Bearer of the Heavens - Journey into Nyx Spoiler

Bearer of the Heavens

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When Bearer of the Heavens dies, destroy all permanents at the beginning of the next end step.

To hold the heavens from the earth is no curse, but a titanic responsibility.

  • KoodlePadoodle

    Like most 8 drops, it’s edh playable, only.

    • harakka

      No one approves destroying all permanents in edh. I’d flip the table and go home. :D

      • KoodlePadoodle

        No one approves of Kalia or Jhora of the Get you, but I still see those guyz too.

    • james chapman

      i’ll die happy if i can play him in a draft game, even if i use my own removal to kill him. i like bad combos like this

    • James Allen

      That artifact guy was standard and he was a 8 drop.

      • KoodlePadoodle

        Point made, but Colossus of Akros is a win con (sorta), this guy is a game stopper.

  • WaddleDee

    Time to Boros charm.

  • Bossmoss4L

    Throw this guy in a R/G deck, have Xenagod and other things like Karametra’s Acolyte maybe a couple voyaging saytrs, you get him out and he becomes a 20/20 with haste that if they do get rid of it wipes their field.

    • Robert FakeLastName

      the board not their field. All lands, enchantments, planeswalkers, and so on are hit.

  • Arbadel

    Wow… Great Card… Gonna try a deck with this guy :D

  • MurderHood

    Use it mid game with sneak attack for a free attack and board wipe.

    • wombat604

      This is a great idea

  • Gift of Immortality?

    • Add indestructibility when he come’s back? 10/10 with nothing else on anyone’s field?

      • james chapman

        that sounds so janky, i love it

      • boros charm would be better

        • ProRock

          After he dies being indestructible does not help :)

          • a) in context gift of immoratality brings him back before the board is wiped
            b) out of context charm would make ALL your permanents indestructable so you would have full board and opponent would have nothing

  • oaomcg

    If it’s not insta-banned in EDH it’ll go straight into my Tajic “blow up the world” deck

  • Graymalkin86

    I wanna play him with Avacyn and a sac outlet, just once.

    • Guest

      You could always just play Blasphemous Act and not be janky.

  • Nasa1225

    Red/Black decks should cast him, then on the next turn, doomblade him. While he is in the yard, use fated return to bring him back as indestructible. Since things don’t explode until the end step, you can still do that after he dies.

    • James Allen

      Wouldn’t be able to do that. It says ALL PERMANENTS, that includes lands.

      • Nasa1225

        It would work. Turn 8, cast this guy. Turn 9, swing with him, then in the second main phase, doom blade him. Then, cast fated return on him, scry 2. He returns as an indestructible 10/10. Enter your end step, his ability goes off and destroys everything except him (because he’s indestructible). Next turn, you have a 10/10 indestructible and your opponent likely has a single land.

        • James Allen

          But it’s at the next end phase…your opponent can still do stuff…

          • Nasa1225

            Yeah, but so can you. Because it’s end phase, you can attack with him, kill him and reanimate him all before the destruction happens. Then, at the end of your turn, everything dies, and your opponent is left with only what they have in hand and no lands to deal with a 10/10 indestructible.

          • James Allen

            It would blow up everything on the opponents end phase.

          • Jordan

            or you just sac him to cartel aristocrat or varolz during your turn after you attack. then he blows up everything on your turn.

          • “next endstep” only means it will trigger at the closest end step after he dies. he is worded this way because mono black removal can get rid of him at end step so it will trigger at their endstep

        • Luis

          Why not a simple Boros Charm? Much better to save all your creatures. But I can’t see it being played.

  • Guy

    Only red would find massive self destruction as a viable option. “It’s not about the money, it’s about sending a message, Everything burns!”

  • Arbadel

    Finally a use for Grim Return =)

  • Antonio Sousa


  • Eduardogbg

    No one noticed the flavor because the effect is cool. So, I’ll be the first, Mr. Atlas

    • oaomcg

      Atlas held the world. This dude holds the heavens… and then drops them on the world.

      • Eduardogbg

        Yeah, you’re right
        But stills a reference, I think.

        • Eduardogbg

          nevermind, MaRo said the Giant was inspired on Atlas on blogatog’s ask me anything.

  • chimps

    this + flash :D

  • David S

    I want one for EDH and one for standard. Pricey but awesome.

  • tyke5140

    I want a playset. Because reasons.

  • GRUULman

    I hope golgari reanimate in standard doesn’t just put one of these in just for dumping in the graveyard, then reanimating it turn 4 or 5 so your opponent (not playing d-sphere) cries.

  • Fun with Chandra

    Definitely use Barrage of Expendables: 1 damage to enemy + board wipe, after swinging for 10+ damage in combat phase.
    I will be side hoarding in case of deck I can’t aggro.