• Dr. Burn Crow

    Pretty sassy, Legion of Dusk.

    • Hedronal

      Generally improve on Banisher Priest for aggression? Yep yep.

  • MTG fan

    Already loving this card!

  • MTG fan

    This doesn’t even have to give itself the bonus! Another vampire could receive it!

  • Happy The Cat

    At 1/1 it’s a bit squishy for my taste, I guess since it’s built for an aggro tribe it does come out even with the buff(also shout out to Uncommon Lords Vol 2, might give this a little more life). One thing I wish it could do is target your own creatures, then if you can give it Flash somehow it becomes a rather unique trick. (Exile a creature about to be killed to not lose it’s attacking power, pick up an important dude when a wrath is revealed, bypass enemy enchantments etc.)