Call of the Conclave - Return to Ravnica MTG Spoiler

Call of the Conclave

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Put a 3/3 green Centaur creature token onto the battlefield.

Centaurs are sent to evangelize in Gruul territories where words of war speak louder than prayers of peace.

  • David Fitzsimmons

     Nothing too fancy, essentially a 3/3 2 drop creature. With the added bonus of benefitting from all of the other token multiplying effects standard will be full of, especially with Populate. could easily be a very common or even essential card in Selesnya decks

  • Highlander

    single token for two how is this an uncommon??

    • David Fitzsimmons

       Rather simple thought process. In original ravnica, they had a 2 drop 3/3 named watchwolf, same colors as this. This is an allusion to that 2 drop from Ravnica, which was also an uncommon.

      The single most important thing to bear in mind, is this is a SELESNYA card, what is Selenya mechnic in this set? Populate, meaning this is a great combination with those cards being only 2 mana to get a nice 3/3. Combine it with Parralell hearts which is also in standard, among the other token focused cards

      • derp

         Question, I never heard of the card parrelell hearts but i am assuming you mean lives. I am unsure on the ruling for parallel lives, i thought it only double the tokens for effects and not cast. Such as kessig cagebreakers where when the effect comes into play then it doubles. I am unsure so it be nice to be clarified.

        • Xero

          Both methods put tokens onto the battlefield in the same way.  The only difference is its source and Parallel Lives doesn’t reference where the token came from.  If a token comes into play under your control in any way, it’s doubled due to that card.

          • Solomuzikman Tm

            Got a parallel lives token deck. Crazy good. Wins fnm every time i pl umay it. Call of the conclave is in it. With trostani and populate, conclave is awesome.

    • Andarien

      Are you kidding? 3/3 creature for 2 mana is not enough to be uncommon?
      This shows how much magic has changed in those 7 years… In original Ravnica Watchwolf (3/3 for 2 mana) was a BOMB, players were in shock how cost effective this card is. And now you get the same, but a token, + ability to multiply tokens… and it should be a common? Wtf, people, where are we going? Soon a 7/7 creature for 2 mana will cause no reaction, just somethikng like “pffff, just one token with no abilities? Just a cheap common”.

      There were also cards like “Call the herd”. It is a 3/3 token for 3 mana (ok, with flashback and it is important, but anyway). And it is an iconic card of resource effectiveness!
      New generation of Magic players makes me sad. I want to return good old days back. The way that MtG is going leads to overpowered spells that will make all old editions obsolete and laughable.

      • wpken

        Maybe he was saying uncommon was too low? I’m not sure. 

        • David Fitzsimmons

           Based on the context of what he said, I HIGHLY doubt he felt it was too low. Instead of saying ‘only a 3/3 for 2…’ he said ‘a SINGLE token for two..’ this tells me he is of the mindset that token makers need to be cost effective on quantity rather then quality.

      • David Fitzsimmons

         Take a look again at what Highlander wrote, and put emphasis on that first word, ‘SINGLE’. To me he probably did not even take a moment to CONSIDER the power/toughness of the token, he automatically judges it based on QUANTITY over QUALITY.

        but ya can’t really blame this mindset too much, that was my first thought process for a second, then I realized it’s potential and how soon it is hitting the field, as well as being the token version of Watchwolf. Got to keep in mind how in Innistrad one of the best cards was Midnight Huanting, a 3 cost card that makes 2 1/1 flyers, then dark ascension made such a clearly superior version called Lingering Souls with the flashback of 2 cost. That is a lot of flying tokens from one card. Combine the fact these cards are pretty amazing in standard with the (imo) nearly automatic tendancy for thinking about playing token decks means a need for quantity over quality.

        While you shouldn’t blame him, take advantage of him/others like him! Most of my wins with my cat token deck (2/2 cat soldier tokens) was because of the opponents automatically assuming token = 1/1, and did nothing to stop me from building up and attacking with about 15 or so cat tokens, believing themselves to be able to survive and kill me the next turn. In their defense, they usually WOULD have if they did survive.

  • Flickerfan

    I prefer Selesnya charm over this simply because it has the option of being being removal as well 

  • Gabriel Bales

    Cool, it’s a Watchwolf you can copy and Populate.

  • Heitor

    Selesnya rules.