• Jacob Kodicovic

    Umm, okay, this seems 100% fair and will not do anything unfun in any format.

    • Akisama Inu

      yeah, that’s exactly what i thought…

    • Michael Perlov

      thankfully manacost is quite high

      • Zombie

        6 mana in EDH is basically turn 4 with a mediocre hand, or you can just hold the fort and tutor for the pieces and then just play it whenever.

        My artifact decks can usually produce 6-8 mana by turn 2 with a nut draw, I’m assuming a tuned green/white/X deck would be able to roughly the same.

    • galen150

      it plus walking balista. pump field by +4/+4 each turn. or higher if you have winding constrictor

      • Koover_rob

        Edit: Ah nevermind, this thing isn’t indestructible xD

        • Zombie

          You can easily make that the case, especially in EDH.

          Running Bellowing Aegisaur + Walking Ballista + Winding Constrictor in an Anafenza, the Foremost midrange build is extremely easy to do, and the deck has multiple ways of making a creature indestructible for a turn.

  • Mika Gouzee

    Triskelion would like to have a word

  • Petr Luzakov

    Hi there, Ballista

    • Joe Heinecke


    • CMK

      You disgust me, you mad mad genius. Take your +1…

    • galen150

      well, thats really, really stupid. i mean you could only do it a max of 4 times a turn, but that certainly isnt anything to scoff at.

      • JD Farrell

        Walking Ballista and two of these go infinite.

        • TogetherAlone

          add in winding constrictor then it goes infinite, otherwise aren’t you just taking one counter off to put one back on again?

          • JD Farrell

            Taking a counter off and putting one on again, while making these two dinosaurs and any other creatures you have infinitely large.

  • JD Farrell

    Damn that’s good… nice to see high toughness creatures for GW too. And we’re already seeing some decent ramp in the set, for tribal at least. This limited looks awesome. And SO many fantastic cards for Commander.

  • JD Farrell

    Love the feathers here, they look like a scarf :P

  • TogetherAlone

    this is very good with walking ballista and winding constrictor

    • Takadori

      Does that equal infinite counters on creatures other then this Dino?

      • TheAweDude

        If the dino has Indestructible, or you have another dino, then yes.

      • TogetherAlone

        You will eventually kill this dino. If the translation is correct it doesn’t put counters on itself unfortunately.

  • Lantern

    The name pretty much translates to wailing protecting-dragon (or dinosaur. 龙 by itself is dragon and 恐龙 means dinosaur, so 龙 can also mean dinosaur). It looks like an ankylosaurus with feathers? Really colourful.

    • Communist_Bear

      i like the way they depict every dinosaurs and pterosaurs as having feathers.
      “You got feathers, and you got feathers too ; everybody got feathers ! Yeah !!!”

  • Shagoth

    I like the blue flowers around his neck.
    Now we have an infinite counter dino along with an infinite counter dragon.

    • Marky Day

      Well, this would theoretically die if you stacked more than 5 instances of 1 damage on him in a turn, unless you give him indestructible.

      • Shagoth

        …and bam, infinite.

        • Marky Day

          Yeah, but that’s a bit more work. You can’t just drop this thing and Triskellion and go infinite. You’d only get to do it 4 times each turn. If you also have to give it indestructible, that’s a lot of work.

          • Shagoth

            About as much work as getting two six drop scale lords and then putting a counter on one of them.
            Still, a lot of work.

          • Marvin Sürig

            You know that two examples of this cards can go infinit with one of the other two out. You could just switch between both and go infinit. Or add Rite of Passage.

  • Unicornsareevil

    Tridkeliom, Deathbringer Thocter, Walking Ballista

    • Nharzhool

      LOL I assume you meant Triskelion, but yeah. Also nice in Marath.

  • Hedronal

    The various enrage abilities seem fun to observe across colors.

  • Pacoqueiro

    1- Play this
    2- Clone it or make it indestructible.
    3- Play Walking Balista/Triskelion
    4- Boom. Have fun with Workhorse, Crystaline Crawler, Ramos, (Infinite mana); Spike Feeder,(Infinite Life); Deathbringer Thoctar; Walking Balista, and last but not least, Triskelion (Infinite Damage)

  • galen150

    really easy way to make this and walking ballista go infinite in standard: heroic intervention
    its not like you need it to last longer than a turn anyways

    • galen150

      of course, you still need any other creature on the field to get the counters though

      • Picklechu

        Or you could have constrictor and deal infinite with ballista

        • Dr. Gitrog Crow

          So do we go abzan constrictor for this, or sultai constrictor for herald of secret steams? I don’t think we have enough land support for 4 color constrictor, do we?