Baral, Chief of Compliance

Baral, Chief of Compliance

  • Color: Blue
  • Type: Legendary Creature - Human, Wizard
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Set:

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  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Wow, Baral is just asking to be a commander.

    • Alex

      I dunno how I feel about him. I think he’d be a nice addition to the 99 in Talrand.

      • Tolle

        I am thinking Mizzix control decks would like him.

    • Ryū

      Possibly. I’m just not one for running a lot of counter spells in commander.

    • sansmyhands

      I totally want to do this. Just run every counterspell ever printed and hope you don’t get hated out of the game before you can establish a lock. It’s suuuuuper jerky, but I like playing games where everyone is running something jerky.

  • D-Man

    Op af…. wow my spells cost less and I get to filter through my deck, yes please

  • Kevin Kato


    • Baxter Stein

      Yes, for sure. Goblin electromancer is already a 4 of

      • ShammySham

        Not necessarily. The only bonus this guy provides is not costing red. Storm doesn’t use countermagic. The 3 toughness isn’t really relevant but the 2 power on Electro can be. The fact that you can have two electros on the battlefield at the same time is relevant if ElectroMancer Beats need to go down as well.

        • Baxter Stein

          Even if electromancer’s 2 power is more relevant and the red in the cost doesn’t matter, it’s likely storm would play a 5th or 6th electromancer if they could

          • ShammySham

            I run R/B Ascension Storm and I don’t think there is any room in the list to fit him. Drawing more than one Electromancer is usually bad and combo lists are extremely tight. Although Baral is very good, I think he’s more suited to decks that run countermagic. (Or combo decks that want the effect, without red.)

            (Edit – And I don’t using the ‘I run -blank- deck’ defense, but combo decks really are delicate little machines.)

          • zipec

            But of course 3 toughness is relevant, it blocks Guide, Kird Ape, Bob, Thalia(!) and survives. No red in mana cost is extremely relevant in matchups like Sprawl+Blood Moon where you fetch mostly islands and face land destruction you can easily get yourself in position with UUR lands and stacked Ascension on board and hand of Electromancer+Pyretic Ritual+Manamorphose. If it was Baral you could go off. I dont remember playing game where Electromancer’s damage in face was relevant (he may have killed some nasty x/2s though). Being legendary is probably his biggest weakness, so 2/2 or 3/2 split could be fine. Also I can imagine him shifting storm a bit into countermagic. Siding Spell Pierce against e.g. Ad Nauseam doesn’t sound that bad.

  • Liam Maiher

    I just had a mini heart attack when I saw this. Straight into my azami hyper control edh

  • pbtenchi

    I like this card.

  • aus10

    Would be a gorgeous control commander with the finisher being something like Reigns of Power or Rites of Replication + Cyclonic Rift etc

  • Derek Mullins

    Yes! I wish he was UW, but I don’t care; he exists!

  • Mr.Mayhem631

    Noyan Dar is having a good time today

  • Nebulium

    Holy push. What a guy.

  • Keanen

    How does this guy work with Patron Wizard? If you counter a spell with 3 wizards, since its 3 different instances of a countering ability, would that mean you lot 3 times?

    • Keanen

      loot* sorry

      • mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

        Whichever instance of the ability your opponent doesn’t pay for would be the one doing the countering. Each one before that doesn’t counter anything, and the ones after it fizzle.

  • Evan Dischinger


  • Gerald Homme

    Is this better for Storm than Goblin Electromancer because it’s easier cost and extra ability, or worse because it’s legendary?

    • Shagoth

      I think worse because it’s legendary. I mean, this thing is what most would put in an izzet build anyways, and having cost reduction is good when it stacks.

      • Zombie

        When have you ever seen a good Storm player combo’ing with 2 Electromancers on board?

        Electromancer is played during the combo most of the time, and 99% of U/R Storm’s combo is off of a single Electromancer.

    • Happy The Cat

      you could consider it as a 1-2 of but being legendary hurts this pretty bad for storm, you just go through your deck too fast to want to have a dead two drop in your hand.

      • Zombie

        Legendary doesn’t matter at all.

        Storm combos with 1 Electromancer in 99% of games. You need 4 because they have a giant “Please Kill Me With Lightning” sign stapled to their foreheads.

        Storm can now cut out the chaff, and run both. Likely 3-3.

        Also Baral doesn’t eat into the Red mana in your mana pool, making him easier to combo with as a “This is totally a creature and not just Storm Count +1” instead of playing a 2nd Electromancer.

        • Necrachilles

          Why would they run 3-3 instead of four gobos and 2-3 Baral since they can have multiple Gobos.

          • Zombie

            Because Baral is the better of the two, but you still want them at about the same draw rate.

    • Zombie

      Most of the time Storm is only combo’ing with one Electromancer anyway so that’s irrelevant.

  • james hegge

    well this is getting silly for standard, voracious homunculus, accursed witch, and now baral, cheif of compliance all lower the cost of instant and soceries.

    • Nicholas Jensen

      not really. Baral is legendary. curious homunculus takes at least a turn to flip and he’s a 1/1, so easily killable. Accursed witch costs 4, has to die first and only applies to spells targeting a player. I suppose you could try and incorporate them into a grixis/dimir control shell, but it would be a slower start. Would definitely be cool though. None of them compare to jace’s sanctum and goblin electromancer though.

      • james hegge

        agreed for modern they don’t do much, for standard it might need testing to see if blue/black spell would work

        • Nicholas Jensen

          I think with the upcoming Nicol Bolas stuff, we’re definitely going to see some kind of Grixis control shell that could use them.

  • Insight66

    Red’ll probably be Pia, but I want a pushed Gutter-Abbot Chandra Legend!

    • Jacob Kodicovic

      Pia was printed in the last set, so we don’t know yet. Also the Abbot is on Regatha

  • Happy The Cat

    well this looks like an okay two drop, bulky enough for being a utility creatu- wait a second… it’s a wizard guys, this thing is already broken for Azami wizards.

    • The_Good_O

      Patron wizard’s new buddy

  • Jacob Anderson

    i love this artwork

  • Zombie

    Jon Finkel just had a single tear roll down his cheek as he dusted off his U/R Storm deck.

  • Cthulhooo

    So after Ludevic fiasco I was afraid this card won’t happen or it will end up as another overcosted cute gimmick guy. What a surprise. Baral, bear of control.

    • Edward

      Yeah Ludevic was just bad. The only way I see him being good is if you partner him with Val Smasher to make some sort of Grixis burn or control deck. At least this card is much better than Ludevic though. I want one of these for commander to play in an instants and sorceries deck or maybe even a Shu Yun prowess deck

      • ShadyBiz42

        I’d play it in my esper control deck. Granted, it is budget, but it’s still very playable.

  • Ethan Naugle

    Might throw this guy in my Dragonlord Ojutai EDH deck. Useful early game setup card.

  • Deadly Berry

    My my, this is so… beautiful.

  • Julna Buras

    The only thing I can think of when reading that flavor text is Silencer from Dota 2.

  • Mip

    I’m just surprised that they remembered that the sword is grafted on to his hand.

  • Hahahahahahahno123456

    *breaths in*

  • Robert FakeLastName

    ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Azaaaaaaaaaaaaaamiii.

  • James Cordova

    And the blue makes rejoice everyone else =(

  • MrAptronym

    Dang, my love for unfun commanders is taking control of me again.

  • PrissyRose

    having counterspells loot makes counters way stronger in EDH, it essentially replaces itself in your hand which is really really good