• Dr. Burn Crow

    So, do all Ixalan vampires glow, or just this one?
    Sick art, though. Love the conquistador armor.

    • TogetherAlone

      I think all the vamps in this set are supposed to be of the Conquistador variety form what we have seen so far. Love it!

      • John Scott

        does that mean, no one expected the vampiric inquisition?

        • Dr. Burn Crow

          No one ever expects the vampire inquisition

          • Happy The Cat

            oddly, Elite Inquisitor expected the vampire inquisition.

    • Shagoth

      They don’t glow.
      They sparkle.

      • Happy The Cat

        they glow.
        say they sparkle and it’s war.

    • Kaiser

      Edward confirmed as a Legendary vampire in Ixalan?

  • Shagoth

    Wow, that’s a pretty solid card. Another one for Alesha!

    • PrissyRose

      If it had 2 power or toughness I would have been jumping for joy this would be such a gnarly card for Alesha lol

  • PrissyRose

    really cool design, sort of a toned down Sun Titan.

    I wouldnt be upset if I pulled this from a pack tbh, seems like a dec EDH card

    • DJPad

      If by toned down, you mean completely nerfed.

      • Demiurgo

        But in a relevant tribe nonetheless.

    • Friedrich

      -1 CMC
      -3 power
      -2 toughness
      -can only get creatures, not permanents
      – doesn’t trigger on ETB

      I was hyped at first too, but this is just way worse than sun titan. It has some decks in which it is better, like Odric, because it is a bit cheaper, but even in that deck you will usually still run sun titan. If, and that is a big if, you need two Sun Titans, go for it, but I doubt there are many EDH Decks that will want this, beside Vampire Tribal.

      • Happy The Cat

        I mean Captivating Vampire is 1bb, that’s plenty of reason for this to hold a good edh price tag.

      • Shagoth

        Ulvenwald Hydra is just a worse Primeval Titan. The Titans are all as broken as you can get in magic for cards that don’t draw cards and cost six mana.

  • Happy The Cat

    Aliens is 30+ years old now and Bishop is still doing that knife-hand game.

  • adasdvf

    tastes like hearthstone

  • Chi Minh