• Kameenook

    Oh yes! Superfriends here I come!

  • ningyouNK

    I don’t exactly know why, but this card as a whole strongly amuses me x)
    I like how simple this is =)

    Now i’d like to compare search-in-your-library costs :
    – land-searching is worth 2 mana in green (Sylvan scrying)
    – plain-searching seems to costs also 2 mana in white at the condition an opponent have more lands than you but i’m not sure (Gift of estates search for 3 plains, Knight of the white orchid is also a 2/2 first strike creature)
    – tutoring (any card) seems to be currently at 5 mana in black ? (Dark petition and Sidisi obviously have strong upsides in addition for the tutoring, but i don’t think they would make Demonic Tutor for 1B nowadays would they ?)
    – enchantment-searching costs 3 mana per card in white (Idyllic tutor, Plea for guidance)
    – equipment-searching is white but the “official” cost i’m not sure, maybe 1 mana (Steelshaper’s gift)
    – artefact-searching seems to cost 3 mana in blue (Fabrication, but it was in Mirrodin so i’m not sure it’s representative)
    – and now planeneswalker-searching seems to be 3 mana in white =D (i checked, they never did this before)

    • Jordan Orzolek

      In Dragons of Tarkir there also was a card that costs three mana in red to search your library for a dragon and put it into your hand.

  • MrAptronym

    So, Planeswalker tutoring is white then?

    • Necrachilles

      I imagine because gideon is white. The flavor texts suggest him rallying them to defend Zendikar or “Avenge” it. Plus, in one of the earlier Duels of the Planeswalkers, he was the main planeswalker for the cinematic, fighting against Bolas. There he made reference to making friends and then seemingly calls out to them and they come to his assistance. Although then it was Garruk and not Nissa. So yeah, I guess it’s white.

      • Gareth Martin

        That is not how Wizards designs mechanics for colours. Gideon isn’t the reason this is white.

        • eltratzo

          flavour and lore are, however, reasons for them to bend colour pie. white normaly only tutors enchantments, if anything at all. could be that from now on all pw tutoring (not that I think there will be that much of that in the near future) is white because wotc decided it fit in whites space best/ white needed it most. or it could be that white got this specific pw tutor because of necra’s reasoning regarding flavour coupled with some of the reasons for the first possibility, and future ones (which might happen years from now) might be green or black or whatever is needed for standard at that time.

          • Gareth Martin

            flavour and lore are part of the colour pie. Mono red merfolk isn’t a thing for a reason.

      • Lucas Pearson

        then garuk and lilly started tripping ballz and all hell broke lose

  • Derpasawrus

    But i assume you cant tutor for any of the Flip-walkers since they are technically Legendary creatures in the deck?

    • Happy The Cat

      correct, they are creatures in any zone besides the battlefield

  • Ben Ehren

    a moment of silence for those who pull this in sealed without a matching walker.

    • Happy The Cat

      I might just run it if I dont have enough cards, just to make someone thing I already have my pw in my hand

  • Happy The Cat

    justice league… has a fetch?
    *runs around room shouting with joy*
    this is wonderful!

  • Dominic Ng

    so weird that is does not have a draw back

    • Tommy

      Two draw backs. One is that you can only play it on your turn the other is that it pretty much adds 3 mana to a planswalker. Up side is that you get choice

    • Happy The Cat

      the drawback is Sorcery speed, most of the cheaper ones are.

  • Zombie

    Yay, another EDH goody.

  • kmk888

    See the playability of Sarkhan’s Triumph.

    • xxxx

      Its much better because you can search for a card typ and not only for a creature of one tribe. In modern you can get karn or liliana of the veil, in legacy you can also pick up jace tms and in edh at least the mono w decks will play it because they have no card draw (and not too much other playable tutors to choose from). The card will still be played after rotation because good pw’s will be printed in all future sets.
      Think about it this way: whats the better card the best dragon or the best pw i can possibly get. Do that for all formats and you will see why its not like Sarkhan’s Triumph. ;)

      • kmk888

        It’s a sorcery for 3 mana that doesn’t advance your board or generate card advantage. It will very likely only be playable in EDH.

  • xxxx

    The effect seems good in all superfriends decks and in some control decks. I guess wizards wanted a superfriends deck in standard thats why it’s costed at cmc 3. That being said it also seems playable in modern, maybe in legacy (cmc 3 is a bit too high there) and in edh (superfriends, controle or mono w). I’m not sure about vintage but my guess would be that the b tutors are better even if you would want to search for a pw.
    Soooo since its not a mythic it wont be too expansive but it could very well be 15+ $.