• Teddy Gillespie

    Wow that’s strong…

  • Michael Pepin

    A 4/3 for 2 that only requires you to discard? Yes please

  • Sebastian Fuchs

    In aether there was a green rare that requieres battalion to get this stats xD and discard is no drawback

  • Samuel

    Well red aggro will certainly be a thing with this, turn 2 cast this discarding an embalm creature.

  • Blahblahblahbla

    Is this real life?

    • Minizem

      or is this just fantasy…

      • Mad Berd

        Caught in a landslide,

  • Kaiser

    Red aggro that is good? where is the cat?

    • Happy The Cat

      the name is Happy punk, and this is the same size as what green can do for this cost, but green’s have an upside. not a discard.

  • Blahblahblahbla

    It’s a Minotaur too.. Oh snap! That synergy with the legendary. Limited is gonna be all zombies vs minotaurs! So epic!!

  • lel

    I don’t think its as good as ppl think u still 2 for 1 urself always on turn 2 and running out of gas in a red deck is a thing. I think u just wanna play this turn 2 is u have an extra land in hand outherwise i see this more a turn 3 with a 1 mana madness spell. its an okay card but not super good

    • Sebastian Fuchs

      May i introduce you to madness and aftermath? This can be good even in modern because it has the disacard!

      • lel

        na won’t be good in modern there are way better discard outlets turn 2 and a 4/3 is not rly strong in modern dies to bolt dies to push gets blocked by goyf etc.
        just cathartic reunion is way better on turn 2 in modern and like i mentioned i can see a turn 3 this guy madness card but i don’t think you want to play this guy turn 2 and 2 for 1 yourself its just has no value even with a aftermath card i think its just okay because u give ur opponent information and they can play around the cards that u can aftermath and this card will see 0 t1 modern play

        • Sebastian Fuchs

          You really come to me with dies to doomblafe type of argument?
          If he eats a bolt fine by me, i get the discard anyway and you want counter my 2drop? Go ahead pkease! one counter less to fear.

          If u want arguing like this: tell me why vexing devil still sees play and has the same line of stats.
          And before someone says: 5dmg 1drop. It is a rare ä compared to an uncommen. And devil still dies to bold. Push. Doomblade.

          • Vexing devil sees very little play.

          • lel

            vexing devil sees 0 t1 play just here and there in a zoo list and 1 mana makes a lot of difference i mean would a 2 drop swift spear be a good card not rly or a 2 drop goblin guide comparing him to vexing devil i think is like saying raging goblin is playable because goblin guide is playable
            it trades 1 for 2 with 2 of the 5 most played spells in modern dies to bolt and dies to doomblade is not the same argument because doomblade is not even in the top 50 most played spells in modern and Bolt is in 35% of the decks
            even if it gets path to exiled its just a rampant growth with discard a card

            well my statement is if u wanna discard stuff in modern there are way better cards and if u want a big 2 drop theres goyf or death shadow in the right shell and if u want to be in red just play burn

            this card may be will see a bit of standard play (i would brew with if myself) but no modern play at all

          • Aaron Tarket

            I do like it, and I do agree to both arguments that there are better cards, but really, who wants to pay double digits for cards?
            I’m a budget player, and I wreck with a U/R Combo deck. I play budget because I want to prove a point that you don’t have to pour oodles of money into a Goyf or even a Death’s Shadow. Sure, they might play better, but you feel a heck of a lot better when a $20 deck beats a $100+ deck. As a card, I see it as this: In any other deck besides madness or jund hellbent, it might be iffy, but is vastly cheaper than alternatives. In either of those 2 decks? Great! It does what you need it to do (if not T2 madness into the Rootwalla, then T3 into Temper or Just the Wind tempo/burn plays)
            Besides, these are only opinions, we could talk all day about the rest of the set, but obviously we won’t agree on every single card.

      • lel

        and reanimator always wants the cathartic reunion because a 4/3 doesn’t matter if u get a fattie from the grave card draw is way better
        hellbent is way to weak against board wipes even more then other agree decks because u always thy 2 be empty handed if the board is gone ur dead also there was a similar card in SOI 3/3 2 mana discard a card wasn’t playable i don’t think this changed a lot with 1 more attack

      • Happy The Cat

        Madness only works if you cast the spell you discard, meaning unless you’ve got some rootwalla this is going to cost more than two, which sets it’s power level WAY further back than it would be viable. Not to mention that if this translation is correct that the discard is an etb not an additional cost, meaning if your opponent knows you are a helbent madness deck they simply counter this and not only are you set back a two drop, but you miss your madness trigger, effectively 2 for 1ing you since now you will either need to use another discard outlet for that madness, or cast the spell normally, which most of the time is out of the question, since paying five mana for a 4/3 haste isnt worth casting.

        • Sebastian Fuchs

          Ye go ahead and counter it ! I forgott there are only creatures in modern or other formats that cant be countered

          I dont need an advice how madness works btw. I play jund helbent modern. Thx for the try

          • Happy The Cat

            are you okay? cause Disqus actually had to attempt to translate what you are saying. Anyhow, considering the deck I’m assuming you are talking about is actually called suicide jund, not hellbent jund I feel fine with letting you go on your own way.
            but don’t go telling people off for thinking this is a bad card, it is *except for suicide jund* where you dont really care about anything at all. But, go through your deck, what are you willing to take out of it for a vanilla 4/3? your lol trolls? the madness cards the let you get away with not caring? the deck hasn’t changed that much in the last four years, and the most recent members from RtZ and SOI are much better than this.

          • TheAdventurer

            I don’t think Madness is an issue. In the right Modern deck with Ragemonger and Rageblood Shaman, you can drop these guys on the field for one mana, and they can’t be bolted. It’s still a great turn 2 drop, and discarding a card isn’t a huge consequence. There are downsides to the card, sure, but it’s still an effective card.

    • Sebastian Fuchs

      Oh and not to forgett: helbent and reanimation ;)

  • Sebastian Fuchs

    I want this card to be called men-otaur xD this is amazibg even for modern. I will brew a jund hellbent deck in standard with g/r gods !

  • Bige Boiy

    succubus in a game with mechanical support for the graveyard

  • space-coyote

    I remember playing Balduvian Horde back in the day. I’ll be playing this guy too.

  • Happy The Cat

    you big, beautiful beast, only if Madness wasn’t actually garbage you could see play…
    few notes, unless the translation is wrong if you are hellbent and cast this you dont discard anything since it is an etb, not an additional cost(one of the bigger things the red discard spells needed)
    I don’t like to see red going in the same path of wizards just printing creatures too big for their costs to not be viable that has been infecting green lately, but at least red isn’t unplayable anymore.

    • Shawn Michael Diaz

      Lightning Axe and a few other Madness cards are pretty good

  • Nick Art

    Oh my god. That is kinda nuts. I think Madness aside, it might see Standard play. And if Madness becomes good enough to see real play after rotation, then this is an easy 4 of.

    • xDemon

      Madness rotates with rotation, lol.

      • Minizem

        Not until the next block starts

  • Cthulhooo

    Cmon wizards, rootwalla, one time.

    • Fred Neatz

      Rootwalla is in standard at least until SOI rotates out thanks to the 2016 welcome decks :)

      • Umbacano

        I really wonder what you are talking about ? I thought you might by talking about the card Rootwalla instead of Basking Rootwalla, but not even.

        • Fred Neatz

          Yeah sorry I was mixed up

          • Fred Neatz

            It’s being reprinted in the Amonkhet welcome decks, meaning it will be standard legal until amonkhet is cycled out of standard

      • Cthulhooo

        Sorry, I was thinking about its basking cousin ;)

  • Jacob Kodicovic

    I remember in Eldritch Moon when everyone went crazy over the 2 mana 2/2 in red. This is even crazier.

    • galen150

      what 2/2?

      • I.R.Shnow

        Falkenrath Reaver

  • Nanya

    I assume this is a Minotaur.

    • Derek Niles

      did you just assume its species?

      • Nanya

        If it gets triggered by that, Mogis won’t let it join his army.

    • Bob

      Looks more like a ram than bull, i miss the old art minotaurs where they looked toigh and agressive like that of mythology but this looks like a fuzzy angry sheep!! Apart from that its a pretty good card, hope we get some more discard mechanics soon

    • An2ni0

      it’s Minotaur/Warrior

  • Together Alone

    This into fiery temper on 3 (gasm)

  • Zombie


    Yeah this is busted.

    Oh no, a turn 3 4/3 that lets me Fiery Temper in the same turn, WHAT A DOWNSIDE.

  • Jacob Bachand

    Man, with this set release I’m wishing I could run 8x Grasp of Darkness in my Esper Deck lol

  • Phillip Reid

    So, in modern it, feeds goyf, gets things into your graveyard for reanimator strategies/flashback, gets you to delirium faster and possesses a solid body for the cost? Yeah, playable in modern for sure. In standard it looks like a delirium/embalm enabler. Honestly, not a bad card. Not totally busted since its downside is pretty big if your deck is built for it. But, still worth consideration.

    • Alexandre Donnart

      His downside is not the discard, it’s his toughness.

  • TheFyl

    Legendary Vampire Madness Deck plus this. Finally my deck has it’s missing piece.

  • VoiceofKane

    That’s… barely even a downside. This looks extremely playable.

  • kmk888

    Yes it’s good, yes Fiery Temper is good. But someone has to ask the real questions: Is that a sheep? I thought minotaurs were bull based, not ram.

    • Daniel Scott

      They are ram based on this plane it seems.

  • Soren Szilver

    am i the only one not buying that the full text of the card is just discard when it enters the battle field? i dont speak/read Manderin (or is that Cantonese?) but that looks like a lot of characters to just state “discard upon entering the battlefield”. maybe there is another downside that makes this thing uncommon. knowing the cards in thie set, probabyl a -1/-1 counter or two.

    • eltratzo

      the second line is flavour text. the card seems to really just have that one drawback.

      • Soren Szilver

        this card really is insanely powerful then. wow

  • Insight66

    I will abuse you, Raucous Ram.

  • magicalfollower

    You discard a card…
    That’s it? Seems like a dream for madness decks.

    And it’s Pauper playable, which makes it even more crazy.

    • lel

      its an uncommon :D

      • magicalfollower

        Ah, these symbols always get me.
        Just like the Coldsnap one.

  • Deadly Berry

    Better than Drekavac, if that means anything. Even if you don’t discard something, this guy stays on the field.

  • Will

    Lol, the characters for Minotaur in Chinese is (Cattle-Head(ed)-Monster), but it has a goat head :0

  • ymmij X

    The end post of power creep shall be a 1 drop 4/4 that discards your hand