• Melissa Juice

    So satisfying. Especially as a “do it all” combat trick in limited.

    • EddieDeanofIgnorance

      Honestly when I saw the mechanics article and what they showed off there, I thought Escalate was just a really bad Entwine variant. This card shows it off so much better, though.

  • Brian Keith Weeks

    Love this as the “new” Dromaka’s Command. Escalate has taken the ‘Command’ type cards from Dragaons of Tarkir and made it a mechanic. Love it. Can’t wait to see what rare instants there will be with Escalate. With the mana ramp decks around in standard right now, I can see this being used quite a bit. Especially as a mana sink.

  • Nolly

    Even if you just use this for the sacrifice effect its strictly better than Celestial Flare. (Well, it doesn’t say target player, but, that helps in certain scenarios.)

    • Guest

      Celestial flare gets rid of blocking creatures too. It’s still really good.

  • ashton

    Good anti emrakul card

    • Anthony Miller

      If you get lucky and topdeck it on the bonus turn. It’s actually terrible to have it in hand when they cast her though.

  • Brian Keith Weeks

    Emrakul has protection from instants.

    • Bostorket

      But this doesn’t target her; it targets the player. Gets around that protection.

      • Brian Schmidt

        Finally get to say this. I am very impressed with the Uncommons at the moment. This one especially. If you are still playing after your opponent casts Emrakul and you draw this and they attack just with her, she dies, works great with tokens and helps give your creatures pseudo-vigilance. Nice trick with DL Ojutai where you can attack and then untap it. Great card and gives you the option.

        • TogetherAlone

          It also works against ojutai too however as when you are playing ojutai, most of those decks are not running many other creatures.

        • Anthony Miller

          You would have to draw this on the bonus turn. Anyone who mindslavers you with this in hand is going to do terrible things with it. The Emrakul player will gain 4, then will force you to attack and sacrifice a creature, in addition to the one that is swinging to die into Emmy. It’s super risky to have in a deck facing Emrakul because of this, in addition to being kinda bad if they attack with several creatures. It’s still a great card, just not good against Emrakul 80% of the time.

          • Bostorket

            Not to mention the Emmra-slaved player’s OJ would likely find itself in a face-to-face meeting with the big gal, unless Emmi’s caster is asleep at the wheel.

          • Hedronal

            This can’t make you sacrifice a creature, only opponents.

      • Brian Keith Weeks

        Doh. You are correct. I’ll read more carefully next time. ;)

      • Happy The Cat

        but it requires emrakul to attack, meaning you already blew this thanks to that weak Mindslaver.
        this is a removal spell she beats still.
        the other modes actually work against it if they emrakul cause now they just gained 4 life even if you have no creatures

        • Bostorket

          You are technically correct, except that your point has nothing to do with the fact of whether or not she can be killed by this spell, which she most certainly can.

          It also ignores any cards that grant you protection. Angry Sigarda has plenty of potential to be played. And her own vulnerabilities to “dies to removal” are irrelevant.

          • Happy The Cat

            That’s like saying Jump is good removal for Emrakul because it can make a deathtoucher block it. Unless you draw it on your extra turn this will never be cast against her on a turn it can save you. By the time a player can cast her they will have easly dealt 7 damage to you. this will be one of the first cards to be cast when they control you. If you want to stop the new emrakul, add true wraths to your deck. They actually ignore all protections *cough*Ivory Mask*cough*

          • Bostorket

            I’ve been talking about standard, esp. since there’s a Sigarda that gives you and humans hexproof (and the standard meta is pretty human-friendly). Most people like removal to be singular in cards, where the Jump+Deathtouch analogy is relevant appears only known to you. And yes you’d need to top deck like a fiend to make this work. I didn’t say this was a choice way to kill the new Emrakul, just that it technically can. Reading is fun.

            Also, Leyline of Sanctity is better.

            Nice try though! Good effort.

          • Hedronal

            Don’t be rude about someone thinking you were going one way when what made the difference was an extant but unmentioned technicality.

          • Bostorket

            I agree that there’s no reason to feel I’m to blame since I was only off technically. There’s no reason to stop commenting either, since I’ve proven myself the superior!

          • Hedronal

            You weren’t to blame until you were rude, so now you are. The concept of proving superiority via an internet thread is laughable. If I don’t respond more after this, then it’s probably to avoid feeding a troll.

  • Arcus Diabolus

    Ok guys, I need your opinion. Which is better? Blessed Alliance, Roar of the Kha, or “To Arms!” ?

    I need these kind of cards for a early game combo involving untapping creatures, but I’m sitting on which ones I should put more effort in obtaining. So far, the only thing that has me squeamish about this card is it limits itself to just 2 creatures, which is just fine by me since I only need two, but it limits flexibility if I happened to pull something else I could untap but it is fantastic defensively.

    • Happy The Cat

      well, Rally the Righteous is probably going to work better as a strike or trap as long as all parts are same color
      Village Bell-Ringer will bring extra board presence in a 1/4 and lets you untap everything
      and last but not least Burst of Energy. it can hit lands, artifacts and anything else. there are a handful of cards that your opponent /won’t untap unless you force them to(for example Rust Tick) and this will reset them, also it can untap your stone giants like Colossus of Sardia and what have you.

      • Arcus Diabolus

        Those are good, but the spell I need must be a two cost and untap at least two creatures to get the effectiveness I need. the deck is also modern.

        What I’m looking for is a cheesy simple mana dork gimmick.

        T1: Forest, Mana Dork
        T2: Plains, Somberwald Sage
        T3: Tap Dork and Sage to add 4 mana to my mana pool, then tap lands to add W1 to untap them with any of the spells I mentioned then tap them again to add 4 more to a total of 8, Hard cast Avacyn. (Optional additional land can be used to summon Iona instead.)

        This combo really isn’t nessesary for anything 7 CMC or smaller though and only works up to 9 reliably.

        • Happy The Cat

          Triton Tactics? U two creatures get 0/+3 and untap, anything they fight goes to sleep
          you could also run the untap one creature for one spells you get six from mana before you cast the untap so paying one to gain three brings you up to that eight mana you want, there are seven that work:
          Burst of Strength. G puts a +1/+1 counter on the creature and then untaps it
          Cerulean Wisps. U probably one of the best here, turns the creature blue, that doesn’t matter, the untap a creature and then draw a card matter
          Teardrop Kami. U for a 1/1 that you sac to use. cons, is a creature, pros, is a creature. plus you can tap down something to stall if need be
          Twiddle. U , easly second best as it can tap or untap everything but enchantments and pws
          Vault Skyward. U it’s a jump. not the best card to turn to but it will get the job done if you really need it to
          Veteran’s Reflexes. W strictly worse Burst of Strength as it’s buff is until end of turn instead of the counter
          Vines of the Recluse. G same as Veteran’s Reflexes but gives an extra 0/+1 however, unlike VR you might have one as it is from Oath.
          as for win cons are you locked in on just Iona? cause you could also add in the Bant half of the Praetors as they will end the game. jin just needs two untap spells to get out and an opponent will concede if they don’t have the removal. same will go for anything with annihilator.
          as for the deck I’d suggest 4x hierarchs 4x BoPs and your 4 Sages the deck needs to work, then 4x To arms! and 4x Wisps cause they can draw and any combo for 8 untap spells. lastly any 6 win cons for you to play. then fill it with lands(you should put extra win cons in your sideboard so that any deck that can deal with the first will lose to the next two or three

          also, if you want to you can run more of the pump-untap spells and Biorhythm to one-shot people, the deck will be a lot less relyable, will lose to a smart burn player on the quick draw and can’t use somberwald meaning you will need a more dorks to work
          any build you go with will be flawed, this is a glass cannon combo deck, any burn, aggro, or control deck will mop the floor with you. however you will beat removal light versions of token, midrange, and zoo decks. so it’s a double edged sword with not much to fall back on if your dorks get shot

          • Arcus Diabolus

            Sorry for the late reply.

            Triton tactics make the most sense, as it allows me to drop Iona turn 3 without the use of a 3rd land. However, at the present time, my deck is firmly W/G, so I would have to rework how my deck rolls in order to get that U land reliably by turn 2. Maybe I should just break down and invest in some shock lands so I don’t have to sacrifice my W/G mana base.

  • kmk888

    White doesn’t need help but it seems it’s getting more rock solid cards.

  • Dave

    I need more “target player gains life” cards! Mooooore! Tainted Remedy calls for them.

  • Happy The Cat

    with Zada this could be a huge defensive blowout spell. but really what rw buff spell isnt these days?

  • Deadly Berry

    This Escalate mechanic is so amazing, definitely on par with other top-notch abilities like Flashback, Scry and Delve. The ability is good by itself, but it also requires good mini effects from the card in order to be worth paying 2 extras, so far forcing a sacrifice and 4 life seem worth the mana if you can pay it. Some may argue Commands already let you pick 2 options without having to pay extras, while this is true you must remember commands aren’t cheap in terms of CMC, this card can be used as early as turn 2 if necessary, or be good endgame when you have mana to choose all the effects.

    Like I said before, it depends a lot on how good each option is; so far untapping 2 doesn’t seem very appealing but keep in mind this one is just an uncommon, rares will definitely deliver. Think of it as a Kicker 2.0.

  • Dave

    How does this work with Goblin Darkdwellers? Can I use Escalate when I flash it back? Does anyone know?

    • Joshua Feight

      I wanna say you can’t Escalate because that’s an additional/alternative cost. Just like you can’t Awaken a spell with them, I don’t think you can Escalate with them.

      • Dave

        Thanks for the input, mate. Could be but also could not be. I think (or wish) you can flash a spell back and when you put it on the stack you choose to Escalate or not. I dunno. Magic is complicated sometimes… -.-

        Maybe someone else wants to weigh in and make this a bit more definite? :)

      • Hedronal

        Awaken is an alternative cost, which you can’t do with flashback. Escalate is an additional cost, like kicker, so you can play it with flashback.

    • MithosFall

      Escalate is an additional cost, like Kicker. Additional costs only care if you cast it, not how.

    • Dave

      Yes, it works. Has been clarified by Wizards in the release notes for Eldritch Moon.

  • chad

    i only hope they make a cursed alliance, with target player sacrifices a creature and each creature gets -1 -1 oh yea, and you draw a card!!!!