Boon Satyr - Theros Spoiler

Boon Satyr

  • Color: Green
  • Type: Enchantment Creature - Satyr
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Set:


Bestow 1 ManaGreen ManaGreen Mana

Enchanted creature gets +4/+2.

  • Jeremysclone

    I like this card and I think it’s powerful, but the main thing that worries me is that it doesn’t trade with Ash Zealot or Precinct Captain, and I think we’ll be seeing more of those guys post rotation. I might be wrong about that though. Even then, the effect is still great and even if you draw him late he’s fantastic. Plus he punishes supreme verdict :D

    • Jjjkkdkkd

      You enchant a creature that’s already on the board to trade and after you trade creatures this guy becomes a creature

      • jeremysclone

        I know, but it’s still a drawback if you play him as a creature. It’s just something to consider, because he draws some competition from Loxodon Smiter, another 3 drop in green that has 4 power.

        • Kevan Kramer

          Expect Smiter cost one W. This may be good in mono green decks.

          • jeremysclone

            Ya, but mono green by itself isn’t good. It’s better to just splash white, giving you access to fleecemane, loxodon, advent, and more. In fact the more I look at this guy the less I like him. I think he’s just a junk rare

          • Kevan Kramer

            Im not so sure about that…have u seen the green god?

          • AnnoyedWaffle

            exactly, it’s better to do the same thing everyone else is doing instead of making your own deck

    • verkims

      It wont matter if it cant block Ash Zealot and Precinct Captain. They’ll rotate out.

      • jeremysclone

        They’re both from Ravnica. They’re still in standard post rotation.

        • mexican

          maybe he means they rotate out next year

          • Alex Egertsen

            yes it is good to point out once RTR Rotates

    • Juanito Jones

      Uow! I had not realized it =D, Supreme Veredict is a card that will continue even stronger in the new standard (I wish it was not so), then this goat is better than I had thought at first impression. A card just fine, with one of the first decent Bestow costs.

  • That Guy

    instant speed bestow or 4/2 blocker?… i’ll take it!

  •[email protected]/ William S. Miller

    hmm not bad not bad. . .

  • Zombie

    That 2 Toughness is what turns this from a Constructed Powerhouse to a Strictly- Limited Bomb.

    If it was a 3/3 flash with a 2GG Bestow, it would see a ton of Standard play.

    • Antares

      Wouldn’t lightning strike make him irrelevant even WITH 3 toughness? Just because there are more answers thanks to his 2 toughness doesn’t mean they will see play (I honestly cannot see anyone choosing to play 4 shocks over 4 magma jets, unless they are going all in with burn).

      I think he’ll be one of those “Build around me” cards. Good, but you have to put in some effort to make him work. Won’t be a value rare, though. He doesn’t do enough to be a desirable rare to open outside of limited.

      • jeremysclone

        The 2 toughness is relevant because it means he can’t trade ash zealot or precinct captain, which are both popping up a lot in early post-rotation deck lists. It also means he dies to a Heliod created token. It just makes him a bad aggro card against the U/W and R/W strategies

      • Zombie

        He’s even more irrelevant without 3 toughness. There’s nothing to even build around.

        He trades down with any 2 power creature, dies to any First Striker with 2 or more Power, has an expensive Bestow for relatively little gain, yadda yadda.

        Point is, pretty much the only relevant thing Boon Satyr can do is trade with Loxodon Smiter. At 3/3, he wouldn’t be able to trade with a Smiter, but he would also be able to block a wider range of creatures and survive.

        Point is- A creature’s Power is irrelevant if it dies to 2/2 tokens.

        • Yusuke

          now satyr is used for play set in the mono green aggro

          • Zombie

            Of course mono green is going to run Boon Satyr.

            Mono green aggro has virtually no options post INN/M13. It’s going to run what it can run effectively.

            Hell, Raphael Levy ran Young Wolf in his mono green for the World Championships.

  • Tank Johnson

    He has some Synergy. Flash 4/2 for 3 cmc or a buff on an attacking creature, and if the body dies you now have a 4/2 on the field.. ehh.. or just Might just be a floppy limited dude

  • murph

    I’m fickle with this card. I like that you can bestow him, but there’s not ability gained from this. To be honest, I’d like him to be an uncommon, rather than a rare. I’d have to agree with Zombie, that if the bestow was 2GG I’d see a larger use for him.

  • richardshort2001

    I’d play this bestow, Flash makes it considerably better. He’s at least fringe playable.

  • MtgMind-Welder98

    Mehh…I would mostly cast it as a creature than an enchantment

  • Nathan

    I guess the obvious question is….Can you flash in the bestow cost?

    • jeremysclone

      Yes. Flash means you can cast it at instant speed, and you can cast it at its bestow cost, hence you can flash it in for bestow

  • Yusuke

    I want to see a card that has an activated ability to make target creature with bestow into an enchantment attached to another target creature so I can save creature with bestow from some board wipes