• Derek Mullins

    First off; this is a counter, so proliferate and counter effects are looking awesome. Second, this and Yahenni really make me belive there could be a viable BW aristocrats with servos and the like.

  • David Herrera

    What an anthem.

  • DJPad

    busted in limited.

    • DJPad

      Only downside is it does absolutely nothing the turn you cast it, which is hard to stomach for a 5 drop

      • bonogringo

        It kinda does if you consider giving +1 +1 to all your dudes for blocking next turn.
        Despite that it does what you said, nothing.

        • DJPad

          Seems like the situation where you’re triggering it the turn you cast it AND benefiting from leaving your creature back to block is not the most likely scenario.

          • Derek Mullins

            You could suicide attack into blockers, possibly lose one guy, and then cast it after; the check will still occur. It’seems like a delayed pump, but the check is only on your turn, which is a pain.

          • DJPad

            If you need to suicide attack for a card to be good, then maybe that’s telling you something.

          • Derek Mullins

            Not neccessarily; I do it often to turn on Morbid, or use a damage/reduction removal spell after the fact. Sometimes, it just depends on the situation. That’s still not worse case scenario, which is that it does nothing. Best case scenario, is you have a free sac outlet, and trigger it no matter what. It has pros and cons.

          • DJPad

            Still it’s on the level of power of door of destinies, which is solid, but not amazing in EDH. Something like cathar’s crusade likely has more power/combo potential.

          • Derek Mullins

            Oh, I definitely agree. This has potential in the right build, and I’m looking forward to testing it, but we’ll see.

          • james hegge

            why suicide attack, you have a aethergeode miner (a white 3/1 2 drop) that can flicker anytime it attacks. hell a decotion module+aetherstorm roc and you can flicker the thing whenever you want making it nigh unkillable.

          • Derek Mullins

            That’s if you’re using that card; this is just meant to be an average scenario with an average board state, plus Unity. If you just want to go to town, then yeah, I think the miner is perfect, as is any blink creature.

  • Blahblahblahbla

    Uhhhh.. This one is nuts.

  • Shagoth

    Atraxa is getting her deck stuffed, like is there anything in the deck that’s worse getting rid of at this point with sooooooo many good options?

    • Ethan Naugle

      Atraxa is op. Why would Wizards do such a thing to decent folk like myself ;P

    • Hedronal

      An entire evergreen mechanical space (counters) works with her, so options are everywhere.

  • Happy The Cat

    well I guess it’s a good thing red got back shock so they can pick off an extra creature while they have the chance.
    is there any enchantment hate to deal with this in limited?

    • Random Guy

      There’s things that destroy artifacts and enchantments, but not just enchantments.

  • kmk888

    Pretty unbeatable late game, including for standard. It might even be good enough to fight control with things like Westvale Abbey that can’t really be answered.

    Most disgusting thing in limited since Citadel Siege

  • Random Guy

    It’s not super strong in Standard imo, but it does happen to have counters, i.e. jank with the snake?