Battlefield Thaumaturge - Journey into Nyx Spoiler

Battlefield Thaumaturge

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Each instant and sorcery spell you cast costs 1 Mana less to cast for each creature it targets.

Heroic – Whenever you cast a spell that targets Battlefield Thaumaturge, Battlefield Thaumaturge gains hexproof until end of turn.

  • Alrick Sayasavanh

    This with Launch the Fleet

    • That Guy

      God help us all.

    • Lol, that’s so broken.

    • James Allen

      I was think the same thing!

    • The Brad

      2 words, Aurelia’s Fury

      • Whiskerbro

        Not really…
        Sure, for RW, you can deal 1 damage to every creature.
        And then is suppose you could tap a bit more mana and deal a bit more damage to some of the creatures. But it really isn’t that good of a combo..

  • Beatrix Kiddo

    This with Curse of the Swine..!pay 2 blue to exile all your opponents creatures..!

    • Matt86

      … then replace them with 2/2 piggies. You see, if you do everything the spell asks you to, it doesn’t sound that op anymore, does it?

      • Whiskerbro

        It still sounds pretty op.

        • Matt86

          considering the hoops you have to jump through to get there, it should be pretty good
          Still not op in any way, you still don’t get any board advantage, most likely even fall behind in the process…

          • Volvary

            Unless you can a spell that does 2 damage to the board or have cards such as Illness in the rank to slow tokens. Why would be a viable strategy if you stock up on thingies Magingers to turn your opponents creatures into tokens(Curse of swine, Mercy Killing, beast within, etc)

          • Matt86

            sure, but I hope we agree that a spell that does 2 damage to the board will kill the thaumaturge, too. All I’m trying to say is that the creature is only kinda good, not “broken as hell” or “a combo god” or any of that crap. it only cuts the cost of a certain niche of cards that doesn’t affect the board all that much to begin with. The ONLY spell that really does a hell of a job with it is LtF, and LtF requires you to have board, not really UW’s bread and butter

      • 2/2’s aren’t that scary compared what they would have been before curse of swine.

  • Whiskerbro

    The combos! The combos! I want five!

  • This is so broken, WTF was Wizards thinking?!

    • Zombie

      They were probably thinking that it wasn’t that broken.

      Because it’s not.

      • Glimpse the Sun God/Gridlock for 1 mana I tap all your creatures/nonland permantents at instant speed, and if I have Heroic creatures out, i can tap them to trigger heroic too. Also, with Gridlock I can just start tapping random stuff for fun, Oh I’m also tapping your Elspeth and your Detention Sphere. Ok, now maybe it’s not that broken, but it’s still really good, if you can keep it on the field, which shouldn’t be that hard.

  • That Guy

    Getting 4 if it kills me

  • Mimeoplasm

    How does this work with the overload mechanic?

    • Overload doesn’t target, so it does nothing.

    • Kevin Shugg

      It doesn’t. You replace all instances of ‘target’ with ‘each’ when you overload. However, with the new strive mechanic…

  • Montague

    This is not the new Snapcaster. BUT IT’S STILL MADNESS.

    Somewhere, a Niv-Mizzet Is crying little hot dragon-tears of joy.

  • ajanii

    would this work with something like immortal servitude? that would be crazy

    • *facepalm* Immortal Servitude doesn’t target anything, so it wont make it cheaper.

      • guy

        no need to be disrespectful.

      • The Brad

        no think about a Aurelia’s Fury

        • What about it? Aurelia’s Fury targets, so idk what your point it.

  • Skoonie

    And suddenly Curse of the Swine and Glimpse the Sun God/Gridlock became potentially standard playable!

    • Wrong, spell’s with X effect’s cannot be reduced in this way.

      • eltratzo

        Gavin Verhey on daily MTG was the one who spoilered the card and he claims that it works with x spells.

        • Not sure how, I’d need to speak to a judge on this one.

          • Antares

            Same as with Goblin Electromancer. Just subtract the 1 from the starting cost. So, for example, an X spell like Syncopate would be -1 U. So by tapping a blue, they already have to pay one. This one merely changes by -1 for each creature target, instead of a constant cos change.

          • Mike A

            Just read the article. I tried to link it last night, but my post was deleted.

          • SMB379

            It works with X cost cards that have a target. With Glimpse the Sun God, for example, you target the creatures you want to tap, and the number of creatures you target determine what X will be. So, the targeting occurs before the cost. So, you target a number of creatures, add up the mana to find X plus the extra W cost, then Thaumaturge reduces the spells cost by however many creatures the spell targets. (Which, in this case is the same as X) making the cost W + X (-X), or just one W.

      • GRUULman

        No it does work if you target creatures with the X spell.

      • LaserfaceJones

        That’s not true. X is determined before the cost is payed, so you can indeed reduce the colorless cost of X spells.

  • wombat604

    This is insane!! I need a playset

  • guest

    well op much I must get 8 for 2 decks and 8 curse of swine and 8 infest muahahahahahahaha

    • LeonFA

      You would really rather use Bile Blight than Infest/Drown in Sorrow. It costs less and doesn’t kill this guy in the process.

  • SMB379

    Fantastic with new strive cards. I thought the Heroic ability was lacking a bit anyhow, but this makes it better.

  • Leonardo Duarte

    Well… Bonfire of the Damned will get… A bit more power now…
    2 electromancer goblin in field e two of this guy. Your opponent have, like, 6 creatures… Garanteed 4 damage to everyone for 2R. Now that’s sick.

    • Zombie

      Bonfire isn’t played… Anywhere.

      It’s too trash for Modern and Legacy, it’s not legal in Standard, and casual players hate playing against it because they get their jimmies rustled whenever someone topdecks a miracle.

      Not even mentioning the fact that Bonfire doesn’t even target creatures. So it wouldn’t even work in the first place.

      Check yoself before you wreck yoself.

      • Leonardo Duarte

        Oh, forgot about that in bonfire.
        Still, looks like you got your jimmies rustled.

        • Zombie

          My jimmies are in a state of perpetual rustling.

          It’s usually why I’m so judgmental of cards, and why I bring the hammer down on people’s dreams for the cards that just don’t cut it.

          I need an Equipment named in my honor called “The Dreamsmasher”.

          • Leonardo Duarte

            You know, since your jimmies rustle so much… You could be the anser to perpetual energy reactors!

            Well, as long people have dreams, that’s it.

          • Dr. Burn Crow

            I think they make a lotion for that.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    I just want to check, does this apply to colored mana?

    • Zombie


      • Dr. Burn Crow

        Do you actually know, or are you just being a jerk for funsies?

        • J

          It shows a colorless mana so it only works on colorless. Like the Goblin Electromancer from RTR, except this new card is perfect for heroic deck builds.

        • That Guy

          Not sure if troll or not

          • Dr. Burn Crow

            Please, I have more important things to do in my life than troll. I just wasn’t sure about the technicality of it.

          • That Guy

            I didn’t intend to direct that at you, good sir. I was referring to Zombie. I would never call one with such esteemed status as Dr. Storm Crow a troll

          • Dr. Burn Crow

            You’re alright, kid. I like you.

          • That Guy


          • Dr. Burn Crow

            No harm no foul, amigo. I was once a troll, but I gave it up to embrace my inner crow. I’m a tad out of practice with my serious magic playing. Last time I played, people still seemed to have fun with it and got joy from building original decks.

  • Ophion

    For 12 mana, you can put one of these down for 2, followed by a kicked Rite of Replication for 8, and then your choice between Aurelia’s Fury and Rolling Thunder for 2, dealing 6 * [number of creatures on the battlefield] damage divided as you please between creatures and players.

    An unlikely combo, which makes it so much more fun to pull off in multiplayer for a simultaneous oneshot!

  • Mikołaj Trawiński

    Playset is MINE!

  • James Allen

    Fireball says hello!

  • Anon

    Well launch the fleet is now a 1 drop that gives all your creatures the 1/1 soldier ability because of this guy.

  • Volvary

    This + targetting Replicate spell = 1 less for each replicate.

    Oh, oh. And this with Hex :3 BB for 6 dead creatures :3

    Also, WHY IS HE NOT LEGENDARY!!!! His as a commander would have been ballsy

  • tyke5140

    This means that blue has a turn 4 bomb in the form of curse of swine…

  • yumyum36

    Is this legit? Correct me if I”m wrong but, with, “”, wouldn’t you be able to have a ginormous army? And having multiple of these on the battlefield could allow you to cast it on every creature potentially 4+ times over for every one of these you had?

  • Did anyone else notice him in born of the gods.?