Brago, King Eternal

Brago, King Eternal

  • Color: Multicolored
  • Type: Legendary Creature - Spirit
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Set:

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  • Gujin

    I’m probably garbage at MtG, but what positive interactions does this have exactly?

    • Dante Bruni

      Flickering your permanents allows you to abuse ETB(enter the battlefield) triggers, when Brago deal combat damage.

    • JmLyan

      In addition to what Dante said, you can also use it to untap nonland permanents, such as artifacts tapping for mana, as well as move Auras and Oblivion Ring and the likes.

    • Steve Vogel

      look at things like wrath of god , primeval titan and that … ;) endless opportunitys .. :D

    • DJ Pad

      Aside from benefiting from “enters play” or “leaves play” abilities (of which there are tons), it effectively untaps your non-land permanents, lets you rearrange auras, untaps lands with Treachery/Palinchron/Great whales etc. Can go infinite with Strionic Resonator and mana rocks (and I’m sure there are many many other combos as well).

      • Nick Sessums

        A good example for this set is man-o-wisp enters return something to ur oppent hand so every time bar
        Bargo hit someone it get flickered comes back and uses it effect again and it is untapped now

  • chad

    anymore rares like this and boxes are not worth it, gonna lose $14 if this is your rare in a pack, some of the uncommons may help though.

    • DJ Pad

      If you didn’t think that 30-50% of rares were going to be bulk then you haven’t been paying attention.

    • Nick Sessums

      Bargo is a really good card and I agree with DJ u have to sometimes lose value other wise the price for this set would be way higher

  • Lady Space Patrol

    Fantastic card and brutal commander. You won’t get a return on your investment in this pack of EM if you crack Brago. That said, maybe you’ll get Brago and a foil Mana Crypt in the same pack. ^__^