• Nix

    Nice, I like it.

  • MrAptronym

    I really like this card. Lets you build up clues while you cast weenies, and when you run out of steam suddenly you have a mana sink that gets you card advantage. that is just a very compelling feedback. Somehow, I prefer this over a hypothetical version that replaced investigate with draw. I know it’s substantially worse, but it just feels cooler. I am really excited to see more investigate. I’d especially like to see a couple investigate cards targeted at control decks.

  • Marky Day

    Might be dumb, but I’m really hoping for some alternate win condition card that has something like “If you control 20 or more Clues, you win the game.”

    • SomeRandomPlayer

      If that ends up being a thing, I can see some serious shenanigans going on with Ashnod’s altar (well…more shenanigans anyway)

    • Melissa Juice

      MaRo is all about alternate wincons. Let us pray.

  • Blank88

    Perfect for Tiny Leaders (if that’s still a thing). However, repeatable card draw in white (if expensive/restrictive) is a bit wonky and I’m not sold on the flavour of Clues just yet…

  • SauceyCoffee

    Looks like we have a pope, zombie pope, and now spirit pope :) I know it’s probably not him, but same outfit and whatnot.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    I don’t know what it is, I just love this mechanically. I might have to make a Rhys the Redeemed EDH deck for this.

    • Happy The Cat

      wouldn’t work well with rhys, rhys doubles creature tokens and this only triggers on casting creatures

      • Dr. Burn Crow

        I know, I guess I didn’t explain it’d be a tokens and weenies deck. Plus he triggers on commander recast. Mentor of the Meek is better, but this is also good.

  • Happy The Cat

    this seems good, I don’t get the flavor at all and it will only live in edh after it rotates from standard but this is a white card that gives value that isn’t life so it’s got to be good right?
    also I need to know what is going to need these clues. that is a very specific name to use for an egg.

  • Zombie

    This feels like one of those cards that will either take off into Tier 1 Standard of it gets the right support, or fail entirely and barely see limited play without that support.

    This is 100% a build- around card.

    • Melissa Juice

      In limited, most of your deck is usually 2-3 drops. No requirement to build around it there (although, of course, it’s better when you do.)

      I would loooove to see this guy make it in Standard.

      • Axel Tousignant

        Matter Reshaper is a good match

  • Melissa Juice

    Man, I don’t even care if clues are good, they’re just f*cking cool.

  • wwww

    Seems very good. A “draw a card” effect at 3 manas would probably be too powerful. This set, with the investigate mechanic, was a great opportunity to have a well balanced card that has that kind of effect.

    It’s similar to Mentor of the Meek (from Innistrad), but I think this is better in most circumstances because even if you must pay more to get the card, you can just stack the clues for later and draw cards when you have nothing better to do anyway, or when you run out of cards. Plus it has flying and one more thoughness than Meek (it still doesn’t get around Bolt, but 2 damages or -x/-2 spells won’t take it down).

    A Zoo or Hatebear deck with a playset of this card could be very fun to play, but I doubt it would be optimal though.

  • Snievan

    Here’s my take on he flavor of this card (without lore). The bishop is a higher ranking member of the church, who many of the locals want to be close to on life. Thus, the bishop knows a lot about the residents. In death, the bishop has the spiritual power to manifest the memories of the residents as mementos of the people, creating “clues” about what type of person they are (hence the objects floating around the bishop).

    Literally making this up as I go.

  • Seems good for a CoCo deck, as all/most of your creatures are going to cost 3 or less anyways.

    • wwww

      It doesn’t combo with CoCo because the trigger happens when the creature is cast and not when the creature enters the battlefield unfortunately (CoCo is probably why this card is designed like that).

      Still has potential for CoCo decks though, indeed.

      • kmk888

        However the cast trigger also makes it better against control as their counterspells will not stop the slow draw engine from continuing.

        • wwww

          Cast trigger is better in general than ETB. The CoCo case is an exception.

          • Happy The Cat

            well, most of the time when CoCo cant cast it’s namesake it will have a nice amount of cards that also fall into this card’s range and will give you eggs that could get you to that collected company

          • kmk888

            That’s simply not true. You can abuse flickering and reanimation using ETB effects and can’t with cast triggers. For most every case except against counterspells ETB triggers are better.

      • Yeah, obviously it wont trigger when you play CoCo… What I’m saying is most (if not all) of your creatures will trigger this in a deck build around CoCo, so if you have this out whenever you play a creature you will trigger this guy’s effect. And he fits the CMC for CoCo decks as well.

  • kmk888

    Seems like a rock solid creature for Standard constructed. The best way for this to get busted is if they print a way to make use of clues that isn’t just cracking them (which is mana intensive). If they had the right permanent sacrifice stapled to a creature this could be completely busted. A mini- Magmaw style card would do it. Otherwise it’s going to be limited to just being good instead of amazing.

  • MTG fan

    A creature that can help draw cards and has flying?! I am astonished about how useful this can get with low CMC creatures and card advantage. Is it possible this can help a mill deck win really quickly with Sphinx’s Tutelage from Magic Origins?

  • That Guy

    This is going straight into my clerics edh deck.

  • DJ Pad

    The nice thing about this card compared to say, something like Mentor of the meek is you don’t have to keep a mana open, and can just curve out as normal and cash in later in the game (when you really need the cards anyway).

  • James W. Schlott

    Is this really good with affinity? since the “clues” are artifacts? or is it not because they usually dump their hand by turn 3 anyways?

  • PheonixTheFox

    aaaaaaaand here is a good addition to my standard

  • Chaospyke

    Is it possible that clues will make it into affinity Modern Decks, or are they too slow?

    • Happy The Cat

      way too slow, if they get a win con spell it might be able to see some low tier play and would have some of the bigger affinity spells in it

  • Happy The Cat

    standard storm! let’s do it guys!!!