• ningyouNK

    Maybe not as ominous as the iconic art from Franz Vohwinkel (the one that bends the landscape so the card looks like a big red eye) but I like the blood river, it’s a nice touch ^^

  • Nanya

    Is Nicol Bolas going to fire a Cero? XD

    • Happy The Cat

      nah, he is just done with the five minute charge time for Special Beam Cannon, that’s why it took a whole set.

  • Hedronal

    And now both we’d know that that’s not actually a second sun, and there’s a river of blood to complete it.

  • Happy The Cat

    fun fact from outlast 2, using night-vision actually makes all the blood look more like water. just don’t forget that you are surrounded by blood, it’ll catch you off guard when you change the batteries.

  • mrpimp

    How much would this be worth

    • Gregory Walter

      $40, at least.

      • mrpimp

        Betting it’s gonna be more than that – look at amonkhet invocation costs

  • I still want other Moons als Circle