• Guest

    Nice finisher against Blue decks. Might see Standard play, depending on how aggressive the meta is.

    • Nefarox

      I think this is only in the duel deck, so it won’t be in standard unfortunately.

      • Jordan

        Do duel decks have the same symbol as the set itself? I didnt think they did.

        • AliasBot

          Different symbol. Cards like Zurgo in SvC and Polukranos in HvM have the duel decks’ symbol on that version of their cards even though they appear in the following set. So Banefire COULD still be in Khans with the set’s symbol (the crossed swords over a shield), it’s just very unlikely.

    • Alejandro Aguirre Martín

      this won’t be standard

    • Nate

      While this is just duel deck, it’d be a great block to reprint it in, what with Sarkhan being around.

      • Mike Thomas

        Then they would most likely reprint the whole “if X is 5 or greater” cycle.

        • Robert FakeLastName

          a lot of times if they reprint a card from a cycle they will NOT reprint other cards from that cycle. Tarmogoyf was reprinted in modern masters and none of the other lurgoyfs were in that set. Primal Command was in one of the shard commander decks and cryptic command was not printed.

  • Josh

    Literally just spent $6 on this single today, goddammit.

  • Brian

    Nice single to add to the Duel Decks. Always been a solid burn spell.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Sarkhan Vol, the only man who could make the Kamehameha Wave technique more deadly by turning his hands into a dragon head.

  • Mick Cortella

    Banefire in the duel deck? Well I guess ill have to buy the duel deck.