• mntg.acaiuc

    pretty weak, i guess, for limited

    • kevin

      nah would rather pick a token than this

      • eltratzo

        It’s (nearly) unconditional removal. that tends to be playable in most limited formats.

    • Kaiser

      Unconditional removal plus 2 tokens? i will pick this in limited every day

    • Cthulhooo

      Modern BW tokens use lingering souls and spectral procession. I guess it could be possible to add one or two of those for additional flexibility replacing spectral procession for example.

      • Ryan

        As a long time BW Tokens player this is horrifically bad.
        Bad Raise the Alarm/Timely Reinforcements with a bad Bone Splinters/Hero’s Downfall

        • Cthulhooo

          Yes. But you have both :D

        • Jordan Zucaro

          One of the big reasons Lingering Soul is so good is because it is virtual card advantage, im definitely adding 1 or 2 of these to my tokens list. To have more card advantage in bw is incredibly strong

  • Happy The Cat

    tokens stapled to removal. decent card for limited, mid late for first pack, mid early on second. one of these wheels the table on pack two, WB is probably open.

  • Gord

    This will be really good in limited because it is an instant. Flash out the 2 tokens and hopefully bring an attacker (or 2) down then later sac a doomed blocker to kill a another – nevermind just realized the second part is sorcery – makes this significantly less good

    • Bram Van Den Abeele

      Aftermath is sorcery only ;)

      • MTG fan

        Spring to Mind I think is the only exception.


        Second Main Phase ;)

  • Matthew Douglas

    flavor win

  • Ryan Ulrich

    Story Card

  • Swamphox

    I like that so much more in French.

  • KOTH_ Krunch

    sooo… bad raise the alarm, followed by bad bone splinters…

  • Phillip Reid

    Honestly it seems like it should cost 2 instead of 3. The idea of an aftermath card that generates tokens and then comes back for removal next turn is really nice. But, the effect is a bit pricey for modern and standard doesn’t have a place for this card yet. Still, great idea for a B/W tokens card and so close to playable I might just playtest it as a 2 of in place of spectral procession.


      (2) is like (W) so (4), (2)(W) or (W)(W) is ok for 2/2 P/T without drawback exept token status plus a keyword ability (with 2 Abilitys its like a knight but hey: GY JOKER SAC for KILL

      read it

      +1/+1 during first combat
      after first combat: destroy t. Creature

  • kmk888

    They’re really playing it safe with most of these Aftermath cards. I like the concept a lot on this one but it’s too expensive.


    Because those tokens all are no human – there are maybe no humans as the native folk on amonkhet?
    We should ask the blogatog finally?

    • Hedronal

      Humans are confirmed, just also other species are also expected to be warriors.


        so the tokens are multispecies mixed those who want to absolve the trials but lose and dont get a mummy ?

        • Hedronal

          Basically yes.

    • ymmij X

      All species besides sphinxes are warriors on amonkhet. There are humans jackles naga and aven taking the trials and attempting to become “anointed” when you complete the 5 trials they kill you and make you a mummy so you can rise again to serve the god pharoh nico bolas.

  • Deadly Berry

    The Beginning effect doesn’t seem that bad, the End one is a little rubbish tho; could have costed 4 mana instead of 3 and not force you to sacrifice a creature.