• Baggsy

    Seems unlikely you’ll ever be paying the madness cost for this, unless you happen to have catalogue in hand and enough mana for both

  • VoiceofKane

    Madness on a counterspell? I feel like that’s generally going to be hard to trigger.

    • Baggsy

      There’s a few Creatures/Artifacts in the set that let/require you discard at Instant speed for an activated ability. But not enough to make this reliable i dont think. Still, 1UU isn’t bad n if you can respond with catalogue (draw 2 n then discard a card IIRC) n then cast this as the discard, your opponent is going to have a bad time

  • Red_Tower

    I mean, I realize how unlikely the madness cost is, but isn’t it still a strickly better cancel?

    • Tolle

      Marginally, but yes. Seriously though, I have lost track how many cards are strictly better than cancel. We had 2 in the last block!

      • eltratzo

        strictly better cancel seems to be the level developement thinks counterspells should be at

        • Melissa Juice

          They’re right.

  • lolblue

    The uncommon counterspell is better than the rare one, lol

    • Hi

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Melissa Juice

      Rarity doesn’t signify power.

      • Happy The Cat

        It usually should with technical cards like counterspells, this existing just proves that the other one was intentionally made weak

  • Melissa Juice

    That art is goooooooood.

  • Hedronal

    To think that I assumed first that the Cancel of the set would have investigate, and after the 3UU counterspell did that there wouldn’t be a Cancel.

  • Josef Yuri

    I have a feeling the madness cost there is to fudge with people’s minds, much like the drawing.