• Rocket Raccoon

    Very nice! I want it’s price down! Now, we need Ensnaring Bridge

    • Tavis Carrillo

      You’re obviously not a fun magic player

      • Rocket Raccoon

        Yeh, I’m, I even played on modern/standard the Triskaidekaphobia “combo” xD
        Also, time ago when I had Ensnaring Bridge, I played all flying birds for 1-2 mana 1/1 with bitterblossom, favorable winds and azorius charm, I was the only one I could attack flying each turn XDD

      • GrantUsFries

        Never said I was. Time to kill everyone else’s fun forever! All I need is a WRB vampire knight, now!

  • Jackson Means

    The floor is lava!

  • Marco Bogni

    ffs!!!!!! ^___^

  • Happy The Cat

    so… this is rare… but Past and Bonfire take mythic slots…
    I’m sorry, what?

    • Ryan Sullivan

      Would you rather this be mythic?

      • Happy The Cat

        deserves it a hell of a lot more than Past or Bonfire, I think blood moon is one of if not the most expensive red cards in modern(outside of alpha cards that got reprinted into modern) I was saying on past in flames how it makes limited better for a set by not including this but now they have gone and added as a rare.

    • HighPriest

      Best this way, makes more copies likely to pop up. This hasn’t been mythic ever and the spells were so fair enough that way too. I never draft these sets (no chance for that at least in this part of Finland) so can’t say anything about that but I imagine it’ll be handy with all that nonbasic included here.