• complainingproanonymous

    the mana cost on this is just to high for what it does…does fell mythic to me

    • Olphod

      You know this already exists right? And when it gets going, it REALLY gets going? Trust me if you’d ever seen one of these actually hit the battlefield you’d know this ain’t nothing to mock :P

      • KSG-Dan

        The card hurts and belongs in a Yeva commander deck flash it in a destroy all hope.

    • Melissa Juice

      You’re nuts. This card is insane.

  • Melissa Juice

    It’s back, with excellent new artwork. Yesssssssssss.

    • Adam Gillespie

      only know for sure its in the duel deck not standard

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Yay!!! Is beautiful.

  • GBass

    this will be fun with animist awakening

    • It’s very unlikely that it will be in standard though. And since it’s a reprint it can already be played with it in other formats. I can confirm they are good together in Azusa EDH.

  • Happy The Cat

    the only thing that makes me happier about this i that it will be foil

  • da

    Aw man, I am going to have a playset of these guys now, with nothing to run them in.

  • Helloooooooo beautiful!

  • Wizards

    This was the most obvious choice for the zendikar side.

    • the best

      And the best for sure!

  • Zombie

    Wow. I’m loving that new art.

    Avenger of Zendikar and the return of Landfall will make for a really cool Standard environment if it’s in Standard and not just Zendikar vs. Eldrazi.

    • I never got to play competitively with landfall, so I would love to see it return for the next standard rotation.

  • Derek Niles

    Seriously great art, pretty much guarantees landfall coming back (no surprise there), strong card, all in all I am very happy with this so far and i’m already decided i’m going to pick up this duel deck

  • LightandFire676

    Oh this is absolutely gorgeous. I was never a fan of the old art. It’s one of my favorite EDH cards, but I’m definitely gonna switch them out for this one when it comes out.
    Question, though: Do y’all think this will actually be coming back in Standard? Or is it gonna be like Niv-Mizzet the Firemind from the Golgari v. Izzet duel decks, and just be a throwback to the old Zendikar?

    • Melissa Juice

      My guess is that it will not be coming back to Standard. I’d love to see it come back, though.

    • the realist

      it was already stated on an article on the official website, that the avenger will not have a standart comeback – sad but true

    • Kameenook

      As far as I can remember (not very far), it’s been that way for a while. Sun Titan didn’t come to Standard, but the new Polukranos did.

  • Kameenook

    Amazing new art, I’m falling behind in my duel deck collecting though….

  • ShahrazadMan

    Why couldn’t they have made it a plat it’s self! Then it would be OP! Wait, never mind.