• Aarhg

    This seems pretty good. Reminded me of Akki Drillmaster.


      But more Efficient ( Haste is better in each turn earlier)

      • Aarhg

        Well yea, the more times you get to use something the better it gets.

  • Alexandre Donnart

    It’s awesome with creatures putting -1/-1 counters when ETB. For example, play Plague Belcher, target this guy, give Belcher haste and sacrifice the guy. Enjoy your 5/4 Haste Menace on turn 3.

    • Adam Rhone

      Can you haste him before you put the counters on tho? or do the counters come 1st?

      • Alexandre Donnart

        You target this guy with Belcher, then you can play spells and activate abilities. So you can use this guy to give the Belcher haste, then you put the counters on him and he dies.

      • E.

        Counters trigger upon belcher entering so it should be there for you to haste in response. Tbh in those colours I’d want exemplary of strength for the consuming fervour synergy anyway ;)

        • Moses

          I don’t understand, plague belcher says “when it enters the battlefield”, doesn’t that mean that the -1/-1 take immediate effect and kill the inciter before you can tap him?

          • the mad seer

            it works like this:
            1: plague belcher resolves
            2: plague belcher enters the battlefield and the ability goes on the stack
            3: you activate bloodlust inciter’s ability in response
            4: bloodlust inciter’s ability resolves
            5: the -1/-1 counters go on bloodlust inciter and it dies as a state based effect

        • Alexandre Donnart

          Yeah I can’t remember its name so I chose Belcher ;)

  • Nanya

    I assume that this is really good for limited and Standard?

  • Happy The Cat

    the frat bro through time. he was just your ordinary starting quarterback until he picked on the wrong goth kid.

  • Kyle Kinnear

    Nickname: Father of Ruins?

  • Kameenook

    I didn’t get a chancet to go to prerelease or any limited event, but my brother and Dad said this guy was a house where they went ? Anyone else able to confirm or deny this ? I have my own doubts but lack experience to quantify this.