• Hedronal

    I thought this said “Bolt” for a moment, and hoped for Lightning Bolt. Oh well.

  • Happy The Cat

    so boil AND choke, interesting. they really want people to tell other people not to play blue.

    • Gregory Walter

      Well, blue DOES have a lot of advantage these days… not that I’m complaining. I play Bant. :3

      • Shawn Michael Diaz

        Blue has always had some of the strongest cards. They’ve actually toned it down over the years and keep shooting it in the foot with bans in eternal formats.

  • Aurore

    With this and Choke, there are gonna be a few real oppressive limited games for people drafting blue.

  • jaya

    Screw blue, but I rly dislike this situational cards and color haters, thats not how u do it wizards…

    • Shagoth

      They did stop.

  • Gregory Walter

    You think Blue’s getting a new drawback as a color? Like, they’re the easiest to land break–assuming you get past all the counterspells?
    I mean, I could see it. The brainy wizard suddenly paralyzed with indecision when someone breaks all of his carefully laid out plans. Not very good improviser, maybe? As opposed to red’s spontaneity.

    • Happy The Cat

      this card isn’t new, it was first in Tempest then rode the core sets from 6th to 8th
      oh, also it was uncommon, so that’s a thing too.

      • Gregory Walter

        I’m not saying the card’s new, I’m just trying to… ‘portent’ possible schemes going on at WotC.

  • Julna Buras

    What’s with all the island hate in the invocations?

    • Gregory Walter

      I think WotC is trying to take into account how a lot of players feel Blue trumps everything else. Granted, Blue still has counterspells for days, so anyone actually casting these sorts of spells successfully is… well, tricky.

      • Kaiser

        I think the fact that Nicol Bolas is taking down the city, and destroy the rivers is a big par of this, have sense to put a lot of island hate in this cards, very symbolic.

        • Gregory Walter


      • TheAweDude

        Somehow I doubt the Masterpieces are supposed to cater to new players.