• Kahai

    it’s a sphinx but that embalm is insane….

    • Zombie

      A high embalm cost is necessary for something like this in limited. A huge evasive threat that’s already hard to answer that you can bring back without other cards? A low Embalm cost would make this a complete blowout bomb.

    • Kaiser

      Zombie sphinx hype train

  • Cthulhooo

    Really? Its name is blue sphinx? Or someone just translated abilities and omitted name?

    • Zombie

      No its name is actually “Give the guy drafting Blue a free match win”.

    • Alice Grey

      The real name is 象形の守りて (Shōkei no mamorite) -> Protector of Hieroglyphics

  • Zombie

    Absolute nuclear bomb in Limited, your opponents need to spend 4 cards to permanently answer this, on top of being a large evasive finisher.

    Might be one of LSV’s 4-5’s on his Limited scale. The firstpickiest of first picks I’ve seen yet. Has priority even higher than the gods in draft.

    • Matt Taylor

      Theres several cards that could deal with this by themselves, several more that can deal with it with just 2 cards but i agree its awesome. Also the odds of getting a god and this in the same pack are minuscule to say the least.

      • Zombie

        I’d still take it over a foil god.

      • Zombie

        Most of the singular answers that hurt this are gonna either show up as rarely as this, or in the case of the mythic angel, even more rarely.

        9/10 times this will single-handedly win a game.

    • Dave

      Or it’s exiled from the graveyard before itcan be embalmed.

      • Zombie

        Yeah those 2 graveyard hate cards in the draft pool are really gonna do this in.

    • prplprince

      better yet if you can blink it or counter the second spell? most limited decks have at most 3 true kill spells unless you are that lucky. Now you can use a random pump spell to break the glass then punch through a murder but still

  • Stef

    They might as well give it hexproof. I doubt anyone would want to waste two abilities or spells on one creature.

    • Zombie

      You need 4 minimum to answer it completely.

      Card’s bonkers.

      • Matt Taylor

        Any targeted spell + angel of sanctions ability, or just blocking with angel of sanctions, embalming, and blocking again.
        The right card twice, or any spell that targets+ a spell that exiles, or an activated kefnet.

        Several ways to deal with it without blowing 4 cards, but its still gonna win a lot of games on its own once it hits the board.

        • Jacob Kodicovic

          This is limited. Almost no one’s going to have an Angel of Sanctions.

          • Matt Taylor

            Each pre release kit has a decent chance of having at least one mythic, and if that mythic is Angel of sanctions it would pretty much lock in one of your colors.
            With that said it was just an example, almost all of the creatures with flying would trade with it, anything that exiles takes care of it if you burn a spell first(cast out), anything that doesn’t target kills one of its incarnations (dusk//dawn, trail of ambition etc)
            I was only making the point that there are a lot of ways to get rid of it without using 4 cards.

    • Jalais

      Hexproof would have been slightly better as this counters your own shenanigans, but practically you’re right.

      • Stef

        Well, Shroud then. :-)

  • SirCancelot

    Azorius tokens looks better with every spoiler so far ^^

  • Jeremy Scott

    Dies to 2 removals. not good ;)

    • i only react to dumb people

      Most creatures die to 1 removal….. what are you talking about.

      • Tolle

        It was a joke.

        • Necrachilles

          technically you need 4 removals to do away with him entirely :D

          • Kevin Wickland

            and with the white parallel lives you could make the case for 6 removal (or two board wipes)

      • Dave

        If you look closely, you can see a winking smilie at the end of is comment. Winking smilies usually accompany witty statements that aren’t meant serious but often ironic.

      • Jay Kilian

        LOL @ your screen name and you post this.

    • galen150

      i mean, it kinda takes 4 :/ cuz embalm and all that

  • Nick Christie

    better than sphinx of the final word?

    • galen150

      not even close. sphinx of the final word basically says “you win all control mirrors. period.” assuming you get him out first

      • Shagoth

        This card is better against midrange and aggro.

  • Rovkir Hexus

    Its name is “Protector of the Hieroglyphs” or something to that effect.

  • Happy The Cat

    wish it was higher toughness to get it out of more of red AoEs spells(namely Anger of the Gods) but this is playable. not sure if this set gives control enough tools but both this and the blue god make for decent finishers.

  • Will Todichiinii

    Would rather have Kira, Great Glass-Spinner come through a portal :(

  • Samuel

    I know it’s not it’s actual name. But I would absolute love it if this card was litterally just called Blue Sphinx

  • Ryū

    Neat. Going in Temmet.

    • Ryū

      Wait, no, if it’s any spell or ability, then absolutely not. Can’t even make him unblockable with Temmet’s ability.

      • MTG420

        I expect the english translation to include “…that opponent controls” like Reality Smasher

        • Kameenook

          Look at the embalm token, doesn’t seem so.

          • MTG420


      • eltratzo

        well in edh one simple if moderatly risky way to get around this kind of effect (kira, the great glass spinner being the main offender here) is lightning greaves. target it once with greaves. the effect counters it. temnet it then greaves it and swing. and greaves should probably be in any deck that relies on its commander if that commander does not innately have good protection.

        • Ryū

          The problem is that Temmet triggers at the beginning of combat, so I wouldn’t be able to equip the greaves unless I had instant speed equip, which I would not be running in the deck.

          • eltratzo

            that is true. you still get to use them to break the spellshield but in return your sphinx completely sacrifices protection for that attack. that said most removal that would get it in that case could get it before succesfully equipping greaves anyway.

  • Derek Niles

    I really want the actual name of this card to be Blue Sphinx

  • Murilo Mazza

    That is why Void Shatter some times is better than Disallow

    • Together Alone

      Yeah void shatter is going to definitely be much more valuable than it was when this set comes out.

  • Shagoth

    Unplayable, dies to your playset of lightning bolts. Every modern deck has four pieces of removal in hand at all times and would totally use them all on this.
    Great control card, seriously this is amazing.

    • MTG fan

      Wasting lightning bolts on this is just sad.

      • Shagoth

        dats teh joke

  • Vando

    Oh man I love that Token art!!!

  • Kameenook

    I liked it better when it was called “blue Sphinx”

    • imoth

      was really hoping for “Big Scary Sphinx Spots Our Camera”

  • kmk888

    I think that Torrential Gearhulk is the best control finisher we’ve seen in years, and the best control card since Silumgar’s Scorn. So I really do want to emphasize that this is a great card when I say that it could very well be a control finisher in Standard. I mean it takes 4 removal spells to kill this thing! That resiliency is priceless, and it hits very hard.

  • Deadly Berry

    It’s good, but IMO it’s not better than Curator of Mysteries; both have able bodies considering their mana cost, but Curator remains the superior choice due costing 1 less mana, plus IMO Scry every other turn is superior to a mild avoidance. Not to mention that in a blue setting, a 4/4 works better than a 5/3.