Bident of Thassa - Theros Spoiler

Bident of Thassa

  • Color: Blue
  • Type: Legendary Enchantment Artifact
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Set:

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Whenever a creature you control deals combat damage to a player, you may draw a card.

1 ManaBlue Mana, Tap Symbol: Creatures your opponents control attack this turn if able.

The wills of mortals shift as the tide ebbs and flows.

  • Tristin Wolf Jones-Green

    Considering they actually gave this the name Dekella in the art spoilers: I’m a little skeptical as to why they wouldn’t use a Legendary’s name in any of the text. Otherwise, I like the artifact enchantment angle. It’s something different.

    • Joshua McTiernan

      I agree and I would really enjoy see that art for it as well.

    • Sucralose

      It’s a promo card …

      • Tristin Wolf Jones-Green

        Seems like a reasonable assumption, but promo cards usually don’t have a different name than the original. I would still expect the Legendary’s name to show up on the card.

        • Sucralose

          Umezawas jitte = same no legendary name

          • David Fitzsimmons

            In it’s defense I don’t think the jitte HAS a name in the lore itself. In this case we have a bunch of names given out in the lore for the weapons of the Gods yet this is not using the name provided in the lore.

          • Kage

            Actually Toshi´s Jitte hasn´t got a name in the lore.
            But still, he´s the only person to use the weapon in the trilogy ;)

          • David Fitzsimmons

            that’s what I said, that I did not think it was ever named in the lore.

            While I have a feeling this is very likely to be real compared to many other leaks, I can’t justify someone using the Jitte as a comparison when it’s situation is very different. That is really the ONLY thing that bothers me, why would development not name this card with the name that the lore has for it? Why on earth would a fake card maker go through ALL this effort to make this card so beleivable, right down to making new card art(or SOMEHOW having the art before anyone else online has seen it) and printing it on a poster, yet forget that one detail that is so obvious to not include?

            This name choice does NOT make sense both for official and as a fake. it really does not.

    • Anonymous

      THASSA. They said the sea god was Thassa in the art spoilers. And look at that. The card is named “Bident of Thassa.” So, they did use a legendary’s name.

      • Jordan

        Yes, but the weapons name is Dekella.

        • Jordan

          ” Thassa wields Dekella, a two-pronged spear. ” Right there on Wizards article. it is weird that they didnt use the bidents name, but meh, I feel that this one is possibly real. This could also be a placeholder name and an old pic before the card was finalized.

  • MtG Fan

    looks fake

  • thebanman

    Seems Legit.

  • CodyGozRawr

    Is it just me or does the rarity symbol not really look like the theros symbol, but more like the return to ravnica symbol?

    • William S. Miller

      Sort of, could always be another false spoiler. Wizards is being really tight lipped about this set after all. . .

  • Joshua McTiernan

    Called it!! See the art.

  • noob-man

    That a first an enchantment artifact. Judging by its frame i guess the gods will be enchantment creatures.

    • David Fitzsimmons

      considering how the official setting lore article yesterday outright called the Gods ‘living enchantments’ they pretty much had to be.

  • kees vlaanderen

    isnt opponents plural and this turn i call fake

    should be “target opponent’s creatures attack this turn if able” right?

    • Mustamakkara

      No, it’s correct. In your formulation, you choose an opponent whose creatures have to attack. In this formulation, each opponent’s creatures have to attack. It doesn’t make a difference in normal games, but it makes a difference in Two-Headed Giant.

  • Andru Giddings

    Yeah but the border of this card looks just like the new border for the gods. Maybe the trident in the picture is a sort of statue in honor of the god they worship? That’s my thought.

    • Kevan Kramer

      That is the Blue God’s weapon btw.

  • Brandon Sauer

    Yeesh, I hope this is fake. Blue gets targeted forced attacking; this present ability is too red. The fact that its an enchantment and an artifact also makes horrifyingly vulnerable to removal. Plus; its a legendary artifact, and it isn’t named? The hell?

    • Kevan Kramer

      Blue had targeted forced attacking before.

      • Brandon Sauer

        Re-read what I said before you correct me. This is mass forced attacking, not targeted.

    • Josh Kabers

      Alluring Siren… check it out

      • Brandon Sauer

        Re-read what I said before you correct me. Siren has *targeted* forced attacking, which I clearly said was blue. This is mass forced attacking, which is red.

  • Levi Warren

    Lucent Liminid. A Pegasus so it fits the Grecian theme and an enchantment creature, the only of its kind. It was from future sight so it very well could have been a reference to this block. Unfortunately, the flavor text doesn’t seem to fit unless Wizards adds a white goddess in either of the next two sets (totally possible).

    • Kevan Kramer

      Wizards could always change its flavor text you know.

  • Anonymous

    sigil of the empty throne say hi

  • Zombie

    Why wouldn’t they use the God weapon’s actual name?

    Not even a believable fake.

    • David Fitzsimmons

      That is the ONLY bit that I personally keep wondering about. It really is, factoring in everything else, this is 99.99999% chance of being legit. If this is fake, it is a heck of a lot of effort and extremely fast work to pull off.

      First you got to realize this image is tiny, ridiculously so, that yellow thing in the corner is a thumbtack. The original source also posted a picture of the FNM poster this tiny image was hiding on. Person would have had to print out an entire edited FNM poster then take a picture.

      Second let’s look at times, the images were posted yesterday afternoon with text about someone having seen it being posted much earlier too. This was yesterday, same day the existence was a god weapon cycle was spoiled on MTG’s mothersite. Now the art is new, never before seen. This means the person had to have made the art within the exact same day the weapon’s existence was spoiled. That is real good artwork, and extremely hard to get that quality in that short amount of time.

      This is way way too much effort for someone to just decide to fake with that little time. Sure it is possible, but the likelyhood is on the extremely low side. This is more likely a bit of viral advetising on WotC’s side that they like to do now and then, probably printed one or a few posters like this and packed them with all the rest to be shipped randomly and let the word of mouth spread it.

      Also I will be honest, the more I think about the name, the more that makes me think it is real. If I was making a fake card like that, I would CERTAINLY use the weapon’s actual name. To me it make’s the most sense to do, so seeing a name like that makes it hard to believe someone who faked it would make that mistake, especially after putting so much effort into the rest of the card.

      • Zombie

        But they didn’t really put any effort into the card.

        The abilities aren’t synergistic at all, and one of them doesn’t even fit the modernized Blue section of the color wheel. Wizards has said they try to make their card abilities have synergy with one another. A perfect example being Olivia Voldaren. Her abilities not only fit the flavor of the character she’s portraying, but they also synergize with each other perfectly.

        On top of that, they didn’t even use the name of the weapon Wizards is using to identify it with.

        It’s named Dekella, and Wizards knows they would be committing flavor murder if they were to just leave out the names of each of the weapons of the gods after name- dropping every single one of them with their respective gods.

        • David Fitzsimmons

          While I will admit I hope it is a fake because I just cringe when I see how subpar a legendary card is despite having such high vulnerability to destruction, I still have to say that MAKING this thing would have taken a lot of effort and extremely short time. Even high grade artists aren’t able to crank out artwork like that with how little time they would have had to make it.

          The only other possible alternative (asides obtaining the official alt art without anyone else seeing it online) is that SOMEHOW the guy did this weeks ago and got very lucky to create a card that coincidently matched up perfectly with recent spoiler info. Try and find the original source for this spoiler, this is an image on a poster. A great big and official looking poster, which he also would have needed to make and currently I have no clue when stores first started opening this FNM poster. If they had it days ago then that is one thing, but if this was meant to be opened yesterday or even today, then yet another thing he would have had oh so little time to fake.

        • Nordic92

          I have to disagree on the synergistic part; the second abillity forces your opponent to leave themselves without any blockers, which in turn makes it possible for you to attack with your creatures the following turn to draw tons of cards UvU

          • Zombie

            Forcing your opponent to attack into your own creatures, who are most likely smaller than your opponent’s, or you don’t block and eat a massive amount of damage just for a few draws.

            That will sure end well.

            If this is an actual card, which I highly doubt it is, it literally does nothing until you can build a better board state. And by then, even the trash mythic Windreader Sphinx would be a better option.

            Not to mention this would never see play until Sphinx’s Revelation cycled.

          • Jordan

            again, for all you know, you might get cards that get better the more enchantments that you have out. this could be a card that makes more sense once the set is revealed. how many times does someone have to point this out with every new block…

          • TehBadaxe

            There is always fog and white damage-stopping for bant. Lets you be offensive, even if you have the smaller creatures. Haha

        • Jordan

          as for the modern blue aspect, maybe that’s why this proves to be true? a normal person making a card will use current knowledge of the pie chart. they know making something obviously off would catch everyones eye as fake. blue does have taunt effects like this before anyway.

    • Jordan

      Simple, this isn’t a new pic. Just because it became leaked yesterday or the day before, does not mean it’s the current permanent card. It could be a placeholder before the names were picked.

  • Kenzie LaMar

    Am I the only one worried that Wizards are running out of ideas? Legendary Enchantment Artifact?! Really? i can’t wait for Legendary Creature enchantment equipment artifact planeswalkers. This thing is wide open for removal and it doesn’t do anything special or original. It definitely doesn’t seem “godly”. I want the guy that invented leveling cards to come back and save us.

    • David Fitzsimmons

      It is following with the popular rumor that the Gods in this set will be using the Future Sight mechanic of Enchantment Creatures

      • Jordan

        Plus, the Gods themselves are enchantments. These are their weapons. For all you know, the god cards won’t be any good till you get a certain amount of enchantments in play. So wait and see what new stuff they come up with, you might be surprised how much this card makes sense when taken in context of the full set being released.

  • Josh Kaufman

    I would go with fake since spoilers, including promo’s aren’t supposed to be leaked again, and I doubt this is another gatecrash story.

    If this is true, what the hell is an Enchantment Artifact, and did blue all of a sudden become red? This is just a worse Staff of Nin, and that saw MASSIVE amounts of play.

    • Josh Kabers

      It isn’t necessarily “red” as you claim… Alurring Siren, check it out.

    • David Fitzsimmons

      Just because cards are not supposed to be leaked don’t mean that they can or will get leaked. Murphy’s Law strikes all the time. Every set has had stuff get leaked in some way, wether it was just text, bad images, or even lucky cases of obtaining the card through a ‘legitimate’ mistake, something always happens. And usually the story behind them is different every time

      Which is another thing, I wish that this site put the original source of where these spoilers were found. Would like to see the full story behind each leak when they occur.

    • Jordan

      this isn’t leaked. this is someone taking a pic while they aren’t supposed to.

      • David Fitzsimmons

        A) that kinda is part of what makes a leak a leak in the first place, someone releasing info that they were not supposed to release, don’t matter how it was released, how much was released, or even who released it, it is still a leak

        B) the person took a photo of a poster at his game store, this image was printed on the poster. It’s not like he saw some private room at an event with the poster. Personally I think this is closer to some viral marketing campaign where wizards is pretending to leak info by putting the image on only one or a few posters and seeing how long it takes for the internet to find out.

  • Josh Kabers

    I feel like a lot of people are getting offended by the use of legendary. Wizards has already announced that legendaries and enchantments were going to be big in this block, and they did the same thing with the Kamigawa block. They changed the legendary rules then as well because legendaries were a big thing in that block. Most of the legendaries weren’t even that good, but they were still legendaries. It isn’t that surprising to not see “Dekella” on here either, as naming a legendary isn’t a requirement (e.g. the Kodamas from Kamigawa, the Kirins, or Blind Seer). Also, the card looks like an enchantment + artifact. The draw is an enchantment effect and the tap is an artifact effect. Seems perfectly reasonable assuming this is real.

  • William S. Miller

    interesting. . .very interesting. . .

  • james

    legendary enchantment artifact………………..

  • ssss

    The only use for this that i can think of is Edric commander deck

    • Jordan

      joking right? make your opponent attack. on your turn swing with all your creatures and draw for every one that hits thanks to them not having any blockers.

  • risu

    finally, red can destroy an enchantment

  • David Fitzsimmons

    I was thinking about this and the god cards and finally rwalized something. Depending on how good they are, I could probably build a ‘Sandal’s Enchanment’ deck. Everything is enchantments.

    “Enchantment!”-Sandal, Dragon Age

  • Fbn Dnl Schlr

    Coastal Piracy with a different wording and a tap effect. I like it.

  • Vileo

    You guys realize that’s the RTR set symbol… right? That’s why it’s so blurry. The creator is trying to hide the set symbol and any other mistakes they made (Seriously, go get a Steam Vents or something and hold it up to the screen next to the blurry symbol on this card–they’re almost identical). Also, I’m not sure why all the “enhantment + x” permanents would use the same card background fade (The black top-down fade is on the Erebos partial spoiler). That being said, I still like the idea of the card. As I’m branching out into a control deck for the next block, I hope there’s something similar to this as well.
    Also, valiant effort on the end of the creator, I actually doubted myself for a couple days as I kept coming back ad looking at this.

    • Jordan

      use your brain man. why would they go through all the trouble of adding art, adding text box, adding a name, casting cost, type, and border, but then leave out a small little square just for the RTR set icon….. especially when the set icon has been spoiled for month. The Theros icon is also circular with a hole in the middle.

    • David Fitzsimmons

      I agree with Jordan and would also like to point out that it has the theros watermark behind the text like a promo should. Why on earth would he make the mistake of having that symbol there but screwed up the set symbol? I would go back and fix it, I honestly see it being too blurry to tell the difference between the two.

      Have you seen the original source for this spoiler? I really wish this site took more effort into explaining the details of the spoiler’s source, it definitely paints a far better picture when you have the full perspective. Anyway, see that yellow thing in the left corner? That is a thumbtack, an average sized thumbtack. Now look at that picture again and realize that the shot is blurry from zooming up such a tiny little image. The full picture is a FNM poster with this little image printed on the poster in the corner.

      Also that art, have you seen it anywhere else? because I haven’t, dude either got the official art before anyone else online did or he made it himself from scratch. He had less then a day to make it btw. This spoiler came out the SAME day that we discovered that they would be making a cycle based on the weapons of the Gods. That is far too little time to make brand new art that good and deal with the poster too. Maybe it is possible, probably is with the right skillsets but the amount of effort is far too much for the vast majority of fakers to go through that fast.

      • Vileo

        I posted a reply to Jordan, but for a reason unknown to me, it’s “awaiting moderation,” though I used no crude language or made any negative remarks to Jordan. Leaves me feeling like whoever moderates these comments robbed me. I linked to the full picture and made additional points to my argument. Also, it’s relatively easy to find some new MtG card art on deviantArt without it being released officially. Aside from that, I the image spoilers also released this as “Dekella” meaning it has a name. Just seems odd to me.

        EDIT: Actually, my comment was removed. How nice. = Apparently mods don’t like freedom of speech.

        • David Fitzsimmons

          I do not think this site likes links. that may be why.

          • Vileo

            Oh well. I guess I’m just going to stop commenting. No big loss on me.

        • MagicSpoiler

          We haven’t removed your comment. It went straight to pending because it had a link in it, but you can see it above now.

          • Vileo

            Ah, I see. Well thank you for commenting back. I appreciate it.

  • bob lane

    if you look at the theros art #1 it seems to have an order, i think its avatar/mortal form/hero of the god, the gods weapon, then the god themselves. just saying.

  • David Fitzsimmons

    it is definitely a different picture for the zoom in, the angle is a lot more level on the card itself rather then from up higher taking in the full image. a decent digital camera can get a lot more detail up close on tiny things, I personally use my digital camera for taking texture shots. That means i get a get a photo of something like shirts or even the ground up close so i can see all the grains and specks of dirt and rock in the image.

    Still hoping for anyone else to say if they seen a poster like this and have pictures to show, even better would be videos.

    • Vileo

      I think the main thing that still gets me is how it isn’t named, while it does, in fact, have a name, along with all the other god weapons. Lol… I guess at this point if someone posts another picture, I’ll be more inclined to believe it.