• what the fck is up with this card xD freaking useless. even if i had a deck with 200+ cards in it it would be freaking hard to get this in my opening hand or even at middle-late game…

  • AndrewwRiddleMethisFelber

    Carlos Pimpao you know this is a reprint right? it got alot of play in old legacy

    • actually i didn’t know this was a reprint >.< i only play magic for like 5 years or so yeh :P well it doesn't mean the card is that good. i mean its a good come back if ur getting ur ass kicked but still not that good…

  • guest

    Hahahahahaha I love this reprint and I’m glad it’s in the standard with elixir of immortallity being reprinted again plus we also have three Reanimation spells. So glad they brought it back now I can play it in all formats

  • Nanoomega

    i love the concept but hard to pull of. i saw this card and could not help but laugh and want to build around it. totally useless in limited though…

  • Singid25

    Black Blue control.

    Black to search for it and kill creatures, blue to control and stay alive long enough.

  • Frei

    Why make cards like this? Other winning conditions are so broken.

  • Ethral

    Love this reprint!

  • Knochenfabrik

    shuffeling a 200 card deck… its so much fun

  • Pixelplx

    what a waste of a card for Standard. This will NEVER see play.

    • NPP

       You obviously know nothing of past metagames.  This card topped tournaments.  During Kamigawa/Ravnica standard, transmute, as well as a crapton of tutors, made this a respectable deck.  If Ravnica is anything like the last one, it could be an awesome option for those more outside-the-box players.   Get learned!

  • Wisdomseyes

    This card is a waist of space in standard, but it gives formats that don’t have it as an option already because d how old the first option is a chance to use it. Also, who says I won’t make a standard deck with it >:o

  • Limited_King

    I’m running this in all my draft decks.

  • Coew

    Pixel, apparently you have the capacity for seeing combo deck creation. This is a brilliant card, i could walk away from the computer, make a deck centered around this card,Increasing Ambition, Diabolical Revelation, Index wait for this card, then rick-roll any deck you could make.

  • Chatenlatcho

    I would run it in my EDH decks all day, trolling people by winning with only 99 cards.

  • majin broly

    it will never see play cause youll never be able to draw it