standard, Wizards will be like “Oh god, a reprint was successful, and it’s an annoying reprint, that was a total fail, let’s never do that again, and by never, we mean five years”

  • Insight66

    Uh oh, put your welding mask on. Chain Lightning’s probably getting an official reprint, too.

    • Shagoth

      Naw, they wouldn’t do that. Shock is the best we’re going to get for a while.

      • Insight66

        Well, I’m’a get my Nyx-Fleece Rams and Kor Firewalkers on DEFCON 1

    • Happy The Cat

      dont jynx it, last thing they need to know is that we have an idea what they are close to doing.

  • Shagoth


  • Kahai

    A strange part of my wants wizardcycling to come back… because he’s a wizard now and cycling is back…

  • Adam Malekhedayat

    To-the-battlefield enchantment tutor!
    I mean, come on. Chord of Calling -> Whir of Invention -> “Moment of Creation”, right?

  • Vizzerdrix

    i totally missed this in the spoiler my friend said he liked the mindcensor reprint and i just assumed it was an invocation, really nice reprint hopefully the old ones will get a little cheaper, its mostly the future sight frame i want

  • Joester011

    Yes now I can counter those pesky lost legacies with this!