• Edward

    Finally something with prowess and it isn’t a generic creature. I mean it isn’t amazing but it is decent

    • ymmij X

      it’s flying self fueling and not rare. that’s good enough for me

    • Polis_Ohio

      It’s almost like draw a card. Great for control decks!

  • TogetherAlone

    Wow this is a great rate for everything about this card. Love it.

  • Tedaboy

    I think if it returned an instant or sorcery to your hand instead of on top of your library that this card would be playable in a standard prowess deck and it wouldn’t be too pushed. It’s a little underwhelming as is since it’s not real card advantage.

    • I think most of the time when people want to return spells to their hand, they just want to be able to reuse them; they’re not just using them as a kind of draw. You’re right of course that that would make it better, but it’s already a flying prowess creature for only three mana.

      • Tedaboy

        I suppose I agree. I just wish wizards would make more of an effort to push my favorite color pair and archetype. We just need some good enablers now! I’m definitely going to try it though no doubt.

        • Well if your issue is the return to your hand thing, there are already cards that do that like Archaeomancer or
          Charmbreaker Devils (the latter of which is potentially infinite).

          Just search up “instant or sorcery card from your graveyard” in card text on the Gatherer.

          • Tedaboy

            I was meaning in standard

          • I see. I don’t play it. xP Well good luck to you!

      • Aurore

        Only problem I see is that it seals off your draw next turn, so you better pray that card you stacked will be enough to dig you out of whatever hole the opponent might put you in next turn.

        • Realistically a red/blue spell deck with prowess is going to be aggressive, not control-oriented, so that likely won’t be a central issue. Otherwise, yeah, the whole point is to pick the card out of your graveyard that serves you. It’s basically strategy that, if you need an answer other than what’s in your graveyard, you either hold this card back for later or simply don’t use that ability (after all, it says “you MAY”).

          • Aurore

            Getting a card that serves you now isn’t the problem.
            The fact that it’s a turn later means you have to hope that what you stacked is enough to account for whatever your opponent will do NEXT turn.

          • Hedronal

            Plus they can play around knowing what that card is.

          • I suppose, but if you had to choose between drawing something that might not serve you at all next turn or draw something that you know at the very least will serve you SOMEWHAT, then I’d figure you usually want the latter.

            And again, the point to these kinds of effects usually isn’t to gain card advantage (although that is a plus when they go directly to your hand) but the idea of recycling your instants and sorceries in the first place, since they have one-shot effects and you don’t ordinarily get to keep using them. And in an aggro deck — where you’d usually play this card — you’re not really going to be spending as much time answering your opponent’s cards; you’re going to be taking the initiative yourself. You don’t typically plan an aggro deck around the idea of “I need to make sure the next card I draw counters whatever my opponent does”; that’s a control philosophy. Really, your point mainly indicates that this card might suffer in a control or midrange deck more than anything.

          • Kaiser

            recycling win-con spells > card advtg

          • I think they both have uses, but I think recycling is funner because I feel like the best way to make a deck that feels like you’re an actual mage is a spell-focused deck, but it’s hard without using mainly buyback/flashback spells unless you have cards like this. =P

            The coolest thing about prowess is it helps facilitate those kinds of decks, IMO. Or at least generally enhances the feeling of casting spells.

          • Kaiser

            i like both, that is what i love in this card. You can pick this for more aggresive spell build or like me pick this as a budget recursion snap. Fix your draw in late game is like tutorin a card, not much decks can take that card from the top of your deck.

    • Aurore

      Any ETB creature that lets you return an instant or sorcery to your hand has costed minimum of 4 mana (archaeomancer) and more often 5+ (Izzet Chronarch, Mnemonic Wall). In exchange for not getting it to the hand, this guy gets a two mana discount, an ability that lets you take advantage of getting cards back, and evasion. Those are all pretty good tradeoffs for not getting to use the card immediately.

  • Between this and Bedlam Reveler I suppose I have enough Prowess options that appeal to my style to make a prowess deck now. >=3

    Especially since the Reveler would help to draw up the cards I get back from using Bloodwater Entity.

  • Marvin Sürig

    honestly which prowess deck outside of standard doesn’t use something like Serum Vision?

  • Pandancules

    Better than 95% of rares/mythics in this set.

    • Deadly Berry

      You might mean cards for T2. As for EDH, this is one of if not the best block for it so far.

  • Guest

    To the top of the library you say? Melek EDH welcomes you!

  • Grant Jacobson

    worst case scenario is that its a wind drake with red in its mana cost, considering that as a baseline for improvement it seems like this card should be playable as long as izzet aggro is a thing

    also we still have the G/B uncommon that were waiting on right? U/R=this, U/G = River Hoopoe, R/W = Resolute Survivors, W/B = Unraveling Mummy, G/B = ???.

    • Aurore

      Don’t forget the ally colors too.

      • Grant Jacobson

        good point so that’s six-ish cards that are still out there

        • Aurore

          ??? I was just talking about how you mentioned the five enemy pairs that we’re waiting on uncommons for, and I brought up we haven’t seen any of the ally pair uncommons yet either.

          • Grant Jacobson

            sorry bout that I responded to your comment in the notification window, which cropped my comment (i.e. thought you were responding to the first half) when I realized what happened I edited my comment

  • Caleb Martin

    This is a Luxa elemenal that’s now made of blood, isn’t it?

  • Random Guy

    Seems like a lesser Snapcaster Mage or Torrential Gearhulk.

  • Alexandre Donnart

    Will be played in Standard and tested in Modern. At least by me. :)

  • Thomas Luffman

    Looks like value gifts might just have a reason to splash red

  • Happy The Cat

    it’s like snapcaster, but not op af.

    • Kaiser

      And not flash but…still recovers Cruel ultimatum for me. I like it.

  • Shagoth

    Oh my, Stormchaser Mage meets Snapcaster Mage meets…Eternal Witness. Almost a modern playable Mage trio.
    This is still surprisingly versatile for how un assuming it is.

  • Kaiser

    I like this cause can replace Augur of Bolas in my budget nicolbolas fan deck…still my problem with this is: not enought Nicol Bolas reference. Top deck Cruel ultimatum in budget is very very good.

    Now…mindclaw shaman replacement? plz?

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    I wish this were an elemental horror.

    • Marvin Sürig

      Can’t think of any reason why. *Cough* Thing in the Ice *Caugh*

      • Dr. Burn Crow

        I just like horrors, guy. You don’t even know me.

        • Kahai

          the lack of any elemental horrors from Innistrad 2.0 was a let down. :(

      • Jay Bedell

        Isn’t it better for it not to be? You get to play it again when it goes to your hand!

        • Marvin Sürig

          The reason some people want other prowess creatures with Horror type is that they get free damage into your opponents face after the field is cleared ;)

  • CMK

    Holy Miracles!

  • Jacob Kodicovic

    Wow, that elemental is so evil that it turns the blood to normal water!

    • Kaiser

      Blood to Water aftermatch card

  • Animar, Elemental Master

    this card occupies the same spot as Enigma Drake, but occupy two different positions. This is god for late ame, but the lowow toughness is a ough sell.

    • galen150

      eniigma drake is better late game and early game to me. this might see play in a combo deck that needs a combo piece back, but enigma drake is way better over all.

  • galen150

    cant we just get a nice 2-3 cost red blue instant? please?

  • Winter Trabex

    You know there’s problems in the design department when the uncommons are better than the rares.

    • Random Guy

      How is that a problem? This is not stronger in draft, only constructed, and in constructed rarity doesn’t matter (except for Pauper)

  • Insight66