• AustinSmith

    Was Gaddock Teeg really so much to ask for? I have a billion of these in foil lying around from the promo release

    • Playable commanders are unfortunately not on offer this month.

      • DCDuck

        Animar and Prossh say “howdy”.

        • cglebel

          I’m planning to make a commander deck out of the M25 commons/uncommons.
          I’ll call it dumpster fire.

          • I had to make the decision early this year whether to keep playing or start thinning
            down my collection, when I saw yet another MM set again, it gave me the answer
            and I started dumping specs (like the filter lands thank goodness) I will continue
            to draft standard (hopefully in Dominaia) but my faith in Wizards has diminished.

        • True, Animar is a solid commander.

  • DCDuck

    At the VERY least he gets flavor text now.

    I’m as big a fan of Brion as anyone, but reprinting him here as a Rare? Bleh.

  • Brion Stoutarm Value: $0.80
    Stonehewer Giant Value: $6.50

    Which one should we print?

    • DCDuck

      Stonehewer is from Morningtide.

    • Theblue ant

      Brion Stoutarm is part of the duel color cycle they’re doing at rare. They could still print Stonehewer. These cards don’t take up the same slot.