• Gregory Walter


  • Marcus Jensen

    2/2 creature tap for green or blue mana, only cost 3 mana. that need

  • Jacob Hennessy

    I’ll just buy this in singles, don’t make me buy the planeswalker deck!

  • Kahai

    Eff me, why do these precons always get cards that i want in foil… :(

  • Alex Yaeger

    It’s a a shame that this won’t have any foil versions. Same for some of the other PW deck cards. Sometimes the art is nicer than the card itself.

  • Delipha

    *Screams in Experiment Kraj*

  • Bearman7775

    This art is hype, I really like most of these cards that say have a something walker, value. This one I think could actually see play in a green blue ramp deck with ulamog gu nissa and some other dorks as a way to help fight aggro. Also on art feels close to what I expect on a mythic.

  • Arcus Diabolus

    The art is super neat.