• Shagoth

    Reanimating white vampire with reanimation abilities and is a cleric and it’s on a plane of existence with dinos and pirates and this place is weird…

    • Communist_Bear

      They sure plane to do crazy things for the 25th Magic’s anniversary (and i already love it).

      • Nathanael Lambert

        your pun is bad, and you should feel bad

        • Communist_Bear

          took me some time to figure out what “pun” i made… It wasn’t mean to be a pun… Sorry for that

          • Communist_Bear

            Or should i say “i didn’t plane to make a pun” ? (don’t worry, i’ll show myself the door…)

  • theEternalPilgrims


  • Tezzybros

    Hmm… Does this card herald the return of Sorin, please here me out.
    What if Sorin escaped, uncorrupted by emrakul, but suffers bouts of mad vengeance to the lithomancer who put him there in the first place. That said, vraska too wants the orazka treasure, my theory is that the artifact of orazka is something like the chain veil, but almost entirely different. The veil uses energy to present power, but if the body is too weak or not wicked enough, they are demonized. The orazka treasure draws mana from surrounding environments of the planes faster and more productively the plain planeswalker spark alone. However it does have a drawback. If the vassal planeswalker isn’t strong enough or willed enough, they will violently explode due to uncontrollable volumes of raw mana flooding in the vassal, exceeding the body’s limit of power and adaptability to the world’s mana. That said, Sorin wants it to annihilate emrakul and wherever nahiri is cowering. Vraska wants it to defeat jace and rule ravnica. Maybe Tibalt… Not so sure.

  • theEternalPilgrims

    flavortext reads: “in the death of the (foe?) lies the resurrection of the faithful.”

  • niz-mizzet

    am I the only person that thinks the standard art is better than the promo

    • Hedronal


  • David Castro

    It gets back a nighthawk, what more do you really need?