• Eli Eyal Broide

    Wish there would be a vehicle equipment card in unstable

    • Derek Niles


      • Eli Eyal Broide

        Train whistle…
        All ABOARD!

    • Hedronal

      That is the perfect place to avoid the “Stuff attached to things can’t be creatures.” rule.

  • JD Farrell

    I’m happy to see vehicles back, but I’m worried they’ve toned it down too much… like a 4/6 with Vigilance for 5 mana wouldn’t really be all that unreasonable anyway… at least give them interesting things to do, more than just French vanilla status…

    • Random Guy

      TBF non-rare vehicles have always sucked, but I thought that was just because they had Flying, not because they’re vehicles.

      • JD Farrell

        Untethered Express disagrees.

        • Random Guy

          Well, I guess that’s still not Standard-playable, but yeah better than this in limited.

  • Akisama Inu

    oh no, not more vehicles D:

    • Random Guy

      They’re all non-flying, so no worries.

  • magicalfollower


  • galen150

    this would be bad if it was just a creature with the same stats. unless they give me a very good reason to use vehicles, this thing wont be used even in draft or sealed

  • Derek Niles

    That’s one hell of a name

  • Shagoth

    Vehicles have become the new equipment-Artifact subtype which requires creatures that were very strong in their debut but have been nerved to lameness ever since.
    At least the name and art are sick.

    • eltratzo

      I wouldn’t be so quick ro judge about vehicles general fate in years to come. this is an uncommon. it’s not that much worse than kaladeshs uncommon vehicles (though some of those were very admittedly very good in limited). the general comparison to eqquipment is very apt though, in that much of the same problems (can be played in all colours so if good are likely to be omnipresent und the tendency to have a rather sharp divide betweeen useless and way to good). a big hope was that they fix the problem of beeing very hard to handle without sideboard, though that is likely only the case in formats with instand speed removal. in kaladesh they got too strong. so them beeing a bit on the weaker side this time around seems rather expected. hopefully that will normalize as reprints continue.

  • Alex

    Wow, look at the tinier ships, that thing looks huge, but is disappointingly statted. Would love to see a legendary pirate ship, but I’m guessing since we didn’t see any in the rare leak, there’s probably not. Imagine some big 10/10 type thing with the power to destroy other vehicles.

    • Maxence Cornaton

      There weren’t all the rare cards in the leak. There are still some rare et mythic cards we don’t know!
      It would be a great thing to have a legendary pirate ship, yup!

    • Gonti

      I would like to see a card for High and Dry

      • Hedronal

        I now hope that’s one of the transform lands.

  • Evil Tactics

    This isn’t very good, but I’m still expecting the Razor Boomerang of vehicles to come. :D

  • galen150

    seems like they over corrected from the far too strong couple of vehicles in kaladesh

  • foxboy1000

    Who named this?